Clomid Success Stories For Jan 2010

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LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - January 5

ROSENOW! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, honey! I am soooo pumped for you! You did seem to be a little more "resigned" the last weeks of November...And didn't you say you were going to take a break from TTC in December? Evidently not! Ha! Will wonders ever cease?!? Wishing you the happiest, healthiest 9 months ever! (Now, shovel a little of your luck my way, would you?!) Lala xoxo


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - January 5

Oh, also: Rosenow... We (I) want the deets of what you did to get to your bfp. What CDs did you OPK/Test on, what dosages were you on, prenatals? supplements? Please remind us (me)... Best, Lala xoxo


divadivina2u - January 5

Good Morning!!!!! WOW well ladies!! where is my buddy wife?? Wife, I have you 100% in my prayers. Hrath: how is eveything, if AF isnt here is it a BFP yet?? hopefully you will bring good news!!!! LaLa: HI MAMA!!! heard you had a great new years, and about staying in bed the first day its TOTALLY ok. I did too LOL. So, Good luck in your next supervised cycle, hopefully this will make it!!! bebe1: Well hello MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! LOL cant believe I still have energy to say this. NOPE, I have not done the appointment yet, but I will go by next week...promise. I am though, drinking my fish oils and prenatal. SO...I have been sooooooo awfully tired and starred experiencing morning sickness and strong headaches this morning, hopefully it was just 1 day thing!!!! Rosenow: I am so happy for YOU!!! YOU GOT IT!!!!!! CONGRATS!! and healthy 9mos. You dh and you gotta be over the moon.... enjoy it mama, you deserve it!!! So Thrilled!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! OK,, My dear ladies, I been kinda MIA, but not really, I come in, but nothing to post so I just do my little check up. I am following everyone's SO, I will talk to you all later. PS: HUGE amount of Good luck to those entering a new cycle.


rosenow - January 5

Hey girls. LaLa: Honestly I was not paying attention to Dec. I was on clomid 150 cd 5-9 but I lost my last dose so I thought I was out for sure. We BD allot because we were both on holidays. I did not use opk's because I am too cheap. I really did not think I would get pregnant so I was not paying attention to anything and ignoring anything that was a symptom because if you read the October thread I was dissapointed. My guard was up and my hopes were down. I woke up this morning to use the washroom and when I saw that AF was not there I thought I would check one more time. There it was. We have been TTC so long I can hardly believe it's true. I walked into the room and woke up DH. I just smiled with the stick in my hand and he asked if it was really true! I am trying not to get too excited but it's hard not to have my hopes up. I have had tender bb, AF cramps, pimples and my face has been flushed the last couple days. I was sick 4 days ago which is unusual for me. Now that I have the BFP I can now look at these symptoms. I have a Dr. apt tomorrow morning at 8am so I will let you know when I know. It's so nice to have people to tell. Other then DH no one knows yet. I don't know how to tell my mother. Bell just rang I will give more details later when I have more time


MarieFleur - January 5

Hi there, Congratulations for the women who got preggo!! Yeahhh!! Hope all the best for you and for the one who are trying to conceive this year. I'm Fleur from the Netherlands. 30 years old and just lost my first little bean on 18-11-2009 =( Hope 2010 will be much better. I started yesterday on day 1 with 100 mg clomid... I will take some guafenesine from day 10 till I ovulate and also some preseed incase i will dry up totally from Clomid. take care and lots of babydust!!!


bipbop - January 5

ROSENOW: so happy for you :) HOPE: I'm on day 21 of my cycle and have a backache on my right side and still sore npls. Blood test for Progesterone is this Thursday. LALA: I was so emotional, cried, got angry and then laughed right after. Yesterday I cried for no reason at all... so weird!!! Oh my poor hubby, I feel bad. anyway... we'll see what happens. As for now I'm getting out of the house for some air and to get away for the computer.


bebe1 - January 5

I got to stop by and say: yipeeeeeeeeeeee Rosenow my dear you have NO idea how excited I am for you guys!!!! WoW that was a pleasant surprise and I thank you for sharing this moment with us. Gurl I am just so happy! Ok got to be on the move. Laters.


Celo - January 5

Congrats to rosenow! Happy and healthy 9. Afm- CD 8 and nothing major besides mild cramps, still on fish oil and mucinex. I was burning hot last night. I don't know if it was hot flashes? Quick question: does clomid cause constipation? I can't wait to start bd. Hubby is getting impatient already. Pray for us ladies.


Want2BMommi - January 5

Congrats Rosenow ... I bet you are excited. I am semi new to the post, I read always but post very infrequently, after another failed IVF the RE has put me on a rather unusual med combo for an IUI, and I was just wondering if anyone else has an experience with clomid 1-5 150mg with gonal-f, menopur boosts adn the trigger shot ... I am PRAYING this works ... Sort of nervous to have these drugs being pumped into me but the dr does not want to just give up for no good reason ... Thanks and again CONGRATS to all the BFPs may the rest of you trying get them in 2010!!!!!


fallout - January 5

Sorry I've been MIA. The baby fever hath consumed me. :( No fun, I tell you. I really, really, really want another baby, but it's just not something we can really do right now, you know? I've been working on my baby carriers though. The only problem is, I can't find anyone who wants to buy one. :(


divadivina2u - January 5

hello fallout, but what you mean by baby carrierS?


hrath2009 - January 5

Hey ladies! Rose- CONGRATS HUN!! I'm so happy for you! How is everyone doin? Welcome to the newbies! I wish you all the bet of luck in your journey! AFM- As of now i have no idea what cd im on. At this point im really not caring. ne way af still has yet to find me which tells me that i didn't o. uhh. Well i will tell you ladies that i haven't been feeling like myself well i figured out what it was. TTC for the past 6 years has been hard but the last 3 months have been the worst. I'm still very depressed but im not such a b*tch. Well i hope everyone has a great day! TONS of sticky baby dust to all!!


fallout - January 5

I'm not a newbie. Just switched my screenname. I used to be Carolina73 but for some reason I could never log into the account without trying eighty times, and the email I signed up for it with, doesn't exist anymore. Baby carriers... to carry a baby in? I make them. check it out. boutique dot bebebreeze dot com


happidaz - January 5

bipbop; each cycle that i took clomid i got very sensitive nipples right after ovulation all the way until AF came. it's just part of the hormones, and probably has something to go with a high progesterone level. hopefully it continues and AF doesn't find you.


wewant3 - January 6

Rosenow- just thought i'de pop in to tell you CONGRATs! Funny that the break you took paid off!


wewant3 - January 6

ps. no more hockey for you!



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