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UNIQUE1 - January 23

I want to put together a spreadsheet for all of us to use. I need you to tell me the cycle days you took clomid and how many milligrams. Then the out come, did you get pregnant with a single baby, twins or triplets. Here is an example; I was on 150mg of clomid days 3-7 and had twins. Once I compile the data, I will put it on the web for all of us to review. Hopefully this will give all of us a better look at what days and mgs produce twins.


ToniaK - January 23

What a great idea! I took it days 5-9, 100mg, had a single baby girl. Recently, I took it days 1-5, 150mg, and am waiting to O (I'm on cd10). Hoping for twins this time around but I'll keep you posted.


UNIQUE1 - January 24

Here is what I have complied so far. This is from just reading through the Q&A. Days 1-5 Erica 150mg Triplets Kristen 150mg Twins Tara 150mg Twins Jazz 100mg Twins Days 3-7 Fataki 50mg Twins Phoenix 50mg Twins Shannon 50mg Singleton Days 5-9 Trena 50mg Singleton Tonia 100mg Singleton melissa 150mg twins


MelissaSLP - January 25

100 mg. days 5-9 singleton 150 mg. days 5-9 singleton (m/c'd) 150 mg. days 5-9 twins


pandorasbox20 - January 25

are you including the stats on which O on their own and which don't. that can make a difference.


MelissaSLP - January 25

In case you need the info, no I do not ovulate on my own.


UNIQUE1 - January 26

I can include that information if everyone provides it to me.


PlasticOstrich - January 27

Clomid (generic brand Fertomid) 50mg. Days 4-8. Twins. I ovulate irregularly on my own. Ovulated day 34 this cycle! So, I don't know if it was the fertomid or my own ovulation.


Serena3 - February 3

I took days 2-6 at night, pregnant first try, will know if multiple on wed, with first ultrasound. Have a feeling twins, I am only 5 weeks and already going to the bathroom 2-3 times a night.


Serena3 - February 8

I had my ultrasound today, and revealed only one sac. Going back next week to make sure. The tech did say that I released 3 large follicles so there my be another but may hidden or not developed enough. Will know for sure next week.


utopia8302 - February 9

what a great idea. I was on clomid for 2 months. 1st month: 50mg, days 3-7= not pregnant 2nd month: 100mg cd2-6=pregnant with one baby, m/c at 9 weeks. I will beging clomid again here within the next month.


SeSe - February 12

hello ladies, first time posting here, i took 50mg days 5-9 = single baby ... ovulate on my own even though it is sometimes irregular ... starting on clomid again in a few weeks just waiting on a/flo i think i'll be on 150mg this time ... we're thinking days 1-5 . good luck to everyone ... GREAT IDEA FOR A POSTING POLL UTOPIA!


lindsie - February 12

I took Clomid 100mg on days 5-9. I had twin girls. I ovulate very irregularly, so I guess you can say I don't O on my own.


filledwithfaith - February 12

Hi everyone, I am new to this and it sure fills me full of faith hearing everyone's story and the support offered here. I found myself feeling very alone with everything. I have been trying to concieve for over 1 year(unsuccessful) adn just found out in November that I have PCOS. I did not have a period in over a year, so I was referred to a fertility docitor who ran the right tests. I took prometrium to induce period. I am on my first cycle of clomid (serophene) and I started day 5 of cycle. I am now on day 16. I have a couple of questions and if anyone could answer them I would so appreciate it! What is the benifit of robitusin and if you take it, what are the best days to? I am on day 16 and just took a Ovulation test (for the first time...I know you ar esupposed to start earlier than that) It showed that I had not surged yet. I am wondering if anyone knows wha they read after you ovulate and if there is still a considerable amount of LH present after ovulation. I have had considerable cramping for the last 4 days and I am concerned that something is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, when in your cycle? before or after ovulation? Is there anybenifit or drawback to having s_x on a daily basis compared to every 2nd day like advised? My fiance's counts are fine so we have had s_x every day. Is there any indication that if you start clomid on day 5-9, that you ovulate later or sooner (in comparison to day 3-8 like I have read others have done). Anyways those are my current questions and if anyone could shed light that would be awesome. Does anyone ese relate to the feeling that each time when you do a pregnancy test it is like a lottery ticket and the let down when you don't win? I hope to be a winner soon! I also feel very comforted to know there is a place I can discuss all this and not sound like I am obsessing or being too scientific. Thankyou all for your posts and the insight I have gained from your experience so far!


Katie _P - March 16

Its great to hear all the success stories. i am on my 4th day of Clomid 50mg., days 1-5. When should i start testing for Ovulaiton? I have heard all different days, Day 10 is the most common. ANyone know???????


SeSe - April 16

OK... so i went ahead and did 150mg ... days 3-7... in March but a/f came to visit this month so, no pregnancy yet but i'm reluctant to go for 150mg again ... i'm worried about cysts ... i know i felt lots of pain for days right after my last dose, both sides so i'm not really sure if that was from ovulating or the clomid.


Hollie McDaniel - April 19

Answer: Hi there! I am new to this and just really needed to join "something" to show me I am not alone! Im 21 years old got married in June 06' Hubbs and I have been trying since August 06'.. No success.. Very Irreg. Periods.. Just went to a new doc. she started me in Glumetza..aka.. metformin and she had me take provera.. I started clomid on day 3 took it through 7 and Sat go back to have a day 12 U/S to see if I am Ovulating.. So I will keep u posted .. Wish me luck and Pray for me!!!! =



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