Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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lacybos13 - November 21

Glad to hear about all the BFP'S..congrats to everyone who got one and I hope ya'll get what you were expecting (Boy, Girl, Twins...) Well I am CD18 and pretty sure that I O'd on CD16. I had cramping and EWCM and my face broke out. I am still having the this normal. Sorry if this is TMI, but it is the EWCM that is streachy. I have never O'd before, so I dont really know what is normal or what to look for. I am also still having some cramping...could this be implantation or could I still be Oing (I love babies, but I dont want to be one of the very, very few people that have 7 kids at the same time...I know it is possible as I live in IA and there is a couple that is my age (26) who just had quads on Wed on thier first round of clomid and then their were the septuplets (7) that were born here about 14 years ago) Sorry for the long post...I know that the good Lord wont give me more than I can handle...I have been through a lot in my short time that I have been on this Earth.... Thanks for listening..Lacy


hrath2009 - November 21

wife- I probably wouldn't be able to work either lol. Thankfully since we have been tryin for so long we already have our names picked out. Hell my dh already has our second childs named picked out lol. Dh wants between 2-4 kids but i only want one maybe 2. ne way im sooo excited for you!!! Keep us posted regarding your appt. Diva- I wish you the best of luck getting your bfp this cycle! I would love to be your cycle buddy but lets hope you dont have to. I was so kinda alittle sad last nite when i started spotting because i was almost sure that it was af but after an hour or so i got happy because that meant i o'd. WOOHOO. It was definetly a painful o but thats ok. How is everyone else? AFM- I am having the worst cramps ever!!! After two midol the pain has kinda dulled. Noithing else really goin on. I'm just lookin foward to starting my 3rd cycle of clomid in 2 days. TONS of sticky baby dust to all!


happidaz - November 21

hrath: please take a pregnancy test and if possible get a blood pregnancy before you start your next clomid cycle. 3 weeks ago i had the same thing, thought it was AF because it was heavy and red, so i started a new clomid cycle. well two weeks later i started bleeding again when i thought i should have been ovulating. well, i was actually pregnant when i started the new clomid cycle and it led to me miscarrying. so please please please take another pregnancy before you start clomid. afm: cd 5, clomid day 1 100mg. taking clomid in the morning for the first time, so not excited about being awake for the side effects. usually i take it at night, but i wasn't able to pick up the meds until this morning. uggggh.


rosenow - November 21

Hi girls. CAn't talk too long cause the fam is here but I just thought I would check in. Oh Wife I am just tickled for you! Hrath: you know she is right. Lets look at each victory individually AFM: CD 22 7dpo still nothing. I am sore from working out that is all. Back is sore from a hockey whipe out lol. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!!!!!


Spark - November 21

Ladies -Help What does it mean when you have tons of cervical mucous that is egg white in consistency but brown in color. It is so much that it is coming out and dangling while I am on the toilet. Sorry TMI. I am concerned because I am on Cd 14- did clomid 100mg days3-7. Not sure when I will ovulate since I seem to have gotten so many false positives in the past that I gave up on opks. Has anyone ever had mucous like this? could it be that I am ovulating? Typically my cycle is about 33-35 days, do you think I might be ovulating?


bebe1 - November 21

Wife-COME BACK here with your cycle plan!!! LOL. No seriously Hun, I would like to know what you did this cycle. I am already imagining you (although I've never met you) sitting in front of the computer with a beautiful belly. I am so excited for you! Now TELL. Diva- thank you for your kind words needed to that. I am just waiting for whatever. How are you doing? Recruiting cycle buddies I see? Sorry for the bfn, I pray that you have an incredible cycle with a beautiful end to it. Lacy- baby dust to you. Are you being monitored while on clomid? Afm- cd 40 (40!!!), have caught myself spotting today. I am expecting af tomorrow...we'll see. I had an interesting cycle, No cramps so far, no craving of chocolate, no break out. Got a bit emotional, but nothing special. Am SLEEPY so talk later...... Baby baby dust.


lacybos13 - November 22

Good morning Ladies: Havent had any changes so far...just been really crabby and snapping at DH...he kind of has a way of snapping me out of it and making me see that everything is not as bad as I think. I freaked out on him yesterday because I did not have a broom for the not me really!!! Bebe- I am being followed by my OB/GYN. I go to see him on Tuesday (CD21) to see if I O'd. Ladies I am really going to have to fight the urge not to test!! I almost tested this morning (CD19), but I didnt. I have seen so many BFN's that it wont get me too down, but this is my first time on Clomid!! I think that I am going to test next Sunday. Well...hope you all have a great day. Lacy


rosenow - November 22

Lacy! Test with me Saturday! You can wait that long. I am CD 23. 8ish dpo


rosenow - November 23

Hey girls! Where is everyone?? Did everyone have a good weekend?


