Clomid Success Stories For Jan 2010

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Celo - December 31

Happy new Year everyone, As is traditionally done every month, we start a new thread. Welcome everyone, my name is celo and I've been addicted to this site I am beginning my first cycle TTC with clomid. I have taken my first dose last night: 100mg 2-6 but I have a few questions about mucinex (when do I take it?), fish oil (when do I take it?), opk (When do I begin to test), BD.... For those who had a successful outcome, could you please share what you did? Thank you so much.


divadivina2u - December 31

Good Morning Ladies!!! Celo, Welcome to this site. I am actually 5 weeks pregnant and I used clomid 150mg 2-6, the musinex, and the fish oils capsules also. I did the clomid, after i finish it, I started the musinex until I ovulated which was day 15 then stopped. The mucinex helps with the cm very much. So you shoulkd stop as soon as you ovulate. I have been drinking my fish pills since my AF started and now that I am pregnant still taking it as well as my prenatal vitamins. Well hope it helped, and I will see you around. Good luck!!


divadivina2u - December 31

ohh, I forgot about the opk!! as I did clomid 2-6. I started testing day 10 with the opk, so I got a +tive in the 15. Ok good luck again.


Celo - December 31

Congratulations Divadivina2u!!! And thank you for your prompt reply. I have a cold and it sucks. Would it be an issue if I start mucinex now?


Celo - January 1

Happy new year!!!! 3 days of clomid left. Haven't noticed s/e and stopped the mucinex for now (i don't want anything to interfere with clomid). How is everyone else doing? Baby dust and bring on the bfps!!!


Celo - January 1

I meant 2 days left.


hrath2009 - January 2

Hey ladies! Sorry i have been MIA i have just been so depressed. I haven't gotten af yet but i haven't gotten a +hpt yet either so i don't think that i o'd this month. As of right now im gonna be taking a break for alittle while. I just don't understand y i didn't o. I o'd last month on 100mg but this month on 100mg i didn't o. God im so frustrated with this c___p. I just dont' know what to do! I only have 3 more months of clomid left to do and what if i dont get preggo within that 3 months. I really can't afford ne thing else. Well i hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year cause i sure did lol. New years was awesome. dh and i killed a bottle of captian morgan and a bottle of jack daniels lol. Well i hope you ladies have a wonderful day. TONS of sticky baby dust to all!


Celo - January 3

Hello not too busy around here... Hrath- I'm so sorry about your frustration. Can't pretend to be in your shoes. On the positive side though, you still have a couple of months to try so hang on. Is your doc. giving you any idea about why o is not happening at times? Everybody else- If you don't mind sharing, I was wondering where everybody is in their cycle? afm- still no s/e or anything outstanding. I don't know... has anyone experienced no s/e and still got pregnant?... I mean in the history of this site??? Today is cd6 and last day of clomid for me Yeah! I will begin fish oil and mucinex tomorrow (since I'll take my last dose of clomid tonight). Any tips you guys want to throw in I greatly appreciate. Thank you and sticky baby dust to all of y'all.


Hope4102 - January 3

Hi. I am new to this forum and website. Last night I read through the forum for Dec '09 and found valueable information and great group of thoughtful people. This is my first cycle on Clomid, I took 50 mg CD 5-9 perscribed by Doc because blood tests have shown no O. I am on CD 10, well it's after midnight so, CD 11. Anyone on same cycle taking clomid? I knew very little info about Clomid prior to reading posts other than the info my Dr provided. I would love to have twins!! but a healthy baby would be great too! My Dr said that the chances of twins are very low, but I can hope ;0) By reading posts, I am optimistic I have a chance too, God willing.


Celo - January 4

Hi Hope4102, Thank you for joining. I was hoping more people would stop buy so we could start a nice support group this month. Hope, I am trailing behind you, today is CD 7 for me. Did you have any s/e with the clomid? I did not. Today I started fish oil and mucinex. I will be on both until O, which I will try to track with my temp. and opks. I have 7 opks ready to go and 2 preg. tests. 3 more days before I begin opks and lots of bedding. I am considering pineapple core from O til BF(?) . What is your ttc plan? have you started bd'ing? Will this be number 1 or 2 for you? (will be for me). What is your experience so far with clomid? Anyways keeping you in my prayers. Anybody else?


rosenow - January 4

Hi girls. Well I am back. I did not have time to write in December just too busy for me. I am sick of social events lol. Happy new year! I am still waiting for the RE to call. CD 34 nothing to report waiting on AF. Not doing a fifth round of clomid because I am going to wait to see what the RE sais. Toodles girls!


bebe1 - January 4

Hello everyone! Glad to see you wonderful gals. Rosenow- I know what you mean about december... too busy. We did get many bfps (on other threads) and that was awesome. I've been waiting for AF to show and it took her 77 days (77days!!!!). I was so happy to see her though and I am following the master plan I designed 2 months ago!! When do yo see the RE? HOW ARE YOU!!!! Hrath- Oh where Oh where art thou gurl? I miss you!! I had a disappointing cycle also. I started spotting back in november for like 2 days and I thought YES IN THE BAG! well a few long weeks later only bfns and I was so devastated. It is amazing how my mind made up all kinds of symptoms... I mean ALL kinds I am glad af decided to grace me with a visit to put me out of my misery. I am confident though that this time around, I have a better plan. So we need to keep on keeping gurl I know when we get that bfp, we'll forget the bad memories. I am keeping you in my prayers all the time. Diva- Did you have your appt. already? what are your symptoms? HOW ARE YOU DOING? Hello to the newbies, you are welcome take it from someone who was welcomed kindly. We've made some good friendships here via sharing our experiences with one another. Jump right in! Well guys I have a TMI concern: DH and I "practiced" our bd last night and I noticed his swimmers where leaking out after the fact. EVEN THOUGH I had my legs up (practice all the way) and I was'nt moving. Now I am worried that THIS might be an issue when the time comes. Any tips please?


bipbop - January 4

Hi Ladies and Happy New Year! Have any of you experienced sensitive nipples while taking Clomid during ovulation and continuing 6 days later and counting (I've never had this feeling)? 1st time on clomid 50mg taking it on 5-9 days and I'm at 6dpo.


