Clomid Success Stories For Feb 2010

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rosenow - February 1

Here we are! Another fresh month. Lots of you are close to testing sure hope to hear of some BFP'S!! We welcome any newcommers as well! Join us and share your stories and our journey's!!


CRUSHED - February 1

hi girls good am i took my last clomid pill last nite i did 3-7 and this am i have to start estradiol from day 8 to the 12...cant wait to see wat the result of that gonna be...i beleive that God will answer my prayer this month...and im gonna have a scan on thurday just like lala to see how many follies i have.i have a question for any of u girls that did baby aspirin with clomid when do u stop taking them?and whrn should i start the musinex or robitussin?thanks for ur answer guys...


rosenow - February 1

Crushed: let us know the results of your scan!! It so funny to go to all these ultrasounds and see an empty whom.. Then all of a sudden you go to your first one after a bfp and there is finaly something in there! It's a wonderful feeling. Take care!


CRUSHED - February 1

thanks rosenow how are u feeling?i know u had the flu.hope u feeling better,when do u think i should stop taking the baby aspirin.and start the musinex.i hope those 2weeks waitting went by fast cuz im very impatient...


CRUSHED - February 1

i know wat u mean cuz we have been ttc for 3ys and then i got preg with no meds i was so happy and 10days after i found out i was preg i had a was the worst feeling ever.and im still thinking about it cuz i'll be almost 6mnts by now...but i do kno that God gonna bless me with one.but dh have a 8ys dd its me that dnt have any kids and i turn 32ys old on feb 12th so my clock it ticking...


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - February 1

Hey Crushed, We're folly scan buddies! Yay! Let me know how it goes and I will do the same... Wishing you lots of ripe healthy eggs!!! Rosenow: I did do 2 u/p cycles and this one is p. On the u/p I *thought* there were symptoms, but, in hindsight could have easily been within the realm of a regular cycle. But I am telling you: This? Prescribed cycle? Is something else. I am telling you my body is right outta whack, and I know my body. This is another whole ballgame... So coming from someone who has done u/p and p consecutively, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the difference between the two is a mile wide. I'm not saying the u/p are fake, but what I am saying is that I am CONFIDENT that the prescribed are REAL. But, the proof will be in the pudding, as they say. If I get a BFP *fingers crossed*, then I'll be able to say one way or the other... Lala xo


kmo427 - February 1

Hi ladies! New poster here, mind if I join in? I've been lurking for quite some time now. DH and I had initially wanted to wait a few more years to have another baby (this will be #3, and maybe #4? ;) But after diva, rosenow and wife got their BFPs I felt inspired. Today is CD2 and tonight I am taking 80mgs of soy isoflavones, probably til CD7. I normally have no problems getting pregnant, but I was on the Mirena IUD for 18 months prior to December when I had it taken out. Hoping to see if I'll ovulate on soy this month and hopefully get that BFP in April... now if only everything will go according to plan! Good night everyone :) Bust dust!!!!


TTC2010 - February 1

Hi ladies! I'd like to join the group :) DH and I have been ttc for ~1yr. Thankfully we both had normal tests (blood tests, ultrasound, s____n a___lysis). We're just sleep deprived and stressed out! So I'm giving clomid 50mg d5-9 a try this month (1st dose yesterday). Few mild hot flashes but nothing bad. We're praying this will be our month for a BFP! Anyone close to my cycle days? Baby dust to everyone!!!


CRUSHED - February 2

hi lala i see that we have the same scan appt,i would like to ask u a few questions if u dnt mind.when did u start ur clomid/did u take any meds wit it like baby aspirin tussin musinex preseed?and wat was ur side effect wit the clomid?did u take generic or name u have mild cramps now...i would really appreciate ur answer. baby dust to all and hopefuly this month we all get a bfp


hrath2009 - February 2

Hello ladies! I just thought i would drop by and say hello to everyone! I hope all is well with each of you. So who is close to testing? AFM- Well im still not ready to take clomid again yet but the metformin has made me ovulate without the clomid which is a step in the right direction. DH and i are still debating when we want to start clomid again. He wants to now but im not sure i can handle it. Taking a break has truely helped me but made me more worried that i may be putting it off. O ya my friend is goin through a tuff time right now she as well is goin through the same process as we all are. i hopeing to convince her to join us for lots of support and encourgement. I really apprecaite everything you ladies have taught me and supported me through. THANKS!! Well i hope you ladies have a wonderful day! TONS of sticky baby dust to all!


