Clomid Success Stories March 09

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Fatz - March 3

Welcome to all, newbies n oldies. Join us here as we all support each other through difficult and happy moments in our life. Wishing u all miracle BFP!


Fatz - March 3

Hey ladies. How are url. Wel, im ok. Cd 14 today. Have a scan tom to check my follies. Wishing i at least have 2 or 3 nice size ones. Hoping how u doing. I think u and Schar are with me. Bding i hope. We trying to bd every 3rd day. Im hoping we covering our tracks. London how u doing? Wher are u? Cj wats up girl? How did ur iuis go? Krissy any news from u? Esme is ur BFP confirmed? Did u go to the doc? Dee dee, Marie, how are url? Are url trying anything new this month?


esmeraldausiahon - March 3

hey ladies, fatz keeping fingers crossed for you! thinking of you! i have some good news, not pregnancy related though : ((( butd i pa__sed my driving test today!!! i was so happy, and still am! anyway, the tests i did are rubbish, we got 3 bfp's, but i think they are evaporation lines. i even showed dh, and he confirmed he saw the lines too, i don't know what to think. anyway, i bought some clearblue tests with conception indicator( lets hope it wil be showing pregnant!) anyway, i am going. deedee, that is great news, keep ya head up! i hope something good comes out of this. take care ladies, good night.


so confused85 - March 3

Well I got good news from the doc today. I have 3-4 eggs all in good health. He told me to keep trying. I am scared to death but we have our fingers crossed. Wish me luck ladies!


schar - March 3

Hey all! Good luck FATZ big twin follies! Esmerald I really hope your BFP is valid! I use to get evaps lot it really brings you down. You should have a pretty dark line by 14dpo. Soconfused you have a good chance get bding! As for me cd 50,000 at least thats what it feels like I have been thinkin cd 14 would be my O with femara but nope. I am cd 17. On the upside ewcm for 2 days but very negative opk's. Good luck all and baby dust!


HoPe - March 4

I GOT A BFP THIS AM!!!! THE clear blue monitor had the levels all the way up and with a little egg on top!!! so excited, sad thing is we couldnt bd this am, huby was already gone to work, so i hope we still have time! very nervous now! i got it on cd 19, when i was almost giving up. hows everyone doing?


HoPe - March 4

ok, i think i might be wrong if BFP stands just for pregnancy, i thot it meant big fat positive for every test you do, so basically i got a big fat positive for Ovulation, lol. sorry


ShannonH - March 4

Hey everyone. I think I will finally post here. I have been lurking forever now lol Well I am currently on CD 14 and my OPK is almost positive and I am feeling pain in my Ovary's so I am thinking I will be ovulating this week ! I am really excited and hopeful because I have either not been ovulating or I have a super short leutal phase :( Last month I was on 100 mg clomid with a trigger shot on CD 15 and I had an LP of 6 days :( Do disappointing. This month I am on 150 mg 3-7 and I had NO side effects at all. Weird because I had horrible side effects on lower doses and they didn't work and now I feel like it will actually work ! So I am excited! Good luck to you girls !


Krissy68 - March 4

Fatz - Hey girl I'm here I was down, sad and depress after my first visit with the RE. My FSH is 8.4 and he told me for my age (40) he like for it to be 8 and below but my E2 was 53 and he didn't seem to have a problem with that. He told me that since my left tube is blocked I should do IVF well that is out of the questions because I don't have $17,000 just laying around. The IUI is much better but I think it is a little more doable. How are you doing? If you don't mind what meds are you taking and do your insurance cover it. esmeraldausiahon - Congratulation on you pa__sing your driving test!!!! I am proud of you. When are you testing again? Keeping my fingers cross that it is still bfp. so confused85 - Congratulation to you!!! Did you use any medicine? Let us know. schar - How is baby doing? Good Luck to you and I hope you ovulate soon. HoPe - Get busy. ShannonH - Good Luck to you. Krissy68


schar - March 4

hey Krissy she is great! Make sure to have your tube unblocked before iui


kc08 - March 5

Hey Ladies! Well, I've been keeping up with you all for a while now but thought I would finally post. I've got to run to work now but just wanted to make sure the registration worked. I'll post my story later today.