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - January 4

Happy New Year, Ladies! As per usual, it didn't occur to me that the lack of posting in the Dec. thread wasn't because everyone had a hangover like I did. (Sorry, Diva, Wife, et al.) AF found me Christmas Day - so I did my best to do my year of drinking, eating and visiting and generally frowned upon behaviour in the next week. tee hee! Anyway, welcome all the new ladies. Rosenow - So happy you are back! Hope you had a great Christmas, and wishing you all the best in 2010~! Hrath - So happy to hear that you and dh had such a fun New Years. Ours was simililar! WOOT! Spent the first day of the year in bed. Which isn't as terrible as it sounds, if you know my meaning! So 3 months left? I'll be feverishly wishing a little one upon you starting....NOW. Keep us posted! Hope - I'll be starting my first prescribed cycle of 50mg Clomid + trigger next cycle so am eagerly anticipating you telling me about even your tiniest side effects. Get typing!!! Bebe - Yay for you and practising! A few months ago we had a rather long conversation amongst ourselves here about Instead Cups to stop leakage in its tracks. I'm a huge supporter, and this is why: a) if your dh makes a "deposit" and you cough? Goodbye, try. and b) My sheets are of exceedingly good quality and I? Am too fond of them to know I was leaking 3-5 times a week! But to me, locking it in and getting them (the swimmers) up close to the cervix makes sense. Because having them on the sheets won't do a d__n thing but make me do more laundry (which I don't really like much anyway!) And Bipbop - I never had any s/e on my u/p - however, Clomid is playing with your hormones, so sore nipples are a definite possibility. Ps. I want to know about all side effects. this is why: AFM - finally - FINALLY got the script from our OB. Beginning in Feb. Currently on CD11 - So somewhere around three weeks from now I'll be starting - monitored. Because for all intents and purposes, we have NOTHING prohibiting us from getting pregnant on our own, except a luteal phase defect, the doctor warned us that "two, mebbe tah-dee bebbies " are possible. Bring it on, I say. Baby Dust to all... Confidential note to Wife: We're here for you. And thinking of you... Lala xoxoxo


Hope4102 - January 4

Thank you Celo and all for the warm welcome ;0) You know, that I have not had any side effects with the clomid.;0) I felt a mild nausea like something was in my throat kind of feeling, but truly I am not sure that was related to the clomid. I had not eaten and may have been for this reason. I will know more if it was true s/e from clomid if I have to go for another cycle of clomid and will report to you all. So far so good. I have never used the OPK’s. It sounds like it would be very helpful. Are they easy to use and read? What brand would you suggest? Yes! I have started BD’ng ;0) I have a question for you all re: my TTC plan. BACKGROUND: I had been out of a job due to a lay-off then got a job, but had to quit due to surgery my DH had to undergo. (Btw He is doing great now) Well, since being on unemployment, I got offered a position and should start mid Jan to beg. Of Feb- very excited. Do you know how the pregnancy leave works in CA. as for as if there is an amount of time you need to be working with a company before qualifying for the leave? I know with FMLA one needs to be working at least 12 mos. for most companies. Since now that I will be working, which is awesome, my convo with DH was whether to wait until about 3 mos. into my new job before TTC again. At the same time, we don’t really know if I will conceive during this time anyway and may be missing opportunity for finding out why I am not conceiving. I am 36 now and no babies yet. I don’t have time to waste. We settled with putting faith in God’s hands since he is the only one that knows our future and whatever happens will be worked out. Anyhow, I wanted to know if anyone knew on the laws for leave here in CA… (thank you ;0)) Bebe1: I think Lala has a great suggestion. I have heard of those Instead cups and saw lots of recommendations for use in this situation on other websites. Def. worth trying. Bipbop- We went through the same round of dosage and use for clomid. I have not experienced the sensitive nipples, but have not O’d yet so may be too early to tell. What CD are you on? Lala: that’s awesome you got the prescription! Yes! Me too… I would love healthy twins ;0) I will def. share any s/e on Clomid if I experience…so far- no neg. changes. Sending babydust blessings to us all ;0)


rosenow - January 5

Good morning girls. Well I will cut straight to the point. BFP!!!! We got it! I woke up last night with cramps and was waiting for AF who was 4 days late and I thought what the heck I will take one more test. And BAM!!!! BFP! It really has not hit me yet and I am going to make a Dr. appt to confirm. It's sureal because we have just waited so long. Pray for us please :o) I feel so amaized. I really was starting to get down about this whole process as I am sure you have noticed. Love you all and am so glad I can share this joy with you!! Lorey


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - January 5

ROSENOW! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, honey! I am soooo pumped for you! You did seem to be a little more "resigned" the last weeks of November...And didn't you say you were going to take a break from TTC in December? Evidently not! Ha! Will wonders ever cease?!? Wishing you the happiest, healthiest 9 months ever! (Now, shovel a little of your luck my way, would you?!) Lala xoxo



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