Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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divadivina2u - November 1

Hello Everyone, Due to the first Day of November, I decided to open this Thread! I am CD11 today, I started testing, and BD'ing as well. Sooo this month, I IWSH ALL TO HAVE A MONTH of BFP's!!!!!!! Good luck Everyone!


wifelady - November 1

I love the enthusiasm! I'm feeling really positive about this month actually and have been waiting for it! I am on cd6. I am either taking my last dose of clomid tonight or tomorrow... we'll see! Wishing everybody a bfp... and wishing myself a stress free cycle with good cm HAHAHA!! How are you feeling diva! Still excited or just really really anxious??


rosenow - November 1

Hi girls. Well I feel much better. I have never had such bad AF cramps. DH went and got me all the things I needed to feel better. I had to cancel on our hiky so DH went without me. He is going to Glacier Boulder gardens in Algonquin park. 5 hour hike! I wish I were going... I do have a hockey game tonight at 8 so that will keep me busy! This is round 3 for me. I have a Dr. Apt tuesday afternoon and I am a__suming he will keep me at 100mg of clomid though I am not sure. Hope this is my month. We'll see though! Wifelady: we are almost cycle budies. I am CD 2 today taking clomid 5-9


hrath2009 - November 1

Hey ladies! I totally forgot that it was a new month! lol! I feel like such an idiot. Well i hope you all have a great nite!


wantmorebabies - November 1

Hi I am new to this thread, but I have been reading up on clomid for months now, including your past months threads. I have three kids already and for a number of reasons it looks like there will only be one more pregnancy for me. I have always wanted a big family so I would love to try for twins, but I am terrified of having more than two (I have a preaty small frame and honestly who wouldn't be nervous with that many babies!) Anyways just looking for advice and tips. We aren't going to ttc until December or January but I want to get my body ready now, what vitamins should I be taking? Any advice would be appreciated. Also have any of you ever heard of twins on soy isoflavones. I am not sure how I feel about u/p clomid yet. One last question does anyone know how many fertile women using clomid have had triplets or more? Thanks so much for your support and advice.


wifelady - November 2

hrath- I can't believe you broke your nose by doing that!! I was so glad i didn't do that!!! How funny Well nothing exciting for me cd6 and my last dose of clomid tonight! Whoo hoo... other than that... had a bad day, we're moving to colorado tomorrow i'll probably explain more later but it's been a really bad day with a lot of unexpected changes!


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - November 2

Hello darlings, Wifelady: Thinking of you and wishing you a stress free move. p.s. YES DO EXPLAIN MORE LATER AS WE'RE ALL WONDERING WHAT'S GOING ON. Hugs xoxox Wantmore: Welcome! You won't find a more supportive group of ladies than you will here. Hrath: I did the same thing about November...but November is a 'sneaky' month, anyway. It creeps up on us, flies by, and next thing you know? We'll be thrust into Christmas. Remind me to prepare for it, will you?!?!?!!! Diva- crossing fingers for you and loving loving loving your enthusiasm! Krissy - I was the same way on birth control. As a matter of fact, they made me so miserable I called them my s_xual encounter control pills. Hoping all is well with you otherwise. Everyone else - thinking of you and wondering how you all are. AFM - CD8 today. took 50mg clomid CD 3,4 & 5 before I started becoming VERY AWARE of my ovaries. Sore (all the time) - and irregular twinges of sharpish pain. Ladies? Is this normal this EARLY in the cycle? Please let me know as I'm a little freakin' out and need to make a decision tonight whether I'm going to finish with two more clomid days. Baby dust to all *** Lala


hrath2009 - November 2

wantmorebabies- Welcome! wife- I do have to say that nite i broke my nose was one of the funniest nites but it hurt lol. Now everytime i get out of bed dh tells me to take it slow and dont get caught in the sheet again. So how are you doin? lala- Please dont remind me that christmas is coming!!!! I love christmas but it's not as fun ne more for some reason. I just wish i had a child to celebrate christmas with. So how are you doin? How is everyone else doin? Where is all of our successful ladies at? AFM-cd17 and still no + opk. I'm gettin alittle worried that i may not o. Tomorrow i get to experience what 1000mg a day of metformin will do to my body instead of 500mg a day. Last nite was layin in bed and had some slight cramps in my left side so hopefully i will o soon. Noithing else really goin on. TONS of baby dust to all! Heather


divadivina2u - November 2

Helllo Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on CD12!!!!!!!!!! so NErvous! so much anxiety!!! Wife, how did you stand it?!?!?!?1 Well, I was along with you and I know how it feels, but grrrr its killing me. I have tested to see any increase on my LH surge, but been -tve. I will keep retesting everydayuntil +tve!! I feel sooo bloated!! like if I was having AF mild cramping.... is this normal??? I feel like my ovaries are swollen, weird for me, I never feel like this unless I am ovulating already. I just feel like you LaLa! Lets both walk along the swollen road!!! lolol Sooo how is everyone else doing??? Bring me + OPK's!!! So Wife, How is it going??? Besides all the moving and stuff, dont overstress please!! HEAR You All laters. ***Multiples Sticky Babies for Everyone***


divadivina2u - November 2

I have a question... I hear people talk about U/S scan? How do that take place? It shis only done when Clomid is taken monitored?? How can that go when the Clomid was taken unsprescribed. I would like to know because I cant tell my GYN why do I want this done, I will get suspicious.... or how do I do it?


