Clomid Success Stories

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Rochelle - December 13

Please share all of your birth and pregnancy stories from the feritlity aid clomid. We would be glad to hear any of your stories. How many babies to how long the labor.... Keep it legal and polite. Thank you ~Clomid Success Stories~


Randie - December 13

I am taking 150 mg clomid starting on Dec. 23 as that is when my cycle should start.. otherwise I will have to wait until it does again . Anyway , I will be taking it days 1-5 or possiably 2-7 . These are the days that the doc talked with me about as the first round did not work at all. No O. Hopefully this round will work. I know this is not a success story , but I am hoping that I will hear some on here so that i can take hope . I want a safe and healthy pregnancy , but I wouldnt be honest if I didnt say I would LOVE to have more then one. I think that would be great. My best friend just had a set of Twin girls and though it has been rough the last four months , it is a wonderful experience as well. That is what she tells me anyway . I had some side effects the first round such as headaches (real bad the last two days of the clomid pills) Other then that though it didnt seem to effect me at all. I was only on 100 that time though. It may be worse now that I have been put on 150mg. If anyone else has some advice and some success I would love to hear them . Thanks


Erica - December 13

I was on clomid days 1-5 and felt little to no s/e on 150 mg a day. I ended up pg with triplets . I had a c-section. Healed nicely . The babies b/g/g had to stay for observation for one week and then came home with me . I wouldnt trade them for the world. How is that for hope.


:) - January 15

To Erica, What cycle did you conceive your babies? And what day did you O?


Melissa - January 15

HI there. I took clomid (prescribed for PCOS) days 5-9. I concieved our 1st daughter on 100 mg. combined with metformin. She'll be 3 next month. We concieved again in Oct. of 2004, but miscarried. Then, concieved in January our set of boy/girl twins at 150 mg. days 5-9 with metformin. My pregnancy was wonderful although tiring and of course I was anxious the entire time, especially with the miscarriage right before concieving them. I was induced 13 days early by my request (Dr. said I probably would have gone to 40 weeks!). They were 6 lb. 4 oz. and 7 lb. both 19 inches long. Again labor was induced with prostiglandin gel, but labor only lasted 6 hours. One push for my son and two for my daughter. They are going to be 17 weeks old on Tuesday. I know this is just our story, but we would not have been able to concieve at all without the help of clomid. Good luck to all you TTC.


B - January 16

I was on clomid days 3-7 and just got my BFP today! I still can't believe it. I just hope everything goes okay. Good luck to everyone.


Ashleyg - January 16

i am on my first round of clomid and i just got a + OPK...that means a lot of bd and then the dreaded 2ww...i hope it works!


Trena - January 18

Hey Girls! I was very unsure of clomid at first, but after my second month of clomid 50mg on days 5-9 we got a +++ test. I will be 11wks on Friday. So, hang in there...clomid seems to be a great "helper!" We had been trying for over a year on our own with no success eventhough we have a 2 yr old little girl who was conceived w/o any meds.


TripletMom - January 18

conceived both a singleton and triplets on 50 mg of prescribed clomid (for PCOS). Miscarried the singleton :(, delivered the triplets at 33 weeks at VERY healthy weights. Uneventful pregnancy (for the most part). The day I delivered I has just gone to the dr. to check on some VERY mild contractions I was having. I was in labor and didn't know it until my Dr. did an exam. and found that I was fully dilated. I guess I am a very lucky woman.


:) - January 23

Looking for clomid sucess stories.


Jairia - February 4

I, too, am looking for success stories while using Clomid. Did you have any side-effects? I am currently taking 50mg and am having hot flashes like you wouldn't believe. Although it's cool in Februrary, I'm constantly having to wear light clothing.


onetwothree - February 6



lillyanna - February 15

To TRIPLET MOM, congratulations on your babies.I am on clomid 50mg days 3-7 and will go for IUI probably this weekend when lh surge positive or if not doc.will give me trigger shoot.I wondering how many eggs you had at the time you conceived your triplets?What days you had clomid and what ages are you?I am 39 and have no kids.I heard from some ladies they had 3,4 or even 7 eggs for IUI and they havent conceived twins or more. This morning U/S showed just 2 follies, so in my case I am shore twins cant happend, as I allready TTC since june, had m/c in novembar.I am on clomid round 3 now and not expecting anything glamorus can happend to me.All ladies in may family been fertile till 50,55 but I am the only one whos been on pills for ages and clomid now.Appologise if this is too much for you to answer, but I am so desparate to have kids.Blessings and Thanks.


lillyanna - February 15

To all lucky ladies whos happilly conceived triplets or twins, I am TTC and I am on clomid.This weekend should have IUI.Please if you can tell me, how many follies you had and what size they been?What clomid days you had and how much did you take?I dont think I am lucky to be fertile like you and beside 39 without any kids.I have just 2 follies this month so my chances are zero?!God bless you all.


JillyH - February 25

We have been TTC for 3 years...I took 1 round of Clomid (50mgs days 5-9) last month for the Clomid Challenge Test. I failed the test miserably and my Dr. gave me a 1% chance of conceiving with my own eggs. But, today I am 6w pregnant and just had my first US yesterday. So far so good! CLOMID IS MY HERO!!!!


stephanieW - February 25

Yeah Lilly how very exciting. Just finished my first round of 50 mg clomid today. Praying for a miracle


stephanieW - February 25

opps sorry that was for Jilly not Lilly



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