Clomid Success Stories April 09

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Ashley2121 - April 1

Its April just thought I would start the new thread. Hopefully everyone moves over to here! Good luck to everyone this month. Sticky baby dust to all!! :)


esmeraldausiahon - April 1

hey ashley how are you keeping, good i hope. well as for me cd 21, i think i am about to o, what i wrote on last tread, we bd'd last night and monday night too. however, i am not going to stress to much, because if i do get pg, we will reschedule our holiday. but if i don't, we are still going december. krissie, how are you keeping? thinking of you. i know, insurance stincks. anyway, it is up to us women to keep the spirits up, and think positive. my hubby scares me sometimes. last night, he said that when i was having my last baby (2 1/2 years ago), the doctor performing the c-section said that i won't be able to have any more kids. he said that's maybe because i had 3 c-sections with all of them. but i can't remember anyting, you see where i am coming from? he even scared me more by saying that maybe they did something during the surgery, that prevents me from having anymore! i told him that they can't do that without my permission, unless it is a matter of live and death. i told him that if i do find out that they do something like that, i will sue there a. s. s. to court. he said that i should keep thinking positive, and the best part was that he said "when you have your twins, you forget all that you went through!" i said AMEN TO THAT! anyway, enough talking about me, well i did have some ewcm for about 3 days now, so keeping fingers crossed. congrats on your numbers linda, praying that this pregnancy will be a sticky one, and that counts for you to ashley! deedee, i am so sorry to hear that, please take it easy, and what schar said is right, i would not start the birthcontrol, because chance is if you get pg now, the cyst will shrink also. what i found out almost 2 years ago that i have a uterine fibroid, about 2 cm in size, but doctors said that that will not prohibit me from getting pregnant, and she even advised me i should try to get pregnant, beccause it usually resolves by itself when a woman gets pregnant. anyway sorry for taking up so much space. take care, esme


LindaS - April 1

I'm glad that you started a new post for us Ashley, thank you darlin' :) I hope you are doing great today! Best wishes for a continued healthy pregnancy *hugs* I'm doing pretty good, feeling very pregnant :) I'm so excited and feel honored to have been given another chance at conception and a healthy pregnancy. Good luck Esmeraldausiahon :) I can't wait to hear about your BFP!!! KUP :)


HoPe - April 1

thanks, ashley we definatley needed a new page. How's everyone doing? CD16 today, two bars on clear blue monitor, and a a faint line on the clearblue sticks, so i should be Oing tomorow or late today! hopefully. LOL. if not tomorrow then definatley on cd 18 on friday. gotta go buy more opks, just to be sure, will bd tonight just to be sure. Good luck everyone...


lillybug - April 1

Hey Girls, I was waiting for you to start April so that I could join =) A little about me: I just turned 21 and my husband is 27. We have been trying to concieve since Feb 2008. This past Feb and March we decided to not try and go on birth control. Well now we are back to trying =) I'm on cd 3 and on 100mg of clomid. This is my first round on 100mg and I hope it works, because 50mg got me to ovulate but not get pregnant =( Anyway, I'm super excited for the month to come and I can't wait to go and buy my OPKs and see if I ovulate!!! Well Congrats to all the new mommy's to be =) and lots of prayers and baby dust to us waiting to be mommy's =)


Ashley2121 - April 1

Linda - What symptoms are you having? My bbs are a little sore to touch and at night lately when I wake up to go pee I CAN NOT go back to sleep, I just toss and turn. Dont really know if thats a preg symptom but it sure is annoying! LOL Hope - Get to BDing :) Lillybug - Welcome! Good luck to you this month be sure to keep us updated. Baby dust to all!! :)


LindaS - April 1

Yes, that is a symptom. I know, not very pleasant to suddenly have insomnia, but it's "normal". It should slow down though in the next couple of month, then toward the end of your third trimester it'll pick back up again. I am falling over tired daily. Urinating VERY often, sore b___sts, nausea all day and night...ugh,lol. I'll take all the symptoms though, as that means I'm growing healthy baby(ies) :) My pants do not fit, bloated in belly,etc. I think if you can name it, I'm having it daily,lol! Seriously, I've had some pregnancies where I had no symptoms or maybe one or two, then I've had pregnancies like this one where I have every thing. It's too comical :) Hope~ I am watching for your updates. Get busy my friend, catch those eggs :) Welcome Lilybug~~ I am glad you joined us. You don't have to wait around for new posts to be made, you can post anywhere or make a new one as well :) We are all very friendly and do our best to be helpful to each other. I hope you feel welcomed and at home here with us. Good luck and baby dust to you! Baby dust to all and STICKY babies to those of us already pregnant!!