wifelady - November 2

GOOD MORNING LADIES! :), So here's the story my husband was going to a police academy in jan. We went down for his orientation and they informed us that another city's academy had their license revoked and that since there people had already been officially accepted then get automatic spots at my husbands college (if they want them) so there are 50 people from that academy and 50 spots... doing the math it's not looking very promising so no one basically will get accepted from my husbands college. BECAUSE he was going there we decided last month to move in with my mom to try to save some money for the move and rental deposit... just stuff. Well yesterday, my brother (17) got in an arguement with my DH so my mom kicked us out! Just like that... okay... so my husband got laid off in sep. and we've been waiting for his unemployment stuff to go through (6 weeks so far) so we've used up all of our financial resources. We are broke until that gets figured out... and we really had like NO ONE to stay with. So i spent most of yesterday trying to figure things out, one of my good friends has been telling me how much she needs a room mate at her apartment and so off to colorado we go. I'm a little devastated that life has been turned upside down but there is nothing i can do about it. I'm feeling very relieved and stress free. My mom and i have never had a really good relationship and she's done a lot of things to me that i have forgiven but to think it's okay for me and my baby girl to sleep in our car just because she's hormonal is unexcusable. I can and will not forgive that... we did not sleep in our car we stayed with a friend (thank God) but she didn't care either way. It's sad that the greatest lessons i've learned from my parents is what NOT to do to my kids. Grr... Otherwise i really do feel happy today because we have everything figured out. It was the uncertainty that had me stressing. but we'll be leaving either this evening or tomorrow morning. I'm kind of excited actually... i feel like it's the fresh start we need! but i will still be ttc. lala- Thats so weird... with this cycle and last cycle i never feel ANYTHING until about midcycle... then i start feeling puffy down there like if i push where i a__sume my ovaries are it's rock hard. I'm still in the beginning i guess so i don't know what this cycle will bring. hrath- according to when i got af last time i o'd on cd25... ridiculous but you're definently not out of the game so don't feel down about it yet! Diva- The one thing i learned about clomid is that it makes everything a little whacky. I couldn't tell when i o'd by cm because either i didn't have any or i was taking stuff to increase it in the first place so duh there would be more. I don't know how i stood it. I ran out of opk's so when i never got a positive i thought i had o'd the day i missed taking my opk... then i got pain and i was sure it was o'ing and that threw me so i was totally like confused the whole time. This time i will be one hundred and ten percent opk'ing... i'm gonna start and cd10 i think and go from there i hope i don't o so late this time! grrr... that would be sooo frustrating. SORRY FOR THE LONG post!! Wishing lala and diva some positive opk's!!! Babydust to all


Reallyready09 - November 2

rosenow ~ Those af cramps are really awful, i wish you luck for this cycle. Hrath ~ I hope you get your +opk soon, i'm sure you will it does come later when on clomid. wife ~ sorry to hear you've had such a bad time, i'm sure things will get better for you. Keep up your up and i'm sure good things will come your way. LaLa ~ good luck for this cycle, i had the same sort of twinges earlier in my cycle. diva ~ good luck this cycle. wantmorebabies ~ welcome to the group. AFM ~ This is my 3rd cycle of clomid, i'm cd17, i had +opk yesterday, bd'd this morning but missed yesterday, will bd for the next few days so fingers crossed for this month. I've had really tender bb's since cd13, i can't even stand touching them not sure if its because of the clomid. Lots & Lots of Baby Dust to ALL!!!!


hrath2009 - November 2

Reallyready09- Hey there my cycle buddy! I am so jealous of you!!! I still have yet to have a + opk which sucks and makes me nervous that this cycle will be a bust. I haven't had ne type of s/e or symptoms that i'm o'ing. Gosh i just wish i would o already. Well i hope everyone has a great day!


