Clomid Success Stories March 09

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schar - March 26

Deedee I kid you not I had a cyst 6 cm in my april cycle from the previous month and it took forever for me to start a cycle day 52 went by and so on I found out June 23rd I was already pregnant and they told me on june 12th at my ultrasound my cyst was still 3cm and I would definitely not ovulate and bingo I did cause my hcg on june 24th was 141 and I must have gotten pg around June 12th I never started a cycle after that cyst so still bd I would skip the b/c I was suppose to take it but if I had I would not have my little girl. Good luck!


HoPe - March 27

I am sorry to hear about the cysts girls, dont worry it will go down and u will be back on track, we should be glad that we are able to atleast try clomid, my friend asked her gyno for clomid and she was told NO, she needs to loose weight then only she can conceive, she is really overweight and is taking metformin at the moment, and just had a surgery to get her fibroid removed it was in her uterous. soo be glad we are not in that situation. ok its cd11 today got two bars on the clearblue monitor thing, i read someones comment that they dont prefer the clearblue monitor, sooo i am taking ur advice and i will go and get some other ovulation testers mayeb 4 different kinds, just to be sure, i am not to good with the temp thing. so two bars basically mean the levels are getting high, so just to be sure i am going to go get some different types of testers. thank you guys for ur support and advicesss i really appreciate it! Hope


Ashley2121 - March 27

Hope - Good luck!


Krissy68 - March 27

Hey ladies I just wanted to say hi and that I am thinking about you. Krissy68


marie1982 - March 27

Hope- Good luck !!!! Are you having signs that you are about to ovulate? I have been reading alot on the net and the clear blue is suppose to be the best so I think you are on your way to your Christmas Baby!!!!!!!!


Ashley2121 - March 28

WOW WOW!! My dr just called me this morning with my beta results from my bloodwork yesterday and they are at 3284!!! They were only 834 on Tuesday! This seems like a HUGE jump - what do you ladies think? Baby dust to all!! :)


schar - March 28

Ashley mine tripled a few time I thought omg twins! Nope just one little angel.


bamendjou - March 28

hi ladies, Today is cd 21 or 7dpo (I guess?) I am having some cramps, don't know what that means, any ideas? I went to do my progeterone exam today, will get the results on monday or tuesday. Ashely don't worry, increaing numbers are always good! U might have more than a little one in there! How exciting! Baby dust to all!!!


HoPe - March 28

bamendjou, its too early to tell, when is AF due? hang in there and u will soon find out what the crampins about, lets hope its good news :-) ashley soo good to hear everything is going well, keeping u in our prayers, good luck and keep us updated. marie1982, slight cramps once in a while, most likely will O tomorrow or monday, this time not getting too excited and all worked up, will just go with the flow. :-) good luck everyone, hope everything goes well for everyone!


bamendjou - March 28

Hi ladies, Hope - I don't know when AF is coming, I have very irregular periods! I am so irritated ugh!!! Baby dust to all!!


marie1982 - March 28

Bamendjou- Dont worry you will get your BFP!!!!!!!! Hope- Im right behind you Im suppose to ovulate April 2.If we dont have any luck this time around we are going for the next step.GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!


schar - March 28

Ok cd 10 in about 1hour I pray that I will O early for the first time we will see. I would say good sign bam could mean your pg it is one of the first signs.


HoPe - March 29

cd 13, bd this am just to make sure we dont miss it this time lol, i hear the sperm lasts 5-6days so gotta make sure its there when the time is right lol. oh goodness i wish there was an easy way to keep it inside hahaha. someone mentions some cups or smthing, i looked around didnt find it. too late to order online now. i should be O'ing tomorrow or tuesday :-) Bam, i am praying for u, i hope u are pregnant!, just hang in there, make sure NO STRESS ok. go for a pedicure/manicure, ladies we have to keep our stress level down, we dont realize it, we are like stress, noo i dont think so, but beleive me we dont even know it when we are stressing. so keep it cool! lets hope we get pregnant soon! love hope


bamendjou - March 29

Thank u ladies for the support, I agree we need to keep the stress down or try! (yeah to manicure/pedicure :)Some days u get upset or discouraged but after there is hope. We need hope if not we r hardly gonna make it. So here is to hope!:) Today gas pains woke me up, sorry TMI But it is cd 22 and I am in the 2ww, man those r the longest 2 weeks ever!! Good going Hope, Keep the Bding going, at least every other day and this cycle will be urs!:) Marie - ur ovulation is coming, so get busy!:) Schar - I pray that ur ovulation comes early U guys r all in my prayers Sticky baby dust!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley2121 - March 29

Hope - dont forget about keeping your legs up and your b___t under a pillow - that helps to keep it in :) But I did look at those cups a few weeks ago too they are called Instead Cups, you should just be able to type that name in and they will come up. Good Luck everyone, Baby dust!! :)


marie1982 - March 29

Ashley-How are u doin? Hope-Get to the sheets lol!!!!!! Bamendjou- Hng in there! I been having some cramps so I hope this is the month!! We will get our BFP we just got to trust in GOD and believe that he knows best!!!!!!!!



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