Clomid Success Stories April 08 Part 2

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Kimmer23 - April 25

Here is the next thread...they get so long so fast anymore!!


Kimmer23 - April 25

Hey girls! OK - so the other thread was a bit long... I just got back from my appt., and I have 1 follicle at 19mm now. So, I will take the trigger shot tonight, and then just bd and wait.... And, we'll see :) How is everyone else doing?


Krissy68 - April 25

Kimmer23 - Good Luck to you, keeping my fingers cross. What cd are you on? I am on cd 15 yesterday I started the opk and according to someof the ladies I got a positive so I needed to bd I didn't get a chance to yesterday but when I got off at 3am I got busy LOL and I will try again before the end of the day. I have a very sick 3 year old. Also I am starting to have a little more discomfort in my lower right side is this the early signs of getting ready to O. Should I take another opk today I took 2 yesterday and they both were the same the only difference is the second one both the lines were positive but they were just a tab bit lighter then the first one. According to FF I should o on cd 18 but today is the first day of me being fertile with Tuesday being the last day. Will update. Krissy68


schar - April 25

bd the 4 days kimmer that should cover you. As for me my temp went back down I did take one day of 400mg progesterone maybe thats why my temp went up and but my head feels warmer than usual my cervix is still show for the last week this is soooo weird I always O by cd 24 but nothing that I know of and my bbt is 97.38 it should be 98 but I have had a little pain on and off near my belly b___ton and a few small cramps lasting like a second in my uterus this was today usually I get this when i'm pg but now I know I'm not so I don't know whats up, really early on Wed I got sharp pains in both ovaries and cramping on and off was sure I o'd maybe I o'd today cause the temp drop my hpt is negative If I don't get a temp rise today I will be so upset my af is due 5/2 but not sure and now i'm rambling good luck kimmer and girls!


Fatz - April 26

Hi Ladies.. CD 3for me.. Just being positive and hoping all will work this cycle?? SArah how you doing?? Kimmer thanks for the new thread.. Hoping whats up girl?? Schar did you ovulate or not, im a bit confused??


schar - April 26

not sure till I see todays bbt most likely not O is due on may 2nd I have had lots of cramping


ashgirl - April 26

So this morning (either CD10 or 11) my temps jumped more then 6 degrees to 98.58. I guess that could be good, plus that fact that I STILL keep having all these weird crampy feelings and lots of CM. I just don't kow why else my temps would go up so much.... (I don't feel sick or anything like last month) so maybe just a fluke since I was up in the middle of the night when DH got home from being out. But now I think I should start avoiding coffee again just in case! **Kimmer, sounds like you've got a good follie. How long does it take after your trigger shot for the egg to release? **Krissy, I would go ahead and take another test today too since many women get +'s for two days in a row. **Shar... I don't know what to say. I know I'd be confused too.


sarah35 - April 26

Hi ladies** just an update. It is confirmed that i have clear cell carcinoma in my uterus/endo area.... they think thats where it is. Im just showing tiny flakes of the clear cells which may hopefully mean i caught it at the earliest possible phase. THANK GOD i got pregnant and miscarried when i did otherwise it may have gone undetected till i got sick. The oncologist is very aggressive and is optimistic that the most i may have to go through is a Full Hysterectomy and maybe some chemo.... but im not even thinking past the hysterectomy right now. I know this is a shock--for you as it is for my and my family ...but i call it LUCKY. if i had not had that DNC , like i said, it may never have been found until it was progressed really far. I still havent told my mom and dad yet cause my dad is 82 and my mom 74.... i dont want to worry them. i may tell her that im getting the hysterectomy cause they see abnormal cells and we dont want to test fate.... so we will see. She knows i had a biopsy done last Nov that came back clear... so im hoping she will think its part of the same thing. BTW, PAPs DO NOT screen for uterine/endo/ovarian cancers. just in case your wondering. DnC are really the closest you can get to real testing. I am trying to stay strong and positive and the fact that i cant have kids anymore dosent even bother me because i want to be healthy and around for my kids and DH. I will pop in from time to time to check on you ladies..... i would hate never knowing how your journeies have progressed. Talk later guys:-)


schar - April 26

Sarah I'm so sorry just remeber there are options and you can still have a baby good luck! As for me my bbt was 97.25 no O my temps are so screwy this month I wasted so much money on ovulation klits and everything. Praying af starts asap I think it may be early cause temp keeps dropping it's due the second but think it may be here by monday then clomid 1-5 100mg and hope it works


Teddyfinch - April 28

where's kimmer? oh her poor SO. she's got him cornered somewhere lol.