kc08 - March 5

OK, I'm back! My dh and I were married in May of this year. We started tcc in October. Due to some prior polyps on my uterine wall, my gyn recommended that I do an u/s. At this point he saw what appeared to be polycystic ovaries and scheduled a follow-up in January. I had one period in the 4 months from October to January. At the follow-up he sent me to an RE. I was put on 50 mg of Clomid and given blood tests. Well, I went it on CD 12 (Feb 20th) and was told that the 50 mg didn't work. I was also told that my insulin was fine but my testosteron was high and they diagnosed me with PCOS. The RE put me on 100 mg Clomid starting that day. I went back this last Sunday for an u/s and had 2 follicles but they were too big (25 and 30 mm). The dr. said it was possible I had already ovulated but that he doubted it. He said they follicles grew too big likely b/c of the double dose of Clomid (the 1st 50 mg dose was still in my system when I started the 100 mg). He wants me to wait a few weeks to see if af comes on her own. We can start a new round on the next CD 3. The first appointment was terrible and I was really down but now I feel better at least knowing that 100 mg should work. I'm trying to be patient. This board helps.


Krissy68 - March 5

schar - That's good I am glad she is doing good. Give her a kiss for me. Oh by the way I became a granny over the weekend. I now have two grand daughters. Well I am feeling much better then I was after the doctor's visit. I am going to do all the rest of the blood work my insurance will pay for that 100% and then I will have the laparoscopy with the hysteroscopy to see what is really going on inside I think this will be my best choice as of now. Also after talking to the financial consultant she said I can make payments and once I get teh money together then they will schedule me for the surgery my copay will be $1,175 and tomorrow I am sending them $525.00 so that will pay for my anesthesia in full and I should have the surgery fee by the first part of April. I was looking over the paperwork and they like to do the procedure between cd 6-12. I will keep you updated. Krissy68


Krissy68 - March 5

kc08 - Welcome to the group and I am keeping my fingers cross. Keep us posted. Krissy68


dee-dee - March 6

Hey everybody okay here we go..... Krissy68 - OMG Congradulations on the new grandbaby and don't worry I am praying for you and you will get your BFP... your test and surgery I'm praying will go great. Sorry about the news from the RE but we have to go to these trails so that we appreciate our babies even more. Fatz - Hey girl how did your scan go ... i'm am sending lots of baby dust your way. Esmeraldausiahon - Congradulations on the driving test and hopefully you will get more get news this cycle. So confused85 - Great News on your follicles .. I hope that I can get some that great when it's my turn. Schar - I'm so happy that you and the baby are doing great. Give her a big fat kiss for me. Yeah on cd17 this has got to be our month. Hope - Great on the Positive Ovulation so happy for you and don't worry about the bding it's okay. ShannonH - Welcome to the forum and great on the higher dose working. I went to the high-risk on Wednesday and he gave me the okay. I called and fussed at my cardio doc's office for two days because it's been 1 week and 2days and they still hadn't faxed my paperwork over to the RE. Now today after 3 messages they called me back and said that they were faxing it right now and that the doc had it on his desk for a week under some paperwork. I mean really am I being unreasonable about this ? Maybe a little but after all the time waiting I don't want to be delayed because of anything silly. Sorry to ramble on like this... N-E-Way I did a sickle-cell test just to be on safe side Wednesday too and I did a 2 hour glucose test today (the tech said the numbers were GREAT YEAH). Now I see the RE on monday at 12:30 p.m. for our consultation about what treatment we are going with and what meds i'll be taking and when we will start the process. I am on cd 15 today and the RE has me on 5mg of Provera since Monday??? Hopefully we will be able to just hit the ground running. I will keep you ladies posted .... lots of love and sticky dust to all... by the way where is every located???


schar - March 7

Hello all. No good news here yesterday I had an u/s cd 20 only one follicle 12mm very small all the rest were to tiny to count. today cd 21 and hoping my follicle grows my opk is a bit darker but still too light I have at least another 4 days I do have a script for the hcg trigger shot though.


HoPe - March 7

i am playing the waiting game....



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