Clomid Success Stories March 09

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Ashley2121 - March 31

schar - no I wasnt on it. Hope - Good luck!


LindaS - March 31

Congrats to all the preggo mamas! Good luck to all who are waiting to O or waiting to dust to you all!! :) Well, I got my HCG levels back from yesterday, March 30, 2009 on 13 DPO. HCG is 65 Progesterone is 56.4 YIPEEEEEE!!!!!! :) I'm so excited that we conceived and my numbers are looking great :) Happy HEALTHY pregnancies to us all *hugs* Oh, I go back in a week to get more level checks and then I'll make my appointment to be seen. Today is 14 DPO for me. Just in case anyone wants to know this info...3 months total of clomid. 1st month... 50 mg CD3-7. No conception 2nd month... 50 mg CD3-7. Conception of twins...m/c'd both a month apart. Placentas were not mature. Progesterone level was too low, though on the sacle considered "in range" at 22 much farther along :( 3rd month(1st TTC after m/c) 100 mg CD2-6. PREGNANT, with GREAT levels :) Please pray for me/keep positive thoughs and energy that my numbers rise as they should. I'm keeping positive thoughts and prayers for each of you as well. STICKY BABIES to all of us!!!!


Ashley2121 - March 31

Linda - WHOO YOO!! I am so happy and excited for you!!!! You are defintly in my thoughts and prayers. Have a happy and healthy 9 months!! *HUGS*


LindaS - March 31

Thank you very much Ashley :) I do appreciate your thoughts and prayers.....I certainly want and need them :) I am keeping you in my prayers as well for healthy bean(s) as well!!


HoPe - March 31

LINDA, congratulations honey!!! i will keep you in my Prayers! you have always been soo kind with your comments etc; i wish u all the best!! keep us posted!


LindaS - March 31

Hope~~ Thank you so very much my friend, I do appreciate your compliments and kindness :) I'm also watching for your BFP with this month being your second cycle of will be soon my friend, and we'll see your HCG levels :) I'm praying for you that this month is a HUGE blessing for your family in adding an addition *hugs* STICKY BABIES to all of us!! Baby dust to those in waiting!!!!


marie1982 - March 31

Hi ladies to everyone that got their BFP good luck and may God bless you with a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!!Ladies that are waiting to ovulate lets get these BFP!!!!!!!


SoReady - April 1

LindaS _ CONGRATS!!!!


luckynanu - April 1

bamenjou, i've always read that it is best to take clomid on cd 5-9 but not cd6-10. any reason in particular that is prompting you to take it from 6-10, i guess this might be too close to your O time.


Ashley2121 - April 1

Hi everyone! I made a new thread for April so I hope you all join me so we can continue our updates and supporting each other through all this.


bamendjou - April 1

Luckynanu - Yeah I was supposed to take clomid on days 5-9 but my dr did not call it in at the pharmacy on time, the clomid was ready for me on cd 6 so the doc told me to start then, so if this cycle is a wash, I will go back to cd 5-9.


marie1982 - April 1

Hi ladies has anyone ovulated but neg opk?


marie1982 - April 2

Hi ladies I got my + on the opk Im so happy I was starting to think I wasnt going to ovulate no I just need that BFP!!!!!!!!!! How is everybody doing?


marie1982 - April 2

I meant now I just need that BFP lol !!!!!!!!!


SoReady - April 3

Good luck this month Marie


Krissy68 - April 3

LindaS - Congratulation and how are you feeling. I am so very happy for you. Krissy



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