Clomid Success Stories April 08

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Kimmer23 - April 1

Here is the new thread (geesh the last one was long). March was a great month! Let's make April even better :)


cj1 - April 1

Hi all. Where is everyone - i feel very lonely!!! Kimmers and Hoping its looking good for you both - i got everything crossed for you!! Sarah how many heartbeats did you see, is everything ok? No news from me, not too sure when AF is due anytime between saturday and tuesday i think!! Fingers crossed she won't show - but i think she will. Anyway **Babydust to all** xx


Hoping1 - April 1

Hi ladies**Sarah**How did the appt go? Any heartbeats? **Kimmer** Your chart still looks good with it being so high above the coverline...I'm hoping this is our month! When did you decide to test? **Ash**How are you girl?**Cj**Thanks for checking in--how have your signs been? *Any other ladies I missed--Baby dust to you!! **As for me, cd 22, 8 dpo. My temp went up .1 today, so I am back to being higher for me, but no huge triphasic jump or anything. The cm has also slowed down a little bit. Am a little discouraged. Depending on my temps, Imight test Thursday or Friday. Thursday will be 10 dpo and I just do'nt know if I can wait it out!! Any thoughts ladies? Hope you all have a great day!


Kimmer23 - April 1

Hey hoping and cj! Hoping - I decided to test on Friday, and if +, then Staurday and maybe Sunday too to make sure it's getting darker, not lighter. Since I took that hcg boster (a half dose) shot last night, there is a chance it will still be in my system on Friday. But, that's the plan. I know I won't make it til next Tuesday...when I could test. So, I'm planning that instead. I'm hoping this is it for us (and ash and cj)!! ***sarah - good luck today at your appt!! I will be thnking of you and anxiously awaiting news of two strong heartbeats :) ***how is everyone else? Take care...


DJ_Jazzy - April 1

Oh my's me! How are all of my girls doing? From the looks of everything looks like everyone is doing great! **Sarah - aww girl I miss you! I am praying really hard for you today! I just know it's gonna be good news!! **Hoping - you are getting ready to test! That is soooo exciting! you temps sound good too. You should post your chart link again. I've tried to find it but can't! **Kimmer - everything is sounding awesome for you girl! I hope this is your month! Did you ever contact Cheri? **CJ - wow...everyone is getting close to testing! I hope that ugly biatch stays away! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you! **As for me...I am on CD31 and still no signs of Af. My chart has been so screwed up lately I have no idea what's going on. Don't even know if I O'd or not. If I did then it was probably around CD16 or 17...which would put me at 14 or 15DPO. Still haven't gotten my insurance figured out so I am thinking about going to get my progesterone checked. Anywho...I really do miss talking to you girls! It makes me feel great that you still ask about me! I do read everday...just don't have much time to respond! I'm gonna try and post more I promise! **Hugs and Kisses**


london - April 1

Hello Ladies well today I went in for my IUI and it was ok I was just a little crampy afterwards I really do not fell like this is going ot work being as though I migh have a hydrosalpinx in my right tube. The doctor said that she is defintely going to do surgery to see what this fluid is about If I am not pregnant. Good Luck Kimmer seems like it might be your month. Cheri predicted that I would conceive,birth or find out in December last year so I did calculations and If i did conceive this month my edd would be Dec 23 so hey She might be right after all. Babydust to all!!


Kimmer23 - April 1

DJ - just checked your chart, and I saw the tests...are those pregnancy tests? or ovulation tests? Did you get a faint line on a hpt? If so....that's perfect...seeing as though it is April 1st. Wasn't April your month?


schar - April 1

Congrats to u all! I hope this is my month for a bfp that will stay I am on cd 5 one more day left of clomid and i'm done! I really hope I O by April 12th. Twin dust to us all! I am so scared tat none of these pills etc are gonna work please pray that I have a healthy baby as Iwill for u!


kiahleigh - April 1

Hi I'm new to the site new to charting and still confused over it all. I am ttc my 2nd child or 2nd and 3rd. I'm on my first round of cloimd days 4-8 I'm on day 3 of clomid. my cylcle date is 6. I also puchased some preseed to help with cm. My question are how do I know when to begin using the preseed? I also heard of people ttc using musinex, baby asprin, vit b6, and progesterone cream. How do these increase your chances and again when would you start taking them? I want to do whatever I can to increase my chances but not harm myself. Any advice would be great also when taking clomid when do they say you start o'ing . I'm so confused reading about so many different things if someone could just simplfy it or tell me what days they take what or use what thanks girls good luck to you all


