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kitkat - January 14

Hello, I am about to embark on taking 50mg of Clomid (no other drugs) days 5-9 for a LP defect. My doc says there is a 10% chance of conceiving twins. I was just wondering what I can do if any to decrease the odds of me having twins. I know that sounds crazy to most of you who would love twins, but I'm looking for only 1 healthy (singleton). I read that sometimes the days matter. Does anybody know anything about this? Can I take it on days 6-10 to decrease my chances further or will that defeat the whole purpose of the LP defect? Any opinions would be appreciated.


hopingforablessing - January 14

HELLO KITKAT- I took clomid 50mg days 5-9 too. From what I gather your chances should be low on days 5-9. Most of the people on this forum that have conceived twins take it days 1-5 or 2-6 and some 3-7. And some have taken much higher doses than the 50 mg. I hope you are blessed with your singleton. I am pregnant after my first month of use. Side effects were horrible but very worth it. tanya


freebird - January 14

the best way to decrease the odds of multiples is to monitor the number of follicles you produce with ultrasound. I got pregnant with twins on 50mg days 5-9. We were monitoring and I had 2 follicles. Now I have 2 babies :) I would take it when the doc says to or you may not get the effect they're going for.


kitkat - January 14

Thanks! I am going to be doing IUI so I will have my cycles monitored. Doc says if he sees more than one decent size follicle than we can shy away from that cycle. However, there is no guarantee that next time there won't be more than one follicle either.


MelissaSLP - January 14

I concieved 2 singletons (one m/c'd) and twins with Clomid. I concieved all taking it on days 5-9. I have heard that the later in the cycle you take it, the less chance of twins. Well, I still got them. I wouldn't change it for the world, but like you I was trying for one.


hopingforablessing - January 14

MELISSA-I'm am so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I think it would be such a hard thing to go through. Glad to hear that you had a healthy singleton. Congrats FREEBIRD! I would be so socked but very excited if they told me I was having more than one. good luck KITKAT


PlasticOstrich - January 16

I took it on days 5-9, and conceived twins.


Frances - February 3

I took it days 3-7 50mg and conceived a singleton on the first try. I am now a bit over 9 weeks and things are looking great. We were not looking to get twins. Good luck!


BiancaM - February 3

Hey! I took Clomid 50 mg from 3-7 and now I'm 11 weeks with one little peanut.


Lcoots - March 27

the earlier in the cycle you take Clomid the more Follies you produce, the 5-9 schedule will normally produce HIGHER QUALITY follies. I took clomid 2-6 and I am not pg with twins. So if you don't want twins, then I would say take it 5-9. But I wouldnt go any later than that. I could afftect your O


CLOMID USER - August 29




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