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argomez1030 - March 4

Good Morning Ladies, I just wanted to drop in and let you all know that I am officially in my 2nd trimester as of Saturday. God has been doing great things in me,the baby and my husband and everything is going wonderful! Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. Ladies, you all hang in there and never give up! Easier said than done but believe me, after 8 years God has never failed me. God Bless You!


peef - March 5

wonderful news Argomez! Time is flying! Looking forward to hearing about your son or daughter!


miraclebebes - March 6

Hello Argomez!!! Congratulations my friend take care!!! I am so happy for you!!! And your husband!! Those are wonderful news!!. How many weeks are you?? So exiting!! Are you going to find out the gender of the baby? Wat name are you considering? I am sorry for so much questions, but I am so happy and existing for you my friend!! God bless you!!.


ttcasimonsbaby - March 7

Its been 6 months since I've logged into this website and made my first post about starting Clomid. The dream of becoming a mom was lost when I was told that I had an unknown reason of infertility. I thought I may never be a mom and thats the 1 thing i've always wanted to be. Month after month I took the clomid and had the ultra sounds followed by the HGC shot and planned intercourse, yet every month the pregnancy test was negative. My dreams were fading away quickly. Today was my 6 months ultra sound for being on clomid. after 150mgs I will take the HGC shot tonight and follow the rest of the doctors orders. They told me today not to stress and ro relax. this takes time. They also informed me that if this round fails as well I will not be allowed to do another clomid round for a while. I was crushed and walked out of the office cryiny more like sobbing. They told me that I do have 1 mature folicle that was a size 19. I am very hopeful that maybe this will be the time, and my hubby and I will finally start a family. Its been 18 months since we started trying to start a family. Its been a very emotion ride. If any of you ladies have positive results or stories please share them with me. My spirit is very low today and i need a pick me up.


stella2013 - March 7

To argomez, congratulations on your pregnancy. I wish for you a happy, and healthy 9 months. To ttc: this is a very emotional journey. We are all here for you if you need to vent or to hear encouragement. Try (I know its easier said than done) not to over think or overa___lyze. Just enjoy the BD with DH and give each other lots of hugs. Hang in there hon. ******Baby dust******


momof6boys - March 7

Just remember that the clomid stays in your system for a couple months after you stop taking it so even if you don't get your bfp this month it doesn't mean give up keep trying. It sounds like this month is going good if you have a 19mm follicle gl to you lots of baby dust


argomez1030 - March 7

peef- Thanks so much! How's the baby girl doing and the hubby? Still praying for him. miraclebebes - Hi there! Yes, we def. want to find out what we are having. I am 14 weeks so I have about 6 more weeks till we know what we are having. We are soooo excited! How is your little girl doing? ttcasimonsbaby - I know how you feel, believe me, all of us do. Don't give up. Momof6 is totally right. I decided to do injections after almost 3 years of nothing with clomid and femara with HCG and I responded wonderfully but no pregnancy. Dr. even said I responded better than his IVF patients but it caused cyst. I took the next month off and there is was....BFP. I am not 14 weeks and everything is going great. Hang in there and NEVER EVER give up. It's okay to take breaks to not overwhelm yourself but never give up! Thanks so much Stella2013. I have 6 more months to go, time is really flying! :)


argomez1030 - March 7

Ladies I wanted to share this. One thing my Dr. noticed on my round of injections before getting pregnant on my off cycle was I wasn't producing enough estrogen. I had great follicles every month but not enough estrogen so no good eggs. The month I took off I developed a cyst that was producing estrogen and progesterone that was there till at least week 10 of my pregnancy which my ultrasound tech said it was supporting my pregnancy. It truly was all God and a miracle I will never forget. That is what happened my first pregnancy (ended in ectopic) was my dose of clomid produced cyst and then I got pregnant on my off cycle. They call them active cyst and you should never continue treatment unless under a Dr.'s supervision because they can continue to grow but looks like a miracle from God was all I needed.....estrogen. :) God can always take a bad situation and work it for his good! Praying for all you ladies.


V-RO - March 7

Hey ladies, I haven't posted in quite some time, after being irregular I became preg with twins after two rounds of clomid and an hsg. My girls are 7 months after being born at 29 weeks. Two months ago I missed my af but I tested and got a bfn, the month after that I got it normally and this past week I had only very light spotting. I'm exhausted and tired and sometimes I feel the twitches in my uterus. I feel like I might be going crazy. Not sure what it all means..


stella2013 - March 13

Good morning Ladies. I hope everyone is having a good day today. to: ttcasimonsbaby I just wanted to check in with you. How are you doing hon? I hope you had a good month on Clomid. Fingers and toes crossed for you. ***Baby Dust***


stella2013 - March 14

Hi Ladies, I've just been hit with some some big family drama. It is really stressing me out, to the point that I want to end it. So for now, I am working on being strong and trying to resolve this and walking through to the end. My clomid journey and TTC journey will end here. I cannot take the added stress at this point. Good luck to the rest of you ladies. ******baby dust******


shaneesah - March 14

Stella, hope things get resolved soon for you, keep your head high and be strong. Good luck with everything, thinking of you. x


ttcasimonsbaby - March 16

stella2013 - I'm doing ok.... Waiting until the 22nd so I can test and praying its a BFP !!!!!! I've been keeping myself busy with house work and Pintrest projects :) Thanks for asking.... The ladies are this website are amazing and so supportive. I love it :)


shaneesah - March 25

Hi guys, can anyone tell me where I can buy clomid from in the uk. thanks.


shaneesah - May 7

where has everyone gone?


shaneesah - May 7

where has everyone gone?



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