sarah35 - April 1

Hi ladies. Well, i dont have much information for you cause i dont get to see the doc for the US results till tomorrow morn. The only thing the US tech said was they are big enough to measure now.... about 5 or 5 and 1/2 wks old. That totally confused me cause the doc said last week that i was about 6 1/2 - 7 wks along for the size of fetus'.... then she comes along and says 51/2 wks "maybe" A WEEK LATER. she said no heart beat yet:-) im really starting to get worried now. based on my LMP im over 9weeks along. even if they are just measuring the gestational still a couple weeks behind. I dont know..... ive lost all faith in this pregnancy. i feel like its doomed. i hate to say it, but there is no reason a twin pregnancy at this stage should have any major issues. sorry for being so down. i already cried to DH and he was supportive--im so happy about that. i just wish that if this pregnancy is not going to be viable that i just get it over with now instead of finding out in a few weeks ..... i am getting more emotional attached to the idea of having twins/..... sorry. the thought of having a D&C any further along is scary. i guess all i can do is wait till tomorrow morn for my doc opinion. If for any reason he thinks something might be wrong..... i feel like i should take care of it right away. Who am i fooling-- there arent any heart beats....but they are growing??????????? what does that mean!!!?????UGH Worst part--my family has been calling me to find out how the babies are! I guess im just going to say that i wont know until tomorrow....


ashgirl - April 1

Sarah** Sweetie... I'm so sorry you have to go through all this confusion. I don't really know what to say, except to wait to hear what the doc says... I hope you hear something possitive from him tomorrow. **Hoping and Kimmer** My temps went way up this morning to 99, a 1.4 deg jump, but I don't think it means much because I now have my DD's sickness. I was feeling pretty ill this morning, but quite a bit better tonight, so hopefully my temps will stay on the high side tomorrow morning. **cj** I'm excited for you too! Good luck and baby dust!


PL - April 1

Hi Ladies, I hope everyone is doing well... LOTS & LOTS OF BFPs this month... I have a good feeling about this month. **Billie** Congrats about having twins... u got to take good care dear!! **Sarah** U'll be alright... be positive thinking, I'm sure ur doc will deliver a good news. I'm praying hard for you dear. **Teddy** I hope u & ur dh are feeling a lot better, I donno much about D&C, if ur doc thinks it is ok to do it & u r ready... go for it, u r going to have a healthy baby next!! **London** good to hear from you again, good luck with iui, it will work this month :) **Kimmer & Hoping** good luck this month!! **CJ** can't wait to hear BFP from u. **Bul** How are you doing dear? ****BABY DUST TO EVERYONE THIS MONTH****


schar - April 1

Sarah35** I understand you are stressed but this will only harm the babies try to calm down if you can. If your not as far along as you think you could have ovulated really late it takes me 4 weeks some times especially after a chemical pg. You could have had a chemical pg in between there somewhere and got pregnant before your period would have been due. this sounds strange but I believe it could be that your not tht far along and they are getting you worked up for nothing. I suggest going to a different doc or to the er where they have different equiptment to see what the say cause your doc seems like an idiot don't listen to him get yourself help elsewhere for your own piece of mind but don't stress that can cause things to get much worse. good luck and iI will pray for you.


Bul - April 2

i'm here PL, just that i don't have anything to say considering all the bad news we've been hearing in this forum. i hate saying sorry, just wish i had another way to take the pain away from all of you. My baby is a big boy now, still not sure about the s_x thought but i so want him to be a boy for his father's sake and cheri predicted a boy and the chinese chart says its a boy. So how are you, how far are you now. Me 13 weeks 2 days. Billie, Rowan how is it going? Ladies what happened to Meg and Vij.


Rowan - April 2

Hi Bul glad you are well. I'm pluggin away waiting patiently for my u/s on the 14th. Not really feeling too pg some sore bb's & hungry but nothing c___ppy yet. Sarah can't wait for your results. Kimmer looks good girl. PL how r u? Hoping & Teddy & all my friends sending baby dust & belly rubs. Quest: to Sarah & Billie do you know your earlyl betas?


Fatz - April 2

Hi Ladies.. sorry havent been on in a while, got the flu. Been sick, Today i am CD11. Tried to BD last night but i seem to be really dry, no Cervical mucus, so i called my doctor and he said i use preseed gel,, so i told DH to get it. Got my appointment on Monday, will be Cd16. If all is ok then we will be doing an IUI. To all the ladies hope all is well with url , Cant wait to hear lots of good news. April must be a even better month for us i hope. Sarah sossr honey, just hang in there. Let us know bout your appointment, Kimmer, Hoping, keeping my fingers crossed for url and to those who are in the 2ww. I still have a long way this cycle.. Eish hope this will be the last month of trying like this.


Hoping1 - April 2

Hi everyone!! *Kimmer** How are your temps today? I don't have the link on this computer, so I can't get there... my temps went back up a little bit today, nothing too drastic, but still... cm is back to wet/creamy feeling, I might test tomorrow... 10 dpo... I don't know if I can wait **Dj**I have been watching your chart and I wish I knew what to say! Have you decided to take a test? I am not sure if you ovulated later b/c of the late +OPK. I wish I had something wise to say.... have you found a new dr yet who you could ask? Also, like Kimmer said, are those OPK and HPT tests? **London** I hope Cheri is right for all of us!! She has committed quite a few of us in the next few months!! :-). **Kiahleigh** I am not sure about the first part of your questions, but I can tell you that you "usually" ov 5-9 days after your last clomid pill. I took them cd 3-7 and ov cd 15, so that was correct for me. Do you temp or use OPKs?



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