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R_bigmack - December 21

hey there - i am new and about to start trying to get pregnant for the first time after a marathon in early january. we really would love twins but there aren't any in eaither family and was wondering if it is safe to take clomid unprescribed? i will ask my doctor about it but something tells me she won't be interested in prescribing it unless we have a fertility issue of some sort. any advice would be great! i'll check up and read the older posts reegarding it as well. thanks so much!


Teddyfinch - December 21

i'm going to be brutally honest with you. i, like many ladies here, are very much against women taking clomid just to make twins when they have no problem at all. however, i will still give you the info about clomid so that way if you choose to do it anyway, you'll have some facts about it. clomid tricks your brain into thinking you aren't ovulating (my brain doesn't need tricking *sigh* it just doesn't happen) so you produce more of the follicle stimulating hormone that causes you to grow the little eggs. (someone correct me if i get any of this wrong.) the danger with clomid is that if you can ovulate regularly on your own, you risk ovarian hyperstimulation which can result in large cycsts that can hurt or possibly destroy your ovaries. the pain has been said to be comparable to appendicitis. women have lost ovaries to this drug before. if, however, you decide to continue with this treatment, this is what i am taking and my doctor started me at the very lowest for this treatment. i take 50mg once a day for 5 days on cd5-cd9. the theory is that if you take the clomid earlier in your cycle, you'll produce more eggs but have a higher chance of miscarriage. and if you take it later in your cycle (up to days 5-9) you'll have fewer eggs, but a lower rate of miscarriage. one lady took it cd1-5 and just got her bfp not too long ago. consider this, though. clomid only raises your chances of twins by about 7% so the danger to you is much greater than the chances of you having multiples. good luck in whatever you decide, though, and if you decide to, please come to the "Problems Getting Pregnant?" boards. there is a post there for this exact thing. No preaching allowed. we try not to clutter these boards too much with clomid junk. anyway, hope this helps and good luck!


freebird - December 21

All prescription medications have side effects and doctors prescribe them when the benefits outweigh the risks. Taking any medication when you don't need it is not really 'safe'. You're subjecting your body to the side effects of the medication but don't actually need it to treat any condition. Do yourself a favor. If your body works the way it's supposed to don't mess with fertility drugs. i.e. if it 'anit broke, don't fix it.


R_bigmack - December 22

Awesome...thanks for the info. It's something that crossed my mind but not something I am interested in doing unless we do end up having some sort of fertility issues, Thanks for the info and honesty, Best to all - R


Teddyfinch - December 23

yeah it's a really touchy medicine so you just gotta be careful with that one lol. good luck and let us know how everything goes.


LittleLinda - December 28

Hi there, I myself am taking un-perscribed Clomid in hopes to conceive twins. This is my first cycle, i took 50mg's from CD 2-6 i am now on CD9 and having a few twinges in my ovaries, so maybe ovulation is just around the corner :). As much as there are people around the forums that dont like the idea of other people taking u/p clomid i myself think they should not post unless they have something nice to say and don't post unless they have nice, friendly infomation to pa__s on. Let it be yourself that has the last though whether to take it or not, please keep me informed :). Take Care, Linda xoxo


freebird - December 28

No Linda, you don't think we should post unless our opinion is the same as yours. This is a twins and multiples board, not a ttc board or a board to learn the ins and outs of taking unprescribed fertility drugs. Our opinion that it's wrong to take drugs when you don't need them is a valid one and it's not 'unfriendly' for us to post it. If a woman is contemplating it she needs to hear both sides of the issue. And for the record, (I'm about to say something rude so stop reading now if you don't want to be offended) I think it's really weird to take medication just to get twins. It's that sort of 'freakshow' mentality that p__ses alot of us twinmoms off. They're not a novelty, they're children. Take them how you get them, you don't get to pick no matter what drugs you take.


LittleLinda - December 28

Freebird, I am did not post to get a bite out of anyone and i'm sure the woman has heard all sides of the story plently of times before. She is old enough to make her own decisions, if she wants to take the drug so be it.


R_bigmack - December 29

I didn't want to start conflict. It is nice to just hear from both sides of the "issue" - no matter what the issue is. Thank you to all parties who responded. It's actually exciting...i've been taking my temp every morning and it's been a bit confusing for me to chart as my temp runs low to begin with and checking fluids has been hard since I stopped the pill as they are almost non-existent...but I am definitely ovulating! (sorry if too much info...) anyway, thanks to all who shared their thoughts.



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