Clomid Success Stories

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Katie _P - March 16

Oh by the way, I have had barely NO side effects on Clomid, so dont beleive every thing you hear! I heard the Side effects could be horrible so i was scared. but nothing too bad so far. a little dizziness thats all.


Katie _P - March 17

to VIsta Grl, I have heard of people taking Clomid without first having a period, like i said they just want to make sure you are NOT preg. before you take it. Good luck to US!


Goobers - March 17

Can anyone tell me..with their success of Clomid whether they were also prescribed anything else to take along with it and also if they also went through IUI (insemination) or just got pregnant through Clomid and regular intercourse


MsPositive - March 19

Goobers: It is said that Clomid should NEVER be taken with Vitex (which basically does a similar job). Maybe others can share what the potency level and the success stories of Vitex too, as, both aim to achieve the same goal.


Vij - March 20

after how many days do you have s_x after talking clomid for 5-9 day? when can you test if you are expecting?


MommyWannaBe - March 20

Hi Vij, DH and i have been TTC for 4 years and nothin, I am on my first cycle of Clomid today was my CD7 and my last day of clomid for this month you are supposed to have s_x 5 days after taking the clomid or CD12-16 which ends up being the same. after that you must wait 2 weeks for a PT. *******baby dust to all*****


Vij - March 22

my doc told me that during the days 12-16 i am fertile and i have been checking my temp every morning but there in no diff in it. Does the temp thing work?


MommyWannaBe - March 22

well i tried the whole taking my temperature thing too but it just didnt work for me.....thats why i'm concentrating on dates this time araound instead.


heidih - March 23

hiya i was put on clomid 4 yrs ago and had twins one boy and one girl boy it was a heavy 9 months lol but i had them full term and no problems just had a c section coz my son was bum first i went on to use the deppo after so i now am starting a course of fertomid fingers crossed no more deppos for me


Vij - April 10

I just got a pregnancy test today and it was -ive. i havent got my period and dont know if to start on clomid or not.


mother2Bsoon - April 10

vij - how many dpo are you? The same thing happened to me. when I took the test around 14 dpo after my LH Surge it was negative. Then for the next few days my period didn't come so I took another test before starting provera and clomid and BAM I got my BFP!


HAPPYMOM - April 10

Hi all! I used clomid days 3-7 and did HCG shot prior to IUI. It took just one cycle of it and I got pregnant. About a week after the IUI I had another HCG shot and started on Prometrium 100mg at bedtime. I think that this was the difference for me because my sister also had a problem with low progesterone so if you're looking for some other reason for problems, you may want to look at your progesterone level. Good Luck to you from me and my 16 month old!!!


Brea217 - April 10

Has anyone ever heard of a combo of Clomid, Follistim, and Repronex followed with HCG to ovulate? I haven't and that is what has been prescribed to me. Anyone have any ideas about this one? Also, my dr seems to be very aggressive...will I end up with a ton of babes because of the multi-meds or none at all because of too much meds? Thanks for your thoughts and experiences.


Vij - April 11

mother2Bsoon , well i had my clomid from day 5-9 and then had s_x on day 12,13,14,15,16 which was on the 20th of march. Shall i give it another week and see if my period comes? i am having the cramping feeling and my b___st are hurting as well. Good luck to you.


Vij - April 12

I just had my period today, so am not pre.


Brea217 - April 12

Vij -- I am sorry to hear that you are not pg. Good luck with this next cycle.



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