Clomid Success Stories

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stephanieW - February 25

opps sorry that was for Jilly not Lilly


lilly2 - February 25

JullyH conradulations to you!That is beautifull new.Another girll pregnant.Wishing you the best and most beautifull 9 months and to all other girlls good luck and tons of baby dust.


Amy X - February 26

hi everyone~ I m/c at 4months in aug and am still ttc. I am thinking about asking my doctor about something like clomid to help me out. I know they say to try for a year but i do not want to! Twins wouldbe ok but I amvery scared of having more than two. Are there any really bad side effects that you all know of?


lilly2 - February 26

Hi Amy X, wellcome on board!Clomid is good medication and it is very popular arround the world.Most ladies will become pregnant between 3-6 months so if you are pa__sionate enough it may happend to you as well.It is not so recomended for ladies at 40+b/c some side effects like thin lining etc.For younger ladies is ok and it is prescribed even for ladies who ovulate naturally but have problem TTC.I had my round 3 this month and now in 2ww stage.I had m/c in novembar and since then not pregnant yet.Dont need to worry too much about side effects if you are monitored by you doctor.You may have hot flashes, pain about O time, less mucus or you may get moody, but at the end of road you now as well what is your aim-to have a healthy, beautifull bundle of joy.Twins or more are very reare just some 10% or less and I am not so worried about it.So it is worth to try.Good luck to you and keep informing girlls.


keyllr - August 15

hey ladies


keyllr - August 15

hey ladies. This is my first IUI also. I took clomid 50mg with injectibles days 3-7


victoriae - January 6

I am TTC and have had multiple m/c. I did clomid last month with no luck and am preparing to do it again. I have heard using it days 1-5 has more success than days 3-7, anyone have info on this?


wanthappychubbybabies25 - January 7

I got Pg with 50mg of clomid CD 5-9.


Frances - January 7

I was on Clomid 50mg days 3-7 and got my bfp on the first round. I am closing in on 6w now. My understanding is that if you do your days earlier you get more eggs but they aren't as big or mature and can be much harder for sperm to penetrate. I wonder if doing 1-5 wouldn't just make it harder. G/L!


Tenk - January 8

I got a BFP on clomid 1st round days 1-5 but miscarried. I'm now on my second round and doing days 3-7 in hopes of having more mature follies and maybe they'll keep this time.


Jairia - January 15

I posted last February and had no idea that I was pregnant at the time. We were extremely thrilled to have a baby arrive in Oct./Nov. Unfortunately I miscarried at 6 weeks in March. Since, I've taken 4 additional rounds of 50mg Clomid to no avail. So my husband and I decided to stop and see an endocrinologist. I definitely have PCOS, and we just finished a round of 100mg Clomid combined with 1500mg glucophage. We're leaving everything in God's hands. I know that God can do ANYTHING, and one day we will have biological children. Keep praying....


amyy - March 10

Hi girls, im 24 years and i have pcos and abnormal cervix and been ttc for 1 years i took 3 round of clomid ,50mg and 2 of 100 mg ,the last round was combined with metformin and conceived although i ovulated in all cycles Clomid is a magical pill and it worth giving a try for maximum 6 months, now i'm 12 weeks pregnant and very thrilled


DandBMomma - March 10

Hi, everyone. I'm new to this, but I have a story. I got pregnant when I was 19 on the pill. I thought I was a fertile mertle, but after my husband and I got married, we had to try for 16 months before getting pregnant with our second son. I was worried that we would have the same difficulties, so my doctor put me on 50mg of Clomid for days 3-5. He perfered 3-5 because you get a lot of eggs that are mostly well developed. I'm expecting TWINS in October/ November, but I don't know the s_x. I've always said that I want a basketball team of boys, but my husband wants a girl eventually. Does anyone know if clomid causes a certain gendermore often?


vistagirl81 - March 14

im taking 100mg of clomid but i have not had my pd in 3 mo. has anyone concieved on clomid without having a pd???


Katie _P - March 16

I am on CLomid 50mg, days 1-5, on my 4th day. My doc told me that it didnt matter what days you take it, they just like to make sure youre not PG before you start taking CLomid. Anyone heard of this????????


Katie _P - March 16

Oh by the way, I have had barely NO side effects on Clomid, so dont beleive every thing you hear! I heard the Side effects could be horrible so i was scared. but nothing too bad so far. a little dizziness thats all.



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