rosenow - November 2

wantmorebabies: welcome. This is a great place to learn and ask questions. I think there is even a thread dedicated to U-P clomid. Wifelady: aww honey that sucks. I hope everything works out for you in Colorado. Will you have a Dr. there to help you with TTC? To help you get through the stress just think of how s_xy it will be to BD with a cop!!!!! RAAARRRRR LaLa: hey girl! I am CD 3 so we are all pretty much cycle buddies! I had the sharp pains early. It felt like I ovulated for a week lol. If you are able to then check your CM. elasticky is the stuff you want. I refuse to talk about Christmas till Dec 1!!! I can’t believe they are selling stuff already. What a holiday… It’s all about getting c___p. I love the diners and family but I always tell people to show me they love me instead of buying be junk I don’t need. Oh and I hate Christmas cards too. I am too sentiMENTAL to throw them out and they are like $5 each plus postage! Call me on the phone and wish me Merry x-mas. Hehehe I Love Christmas just not America’s Christmas. Hrath…. How did you break your nose???? In bed sheets?? That must have been some wild BD!! Diva: honey you need to relax. Stress is like birthcontrol. Your body needs to be relaxed to conceive and have a healthy 9m. As for the scan I get a mid cycle scan on day 11 of my cycle to tell me what my ovaries are producing. You can ask for the scan before you ovulate to tell you if your egg is good. Allot of women have the scans when they are TTC’ing naturally. Just ask, it can’t hurt. Reallyready: thatnks for the luck wishes. I am always optimistic though last cycle I could tell it did not work. I get sore BB’s early in my cycles too. No fun! AFM: Dr. tomorrow for cycle three of clomid. Crossing my fingers for an August baby! or Sept or Nov... Just a baby! toodles girls!


Krissy68 - November 2

Diva - How are you doing? Thank you very much for starting a new thread for the group. Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross as well. wifelady - I am so glad that you are doing much better. I am glad that you are now feeling stress free and I know this fresh start is what you and dh needs. I will be praying for you and I hope he can get into the academy ASAP. I'm sorry that your mother is treating you and your family like that. Good Luck to you and have a very safe trip. Sending you some positive vibes your way. Hang in there and you know it will get better. rosenow - How are you doing? I'm glad that AF has let up some. How was the hockey game? Good Luck at the doctor's appointment. wantmorebabies - Welcome to the group. We will try and answer all the questions that you ask. Good Luck on whatever you decide to take we don't judge. I did try the soy isoflavones and nothing happened for me. LaLa - How are you doing? You are so funny I like the new name you gave for birth control I'm doing good thanks for asking. Hey girls there is really nothing new to report about me. I started AF on Thursday so I am now on cd5 and I also started taking birth control pills which I just hate with a pa__sion they are making me really sick. I now only owe $100 for my surgery and I also have 3 weeks and 1 day left before the big day. I think that is about it. I was going to call them to see if I could move it up until next week since my baby daughter will be out of school on Nov 11-13 and I have Nov 11 off but I don't want to push it so I will just keep it as is. I hope you all have a nice evening. Krissy


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - November 2

Wifelady - OH MY LORD! I can't BELIEVE the c___ppe you are going through right now! Well just know that I'm speaking for all of us girls when I say we are ALL sending positive thoughts and wishes your way. As for your mom - the time I was 29, I lost both my parents. Cancer took my mom, but I lost my dad long before that by CHOICE. It goes against the laws of nature, but some parents are poisonous - and I know this for a fact. And like anyone who would INTENTIONALLY harm you - they should at the very least be avoided and totally released from your life, if possible. I'm hoping that beautiful Colarado is where you'll conceive your little one(s). Diva - So happy you've got the swollen ovaries, too. Asking the universe to send you your + opk! Also - have no idea about the scan with u/p clomid...although if you figure it out make sure to share! ReallyReady - so happy you shared about your "twingy" ovaries. After hearing your symptoms, I'm not so poodle like (read: skittish). Honestly - I can whip myself into SUCH a lather over trivial things. hrath - #1 - I almost fell off my chair laughing at the getting all twisted in the bedsheets! Seriously? We think we're all s_xy - then we trip. LOL! Also, I want you to know that I am not looking forward to Christmas WITH you. You and I can be grinchy together. Rosenow - YAY! Cycle buddies! I've had soreness and twingy pain so far...will let you know how it goes. And I totally agree re: Christmas. It's turned into a commercialized green and red nightmare and I? AM NOT DOING IT ANYMORE. What to do instead? I'm donating to our local no kill animal shelter instead and sending cards that (lucky me), the shelter provides. Win-win. Krissy - 3 weeks 1 day? 22 days? WOOT! So how are we going to know how the surgery went? When will you be able to tell us? Do tell. We are all wishing you success... OK Ladies! We need some + opks and BFPs!!! AFM - going to see my bathtub now and take my 2nd last 50mg clomid. baby dust to all!!! Lala


rosenow - November 2

Krissy: Hey girl. We lost our first game of the season 6-5 overtime but we still get a point because it was a tie. AF was really heavy for two days. I am cd3 right now and it is VERY light. Weird how that works. I am crossing my fingers for you. What exactly are you having done? LaLa: don’t forget your rubber ducky!!



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