Clomid Success Stories For Jan 2010

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divadivina2u - January 29

wow Rosenow!!! I am so excited for you!! It must of been triple exciting for you and dh to see your little bundle for the first time!! I am sooooo looking foward to see mines in the upcoming weeks...


wifelady - January 29

happidaz- Good luck with waiting! I was never good at waiting!!! haha but i do wish you a bfp very badly!!! Sending you a million sticky vibes!!! want2bmommi- Hey girl! Hopefully everything is going well for you!! How are you doing?? fallout- i think your idea would be pretty awesome... i will fill out my success story thing shortly after i finish posting this! Good luck with your website if you end up doing it let me know... i'd love to help! DIVA! OK grrr... I can't believe you have to wait till March 3!!! I will know the s_x of my baby by then!!! Thats nuts! So are you planning on finding out the s_x of your baby??? I can't wait haha i'd like to know right now if i could! haha I have an appointment on the 8th of feb... i'm sure it'll be nothing exciting but i love hearing the heartbeat! Anyways... hope everything is going well!!! Rosenow- Congrats!!! It is soo amazing seeing them for the first time!!! I felt like crying but sucked it up because i didn't want to cry in front of the doctor!!! Anyways... you gotta take care of yourself now if your blood pressure is being bad!!! Take care and REST!!! Crystal A- You are so welcome!!! As far as mood swings there really is no way around it haha!! I remember the good ol clomid days!! !


wifelady - January 29

Name:Rachel Age: 20 Status:15 weeks pregnant... single baby Any fertility problems before you started trying?:Miscarriage How many times have you been pregnant and what were the results of those pregnancies?: Three. One live baby and One second trimester loss. One current pregnancy with complications *placent previa*/*subchorionic hematoma* Have you ever had a cesarean?: No Were you on birth control within a year prior to conception?: I've never been on birth control What kind of medications did you use and what were the dosages and days taken?: Clomid 100 mg cd 3-7 Did you use OPK's, and if so, when did you get your first positive?: First cycle i never got a positive... second cycle positive on cd 13 What days did you BD?: cd 12,13,15 How many DPO did you get your first positive test?:9 dpo... tricked me into think multiples hehe What symptoms did you have, if any, prior to your positive test? NONE... i was extremely shocked to see a positive Did you have an indicators of a multiple pregnancy before your ultrasound, such as high HCG levels?: I have not had a multiple pregnancy Were multiples determined at your first ultrasound, or later?: None How far along were you when multiples were determined?: None If you are currently pregnant, please tell us how you're feeling: If you have already given birth, how many weeks were you when you gave birth? Did the babies have any health problems when born? Any other details you'd like to add?


fallout - January 30

I'll definitely do the site if you guys would be willing to pitch in for the domain name. :) It's only 14.95 and I can host it on my hosting account for free! :D


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - February 1

Hello ladies, Just quick checking in... Finished 50mg Clomid on CD9, today is CD11, have been and will continue to bd every second day until CD 18, and impatiently waiting for folly scan on CD14 (Thursday) to see how we reacted to 50mg Clomid. My rationale for hoping to see 4 ripe follies? If the average couple with no fertility issues has a 25% chance of pregnancy every month with 1 egg, we should have a 100% chance with 4! Cross your fingers for me, would you? I can tell you that I have some side effects with the p, that I definately did not have with the u/p. So makes me wonder... Hoping all of you are well, and sending lots of fertile/ happy pregnancy thoughts to all of you... Lala xo


CRUSHED - February 1

hi girls good am i took my last clomid pill last nite i did 3-7 and this am i have to start estradiol from day 8 to the 12...cant wait to see wat the result of that gonna be...i beleive that God will answer my prayer this month...and im gonna have a scan on thurday just like lala to see how many follies i have.i have a question for any of u girls that did baby aspirin with clomid when do u stop taking them?and whrn should i start the musinex or robitussin?thanks for ur answer guys...lala i think we on the same cycle


rosenow - February 1

LaLa: are you saying that you had unperscribed first and now are on perscribed? Sorry I was not sure. And if that if what you meant then maybe because of the shift in symptoms you might have been taking duds!! Lets hope that was it and that the real stuff will fill you full of little ferties!!!! Oh girls I started a new thread for Feb so come on over!


pinuccia - February 1

Hi ladies...I have a question. Since I was suppose to have my AF today I took a test this morning and it came out BFN... But I really feel all the symtoms of pregnancy...I was wondering where I can go to get a hcg blood test. Can I do it w/o a doctor request? Thanks


happidaz - February 1

Pinuccia, generally u need a doctors prescription for labs BUT if there is a lab Corp near u, then you can go to personalabs dot com and search "quant_tative hcg". Pay $45 I think and then print out the doctors script. Take it to lab Corp and they will have ur result within 24 hours. I did that a few months ago. AFM: I'm 12 dpo, my temp dropped below coverline this morning so I'm afraid AF is on her way.


gonnatry4#2 - February 1

pinuccia: im sorry you getting bfns! af is missing and you having signs!! sounds good to me! kup! happidaz: sorry your temp dropped. still could be a chance im on a ttc break at the moment until i can start clomid (hopefully in may) getting healthy and deciding what mg and when to do the clomid.


melynie1 - February 2

Hello everyone! Well 11dpo and I had two faint BFP today. I'm going to take another test tomorrow. Wish me luck girls


need2conceive - February 2

Hi everyone! I am cd13 today and will be going in for an US tomorrow(wednesday. I hope i hear positive promising things. Good luck to us all.


need2conceive - February 2

congrats Mel!!!!!!!!


gonnatry4#2 - February 3

congrats mel!!! need2conceive: hope to hear good things!


need2conceive - February 3

I'm back from my US and would like to know what these findings are: Is there anyone who can tell me what these results mean from a US i did today: The right ovary is 12.2cc with dimensions of 2.8*3.4*2.5cm. The left ovary is 10.1cc with dimensions of 3.6*2.3*2.3cm. A small amount of pelvic fluid is seen. O and endometrium is 13mm


happidaz - February 3

need2conceive: did the U/S results mention any follicles? You are cd 13, have you got a positive opk or ovulated yet? If so, that would explain no current follicles. the small amount of free fluid is normal in women. especially if you just ovulated. and its really good they don't mention any cyst. anyway, best wishes to you!



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