cj1 - April 28

**Kimmer** Thanks for the new thread!! Good luck for this month - I got everything crossed for you xx **Hoping** Looking good for you too honey. **Sarah** I am so proud of you for the way you are handling your situation. But then that shouldn't surprise me - you've always come across as such a strong willed woman. We are all here for you sweetie xxx **Fatz** I really hope this is your month. **Schar** You never know you might just have that BFP too!! **Krissy** Keep bedding girl. As for me CD20 so just gotta wait and see. **Loads of luck to everyone**


ashgirl - April 28

OK, so I messed up typing my last post. that was supposed to read 10-11DPO, not CD. Anyway, today is about 12 DPO and I just don't know. Should be getting crampsby now, but nothing. I felt really sick to my stomach last night too, and DH said maybe your pregnant and I just laughed! I'm tired of hoping/believing it could be true. **Sarah** I'm so sorry about your situation, but you're right dear, that m/c probably saved your life. It's amazing how things work sometimes. I still feel aweful about your loss, but it is also so important for you to be around for the rest of your family. You're in my prayers still Sarah. I know you said your not a very religous person, but it can't hurt, right? Take care sweetie, and please keep us updated.


donnams83 - April 28

*sarah35* I know I'm new but I am very sorry for your loss. I have many family members who have gone through similar situations. Keep god in your heart. As for me I started temping about 4 days ago. I haven't O'd yet. Just waiting. My doc says I may not anyway and it is my first month off the pill so things are probably pretty wacky anyway. We just spent the weekend at my Dh grandparent's house with brother and sister-in-law who have a 5 month old. The whole weekend we kept giving each other the look as if to say we're gonna have one of those. His grandfather kept looking at me and saying to " I want some more of these." They're both 85 and say well before we die we want want lots of great-granchildren. I hope its sooner than later.


Hoping1 - April 28

Hi ladies-- looks like it was pretty quiet this weekend! **Sarah** I just want you to know I'm thinking of you. You are handling this the most positive way! Let us know how things are going! **Kimmer**How are things? **Fatz**How are you doing girl? **Ash**Have you taken a HPT yet? I mean, what's it hurt? 12 DPO is far enough along to have a good chance of it being accurate. I completely know what you mean about second guessing every little thing... I hope this is it for you! **DJ**What's going on? Hows the new doc? **Schar**Any signs of AF? **As for me, 7 DPO. My temps have been crazy! I was 98.3, then dipped to 98.1, and today is up to 98.7. I am trying to not get my hopes up b/c I think it might be related to the fact I have a horrific cough and was up half thenight coughing... but it's still fun to hope! I think I will test Thursday 10 dpo, I don't think I can't until Saturday... Anyway ladies.... come on soon and let us know what's going on!


Kimmer23 - April 28

Hi girls! sarah - I'm so sorry dear. I'll pray for you and your family. It's wierd how things work - you are right, the miscarriage probably saved your life for you and your family. That's a blessing, but still hard to take, I"m sure. Try to hang in there, and you are in my thoughts and prayers that you get through this quickly. Sounsd like others are well...schar and ash - when are you testing? schar - did you figure out what's going on...did you o? Hoping - you too? Sounds like this could be a good month for at least some of you...I'm hoping it is!!! krissy - I hope you got some bd'ing in with tha little one being sick. Good luck! Good luck donna and cj too! I'm 1 dpo...I think. My temp didn't go up that much this morning ( only .2), but I should've o'ed yesterday. I'm supposed to start progesterone tonight, but I know it will raise my temp...and I want to be sure I o'ed first. Do you think it's ok to wait one extra day to start the progesterone? Thanks and take care girls!


schar - April 28

no O for me af should be here by may 2nd for sure had a bit of spotting and bbt 97.2 so here we go again and this is my last month of clomid


Krissy68 - April 28

Ashgirl - I didn't test over the weekend cd 16&17 because I left my last opk at work but I did test today cd 18 and got another + that makes 3 + cd 14, 15 and 18 according to fertility friend I started being fertile on cd 15 with me ovulating on cd 18 and cd 19 being the last day of being fertile. I'm really starting to have signs of ovulating but this will be twice this month I had it earlier last week. Sarah35 - I'm still shock and sad at the same time but like you said everything happens for a reason. I guess maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Cj1 - Well I'm on cd 18 and I got another + on my opk so that makes 4 I have taken. I took 2 on cd 14 and got a + and then I took another one on cd 15 and got +. I have been bding so much that I am just plain tired we have bd on cd 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18. I will try and bd one more time before I go to work tonight since today is the big day. I'm having some signs, keeping my fingers cross for you. Schar - Could it be implatation spotting? Krissy68



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