Clomid On Cd2 6 Any Success

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SoReady - May 20

LindaS & wishful - Thank you so much for your help. I will start taking clomid at the end of June. I am so excited!


SunshineSam - May 22

CD21, 6 DPO today and time will only tell. Will test on the 26th. Baby dust to all Sam


SunshineSam - May 24

8 DPO, just 2-3days till I will test and next week will get a blood test! I ma hoping for twins, but pregnancy is a pregnancy and whatever GOD gives me I will be delighted with! I hope AF doesn't show up on the 30th (this comming Saturday). Have a great Memorial Day weekend! "May the memories of those lost always be the fondest." Samantha


LindaS - May 25

I can't wait to see that your first round gives you a lovely BFP and a wonderful pregnancy!!! Hugs and baby dust to you :)


Krissy68 - May 27

Hey girls where did you order your clomid from and how long did it take I am currently on cd 13 and I am thinking about getting ordering some before the end of next week so they can be here in time. Or if any of you know of anyone who have left over I will just buy them let me know one way or the other. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Krissy68


Krissy68 - May 27

SunshineSam - Did you test yet? I'm praying for you and keeping my fingers cross please let us know. Krissy68


SoReady - May 27

Krissy - I bought u/p clomid online at (mexmeds dot com dot mx/index dot php) it takes about 21 days to get to you in the states because they send it registered mail. I recieved the same stuff that Linda got and it obviously worked for her! The price is $29.35 plus shipping (I think $14) for 30, 50mg pills.


Krissy68 - May 27

SoReady - thanks for the information I guess if I am going to use them then I had better get to ordering now so I can get them and it will still be pushing it close. I will let you know. Krissy68


sma1588 - November 29

hey ladies i know its an older thread but i orderd my clomid from mexico...medsmex... and there the same thing as others here. i was wondering if anyone on it has got there bfp yet ?


Anijahsmom - September 5

Hi ladies. My first experience with Clomid 50mg was in March 2012 cd 5-9. Got pregnant first cycle. But miscarried second time at same dosage in 2015 got bfp on third cycle in June but miscarried a few days later  now i am going to start my new dosage of 100mg cd2-6 hope i get lucky.



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