wifelady - November 23

diva- Hey girl! I took 100 mg my second cycle cd2-6... it really regulated that cycle too... the first one i ovulated like sooo late and the second one i o'd on cd 14 like clock work! So I'm really glad that you're thinking so positively! Has af found you??? lacy- hey girl you sound kind of stressed... i wanted to let you know that those higher order multiples are typically from ivf not from clomid... clomid really doesn't have the capability to make you ovulate 7 eggs... and that would be extremely painful i think... having triplets on clomid is like a 1 percent chance so i think you should be just fine!!! Wishing you some piece of mind! ... and a bfp! hrath- I hope you're feeling better! I really hate cramps so i feel extremely bad for anyone with bad cramps! Ick... well wishing you luck with your third cycle!!! I'll be sticking around for sure so get ready to make a baby and show me a bfp!!! lol! rosenow- when are you gonna test... gosh between all of you guys i get soo anxious whenever anyone is close to testing!! Wishing you a bfp!!! bebe- i'm gonna post EXACTLY what i did below!!! I really need to get internet where i live and a new laptop because i'm having withdrawls!! haha GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!! AFM- I am pretty busy today (on the phone) i have to call for a pregnancy confirmation appointment, which i'm doing at the health clinic so it's free... because my insurance wants that and the doctors here make appointments like 2-3 weeks out. Then i have to call my old ob in california and see what i need to do to get my medical records mailed or something... ugh! I hate calling doctors offices and i have to call three!!! My unofficial due date is aug. 1 so yay!!! I say unofficial due date because the doctor seems to always change it lol! I would definently like a couple of July 30 babies though my DD was born on Dec 30 so i'm weird and want that day lol! Anyways!!! I miss being on here more often... i'm getting internet asap just for you guys!!!


wifelady - November 23

FOR BEBE- I took -clomid cd2-6 100mg -evening primrose- two capsules(i think 1000mg) from cd7 till positive opk (i doubled the dose the day of positive opk) *promotes good cm -FertileCM *also promotes good cm i took from cd7 till about 6 days after positive opk (got it off amazon, you take it 3 times a day) -I opk'd starting cd 9 because i couldn't wait and got a positive on cd 14... meaning i o'd on cd 15. -bd'd night of positive and three nights following - OK... here's the tmi... remember that dirty little trick i found on the internet... i totally did that... it's so horrible sounding but right after bd'ing before anything else i would do that. Don't know if it helped but i was doing everything i could! -I took prenatals daily and all that jazz -Oh and i drank at least 4 huge gla__ses of water because being hydrated helps your uterine lining grab onto the little eggies once you get them fertilized. -On 9 dpo... according to ff i got a bfp on cheapie test strip and on 10 dpo got bfp on cbe digital!!! Symptoms- My main symptom is getting lightheaded... My bb's hurt but not to the touch like my "nips" will ache off and on. And i get occasional twinge cramps... in both sides... hoping that means two!! Well i hope this helps everyone if you don't know what the dirty little trick is i think it's on page 6 or 7 of this post!!!


rosenow - November 23

wife: did you have implantation bleeding at all? I am still so excited for you!


divadivina2u - November 23

Hello EVERYONE!!! I got my AF!! on Sunday!! I am not sad at all, I feel positive. Well!!! Hey wife: Thanks Girl, for not leaving until you see a BFP!!!! I am still so excited for you mama!! Hrath: Where are you?? Whats going on? Rose: Yes, Wife said she has implantation bleeding with this one, but not with her DD. So, it proves that all pregnancies are certainly different. AFM: Wells my people, AF found me yesterday. I didnt spot at all, it was a huge entrance from beginning. I am CD2 today. Will be doing Clomid cd2-6 100mg. I start TONIGHT!!! I am so excited already whooo hooo!!! Talks laters. Baby Dusts.


wifelady - November 23

Rosenow- I totally had implantation bleeding... and quite a bit really... i almost thought it was af but then i reminded myself that that shouldn't happen on 7 dpo. :) Diva- I see you're doing clomid cd 2-6! Hope it works like a charm for you as well!!!


hrath2009 - November 23

Hello ladies!! How is everyone doin? diva- hey gurl! I'm here just been sittin back and reading instead of posting. Wow we are almost cycle buddies. I'm just one day ahead of ya but we are taking our clomid pretty well the same time. I start my 3rd round of clomid 100mg tonite as well. AFM- cd3 and tonite will be the start of my 3rd round of clomid. WOOHOO! I'm so excited for this round!! I am definetly feeling under the weather ever since af came. Well i hope everyone has a great evening. TONS of sticky baby dust to all!


divadivina2u - November 23

LOL!! Wife, I am remembering when we ordered our clomids from mexico....remember??? Wife, you got to use the whole thing, you have a couple left?? I hope this is my cycle!!! I will have to order some more if it doesnt work out, I am positive it will.............Oh BTW, thanks for the tricks!!!! I dont have FERTILECM, I got Evening Primrose Oil which is good for CM and also gives you the help for stronger uterine lining. I bought it at early pregancy test. I am so Excited!! Ok Tonight we start again!



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