Clomid Multiples

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littlemanclothes - June 5

I was prescribed 50 mg clomid because of pcos. My husband and I would love to have twins or triplets. Is there anything that we can do to increase our chances?


TripletMom - June 5

No and you and your husband need a reality check if you "would love to have twins or triplets". How about really hoping for ONE healthy baby??? This has been a hot topic in the past on this forum so I wont go into all of the dangers a__sociated w/high order multiples, but trust me you dont want triplets. I love my trio to pieces, but if I had a choice I would have had them one at a time!!!


littlemanclothes - June 5

We are in a position to love and appreciate whatever God sends our way. Of course I want healthy children. It's not such a bad thing to want more than one child at a time. But thanks for your feedback anyway.


TripletMom - June 5

I agree. There is nothing wrong w/dreaming of more than one, but there is something twisted w/actively trying to concieve more than one. I am sorry - read up on risks involved, problems w/preemies and risks involved. You have NO CLUE what you are asking for. Having triplets is not all fun and cutesie stuff.


soimpatient - June 5



TripletMom - June 5

I am not trying to be "mean", but trying to snap people back to the world of reality. I know it sounds harsh, but I went through it so I can speak from experience. I didn't "want" triplets - I was blessed with them and I wouldn't change that for the world. :)


yetanothertripletmom - June 6

My triplets are my world, the greatest joy of my life (along with my other children, of course). However, I would not wish triplets on anyone. The heartache of watching my babies suffer in the NICU was almost more than I could bear. You may be in a position to financially care for and love a whole litter of children at once. However you don't know the physical and emotional cost of carrying triplets or more. And your potential children will hopefully never know as well.


freebird - June 7

Ditto. Hope for a healthy singleton. I'm 20 weeks pg with twins and already this pregnancy is taking a toll on me physically and emotionally. Carrying more than one baby is extremely difficult. I don't even know how triplet mom's do it, 2 is hard enough, I can't even imagine holding a third.


greeneyedgemini616 - June 9

I just found out yesterday I am having triplets. I am so scared. They are waiting another week before it is absolute becuse I am only 5 weeks but there are clearly 3 and three eggs got released but they said they all don't always make it. I am so scared. I am 23.


soimpatient - June 9

greeneyedgemini!! Wow! You must be in total shock! Can you tell me a little about your situation? I'm a__suming you were on clomid? How many mg? which cd? Congrats by the way! I know it must seem overwhelming (and it is!) but you will find the strength to cope with the challenges and blessings ahead!


soimpatient - June 9

Oh, and I guess I should explain...the reason I'm asking you all these questions is cause I'm on clomid cd5-9 50mg and I'm wondering how likely it really is to conceive multiples. My doctor said 1 in 10.


greeneyedgemini616 - June 11

I was taking clomid cd's 5-9 50mg also. I really didn't think I would conceive triplets though.I was a little worried about it. I know it will be a very hard pregnancy I am 5 weeks and my tummy is already swelling. I am nervous that the babies are going to have to stay a long time in the NICU and I hoping that there will be no big complications with any of them. I just want them to all be healthy and I will try to keep them inside as long as I can. I hoping for at least 30 plus weeks. Right now I am worried that I am not getting enough nutrition for them and I really want to do everything to make them happy healthy babies.


TripletMom - June 11

Greeneyed - all you have to do is make sure you stay hydrated (2 liters or so of water a day), eat plenty of protein, calcium, iron foods and you will be fine. I couldn't possibly eat all that was recommended for a triplet pregnancy - I ate a lot of cherry tomatos, peanut b___ter, salads, and cheese and I my trio were plenty big (for 32 weekers).


TripletMom - June 11

Oh and healthy babies too.. cuz their weight means nothing if their respiratory systems, etc. are very premature.


Shey - July 4

Did your doc use a HCG shot along with your clomid use when you concieved these multiples? I am wondering as my doctor is talking of useing this shot with me as I have not been resonding real well with clomid alone. Thanks


yetanothertripletmom - July 4

My triplets were conceived on injectible drugs, not clomid, but I did use an HCG shot. The HCG shot won't increase your chances of multiples though. Good luck!



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