happidaz - February 3

good luck to everyone. and congrats to mel. i have decided not to do clomid this month, but we will still ttc and i have an appointment set up with an RE for 2/24 if we aren't successful this month. I'm going to get my cd 3 blood work tomorrow and should have my 7 dpo blood work prior to that appointment. hopefully i wont need to but i want to be prepared and not have to wait until march or april for an appointment.


kmo427 - February 3

How is everyone doing? Did anyone notice their period being heavier while on clomid or soy? I normally, well before mirena, had a barely-there period and it was just as light as always on the first day but after I took the soy it was worse than it's ever been! Good luck happi and hrath going au naturale! Lala, your comparison of u/p and p clomid is much appreciated - I'm still not sure if I'll go that route yet but it's good to know what to expect. Crushed, best of luck this cycle! Did you start mucinex yet? TTC2010, looks like we're medicating together, though you're a few days ahead of me. I'm just taking it earlier in my cycle. Good luck! Well, that's all for me ladies. Hope everyone is doing well! :)


TTC2010 - February 4

Hey kmo427, I'm glad to have a cycle buddy :) I'm getting a few hot flashes and slightly blurry vision each day, but otherwise I'm ok. I'll start Robitussin after my last clomid dose tomorrow for a week, and we'll try daily until day 18 or something. Going to see my gyne Feb 12th. We'll see what happens! Good night to everyone and tonnes of baby dust to all!


gonnatry4#2 - February 4

YAY BRING ON THE BFPS FOR FEB!! im going to hang around, i dont start my clomid till may but i wanna hang around anyway!


gonnatry4#2 - February 4

lala: are you saying that u/p clomid might not be the real thing? i ovulate really late on my own so it will be interesting see if the unprescribed clomid works for me (if and when it arrives) if i ovulate late like usual then i'll say it doesnt work. im excited to start and i wish it were may already. im glad the shipment will take awhile to come in otherwise i will be tempted to take it to soon. If it doesnt come then i will just get clomid from my gp. he said he would give it to me in May.


divadivina2u - February 4

Hello Everyone: I havent posted for a while now, But that doesnt mean I dont come in everyday to read what's going on. It is just that I havent had anything important or very dramatic to share. Ok how is everyone else doing?? Rosenow, Wife, Lala, How is everyone doing??? Dont stop updating us!!! I will come later: Take Care All :)


rosenow - February 4

hi girls. I see that most everyone is going well and that is fantastic! Hrath: girl you need to do what you feel is the right choice and make the decision you will not regret beacause that will be the right one. AFM: 9 weeks preggers now and feeling the emotional effects quite strongly. I am normally very upbeat as most of you know but now I find myself crying over spilled milk. Or in the case of last night, over delicious ribs that I could not eat because the smell made me sick. $30 down the tube but when I got home hubby was thrilled to get to have a half back of ribs in his lunch for today lol. I am still feeling tired and find that the nuasea comes on more frequently though I am not getting physicaly sick I just feel sick. Eating a piece of pepperoni and a cookie oes not help the matter at ALL! lol I go in Tuesday for another ultrasound but tonight I have an appointment with my "pooper specialist" I have kidney desease and IBS and am having major pain and trouble with my bowels now that I am pregnant. We will see what happens tonight but my discomfort has been getting worse as my baby grows and my Dr. is getting concerned about my ability to move the food through my intestines. (I was having problems with this before pregnancy and since pregnancy slows your bowels even more, well you can figure that out.) I am just praying and hoping that things turn out well and that everything goes smoothly. I know I am capable of carying this child but if my kidney's decide to be jerks or my bum decides to be an a$$ then that might chage. Just thought I would fill you in on all the nitty gritty details lol. Take care girls and I will let you know what happens at tonights appt. Toodles and love you all! Mel: HOLY FREAKING GRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you on the First Trimester Board!



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