Clomid On Cd2 6 Any Success

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ciaramcd1 - April 21

Hi everyone, im starting clomid on cd2-6 once af arrives! has anyone any success stories? Just heard some different stories that not many pregnanies carry through cos its too early. Any advice?


SunshineSam - April 22

This is my first month on clomid, I took 150mg from days 2-6, and now I an CD 18, at CD 23 I will be able to have anHCG test to see if anything happened. I will let you know, and I hope to be a success story, but for now waiting is all I can do!


Mari24 - April 22

Hello girls. This is my third month on Clomid. I started off days 5-9, then 3-7 and now I'm trying 2-6. I'm taking my prenatals and the Dr. gave me progesterone suppositories to take post-ovulation. I'll also keep you posted on how things go for me. I'm really praying this time around it works.


sarindipity - April 22

Hi Ciara, Sam, & Mari This was my first month. I took 100mg days 2-6. I am currently on cd25, and waiting (and waiting) LOL. . . I'll keep you updated.


LindaS - April 23

Ciara~ The other ladies know already so I though I would post for you on your thread :) I took clomid for three cycles. The first was 50 mg CD3-7...nothing happened. Second dose was 50mg CD3-7 and I conceived twins, but we m/c'd them both. My third cycle I did 100mg CD2-6 and we are pregnant. I did end up with two large on each ovary, but I also got my little bean too :) So, I'm thrilled with the days and dosage I took. Just thought you may like to hear my story too :) Good luck and baby dust to you all! I'm pulling for each of you!! BFP!! BFP!!! *hugs* I'm your cheerleader around here ;)


ciaramcd1 - April 23

Thanks guys, im waiting on af to arrive so i can take my first clomid, doc posted me out a prescription for metformin today, but dont know if i should start it now or wait and start it same day as clomid!? any ideas? Baby dust to all!!


SunshineSam - May 8

Last month I did 150 mg days 2-6 without success, but AF came on its own after that, so I am hoping that this month, my second round will be the lucky one. I am currently CD 7, Hopefully at the end of this month I should know if I am preggo or not, and will hopefully be a success story. Samantha


SunshineSam - May 10

Bump BUMP!


wishful.thinking - May 10

Hi gals. I'm new here and just started my clomid on cd 2, today is cd 4 and I have a question. I have taken clomid in the past, and with only a 25mg dose -- was having aggressive hot flashes. This time I'm on Mexican clomid (omifino) it's supposedly the same drug, yet even on 100mg I don't have any side effects. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it working and I'm just lucky not to be having side effects, or could it be a placebo? I'm on cd 4 and I started it on cd 2. Do the side effects happen while your on it, or after I've stopped? I have just the slightest headache, the kind I used to get on birth control pills, but no hot flashes. Is this okay?


SunshineSam - May 10



Mari24 - May 10

Hi wishful welcome aboard. The side effects are definately different for everyone. For example, I've been on clomid for 3 months now. All 100mg. The first month I got really bad s/e starting day 2 (hotflashes, bad bloating, headaches, cramps, mood swings, nausea, crying for no reason) my second round I didn't have any side effects at all and now the third I have bloating and I have a fuzzy almost dizzy feeling throughout the day. I think it's due to the clomid (I never had this feeling before) So every round I've felt different s/e. I think your just having a lucky round! If your worried about the authenticity of the medication, you could always take it to your family physician or to your pharmacist so they can check it out. Hope my experiences were helpful. Good luck and baby dust to all! BTW I am now on the never ending 2WW! I can't wait to see if this is my month!!!!


wishful.thinking - May 11

Thanks Mari. I think the clomifeno is working though, because since I've posted I've had a dull headache and the slightest bit of a queasy stomache. It's nice to not have the hot flashes though (knock on wood). I'm very hopeful. Good luck on your third round. I hope it's your lucky month.


SunshineSam - May 13

I am CD 12 and hopefully close to O. If I O soon I should be able to take an early preg test that I bought on line on May 26. Counting down!!!


SoReady - May 19

LindaS - I finally got my clomid in the mail today and I was hoping to compare it to yours. I got a white box that says Omifin on it. Inside was 2 blister packs with 15 pills each. On the back of the packs in pink writing says Omifin Clomifeno. The pills are white. Does this sound right? What s/e if any did you have?


LindaS - May 19

SoReady, that is the exact packaging and pills I received :) I double checked before answering cause I couldn't remember if the writing/words on the blister packs on the back were pink or not....they are. Everything is exact. Good luck darlin'! Keep me posted! Also, on s/e. My first dose, I noticed not one thing except a slight dull headache on and off that was almost non-existent and HORRIBLE O pains that lasted about/maybe slightly over a week. It was terrible and I bloated from it. I did not conceive that month though. I do think my lack of conception though was because we stopped BD'ing too early, mainly because the pain was so bad. The second month on 50 mg (CD 3-7) we BD a lot...every other day. I noticed not one freaking side effect that second month. I couldn't really tell I had O'd but felt slight pains coming and going from both sides(more like a twinge on both sides,lol). We got twins that second month as you already know. My progesterone level would not support the twins though :( That third month of taking it, I increased the dosage to 100mg and as you know I used CD 2-6 :) I noticed slight pains on both sides again, and MAJOR hotflashes about 30 minutes after taking the pills. It would go away with-in a couple of hours, but I'll warn you, on the last day or two of taking the meds...I was a "Just call me Major B" :( Oh how my rage went through the roof...this only lasted about 30-45 minutes after taking the pills and then stopped just as quickly as it started, thankfully. Nothing else to report as far as my experiences with s/e :) I hope you do not have a darn one of them but are able to tell that you're O'ing ;) HUGE hugs to you and make sure not to give up BD'ing too soon. My O got pushed to CD 17 with this last round and had we of given up earlier, I would not have a success to speak of ;) BABY DUST to you!!!


wishful.thinking - May 20

SoReady, my clomid looked exactly like yours also. I bought mine in Mexico instead of ordering it online. I was a little worried to take it, but my cousin, who is a pharmacist, a__sured me that it was just like clomid. My side effects were just a slight nagging headache every day that I was on it, and occasionally a t_tch of nausea. I took cd 2 50mg, cd 3-6 100mg and cd 7-8 50 mg. I have slight ovulating cramps now, but I have those every month anyway, and they haven't gotten too severe yet. LOL.


SoReady - May 20

LindaS & wishful - Thank you so much for your help. I will start taking clomid at the end of June. I am so excited!



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