bamendjou - April 1

Thanks Ashley for stariting this new thread. How r doing? Congrats to u LindaS!!! May u have a healthy 9 months!This one is gonna be a sticky, sticky one! :) Welcome Lilybug, good luck to u this month and baby dust to u! Hope - u should get to BDing:) As for me, still in the 2ww, on cd 25, 11dpo. I will probably test next monday if AF has'nt shown up yet and if I gather enough courage! I am tired of getting all those BFNs!Soooo depressing!:( Well baby dust to us all this month!!


Krissy68 - April 1

Ashley2121 - How are you feeling? Thank you for starting a new page. esmeraldausiahon - I am just taking it each day at a time since I had to go to the ER and next week I have to have the endometriss biospy. I am taking a break until I figure out what the 411 is with my body. lilybug - How have you been girlfriend I haven't seen you post in like forever. Good Luck to you this cycle. Krissy


Mari24 - April 1

Hi girls! Long time no see... LINDAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS HUNNY!!!!! How exciting, first Ashley now you and hopefully me next! LOL I've been trying to stay busy and be more relaxed this round. I did an opk this morning and got a faint line. I just did another and it is still there. I'm ovulating sooner then I did last cycle (day 13 this cycle, day 15 last cycle). Hope it looks like were on the same boat sweetie! I'm wishing us both luck so we get our BFP's this month! Krissy it's great to hear from you. I hope your keeping your spirits up and know that I'm sending positive vibes your way. Keep us posted on what goes on with your appts hun! Well...time to get down to business! Wish me luck girls! *BABY DUST TORNADO*


schar - April 1

Hey all good/ bad news. I had lots of follicles. One was 17.7 and another on other side 17 something but one of them are not the shape the doc likes so I am not sure if both can O and be viable I really hope so I have a few others like .7,.5 I think there was a 15 I am not sure but I do have 10,000 hcg shot Novarel doc said take on Fri I may wait till Sat hoping they follicles are bigger cause I am not getting another scan good luck all I am a bit nervous about that other follicle what if I get pg with it and m/c.


luckynanu - April 2

Schar don't be worried get bding and leave everything in God's hands. congrats to all who have made it bamendjou we are in the same boot playing the 2wks waiting game hope this month brings us luck Baby dust to all


Ashley2121 - April 2

bamendjou - I am feeling good. Not too many symptoms yet. But I do go for my 1st prenatal appt tomorrow morning. I am so excitied I cant wait!! How are you feeling? Baby dust to all!! :)


LindaS - April 2

Thank you Bamendjou and Mari!! *hugs* :) Ashley~ I am so excited to hear about your appointment tomorrow! Please KUP :) Everything will be wonderful for you tomorrow!! Will you have an early u/s to determine how many you have nestled in there? Good luck!! Baby dust to all!!! STICKY BABIES to those of us that are already pregnant!!!


Ashley2121 - April 2

Linda - I think he said he was going to have me do a sonogram? (I think) I will know for sure tomorrow. I may be wrong here but dont they do a vaginial sonogram when its really early in your pregnancy? I am not sure. According to online calculators I am 5w3d. It seems REALLY early for a u/s and I have read you dont really get to see the heartbeat until at least 6-7 weeks. So I dont really know what to expect tomorrow. I guess if we dont see anything I will have to go back? I dont know.....


LindaS - April 2

Yes, you are correct Ashley, they do a transv____al u/s early on. You are also correct that the heart beat does not show up this early, however, they MAY be able to see the fetal pole(s) and sac(s) at this point. Usually between 6-10 weeks they can pick up the heart beats, so don't be alarmed if they can't this early in your pregnancy. Good luck darlin', and please keep us posted *hugs* Baby dust and STICKY babies to all of us!!


schar - April 2

I seen it at 5wk 4days ASHLEY so no worry it is possible. Congrats to all the preggo ladies from reading Ashley and Linda! I am getting nervous about the trigger shot this is my first one I gotta call the pharmacist about how to mix it the directions are unclear.. My doc said do 2500. But in the directions it says 5-10,000 for ovulation induction and the size container they give is 10,000 so I wonder which to take 5 or 10 I will do it on cd 15 the follicles were 17mm on cd 13 so hopefully at least 19mm on Sat. Any suggestions anyone take it before doc said put it in my arm directions say in the behind lol



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