Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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divadivina2u - November 23

LOL!! Wife, I am remembering when we ordered our clomids from mexico....remember??? Wife, you got to use the whole thing, you have a couple left?? I hope this is my cycle!!! I will have to order some more if it doesnt work out, I am positive it will.............Oh BTW, thanks for the tricks!!!! I dont have FERTILECM, I got Evening Primrose Oil which is good for CM and also gives you the help for stronger uterine lining. I bought it at early pregancy test. I am so Excited!! Ok Tonight we start again!


lacybos13 - November 24

Good morning Ladies!!! Today is CD21 and I am getting ready to go to the doc for a progestrogen check and a blood pregnancy test...I know that it might be early, but I figured what the heck...they are taking my blood anyway. If it says BFN then I will wait about a week do a HPT. Good luck everyone.... Symptoms that I am having now: lots of cramping, althought it is not AF cramps. Just a pulling sensation. Face has finally cleared up and I have been a little moody. Good luck and God Bless!! Baby Dust, Lacy


rosenow - November 24

Wife: how are you feeling?? You must be just over the moon!!!! Diva: Where are you in your cycle? Is this try #3 on clomid for you or are you doing other treatments. Lacy: I am CD 23 so we are neck and neck! I hope we both get what we are looking for! When is your test? I have been feeling "things" off and on but I just can't let myself get too excited. This is my last try with my OB and he is sending me to a fertility specialist in the City. That kinda scares me so I really want this to work. I am sinply leaning on God for this one. If it's in his plan then it will happen. I just need to be patient! AFM: RANTTTTTT ok so I got a lovely crib from my mother that my niece and nephew and a couple cousins used as children. It's about ten years old and very nice. Well I just heard on the radio that it is being recaled. *bonks head. Cribs that kill babies!! That is crazy. I don't know what to do with it now as I am certainly not going to use it. It's the storkraft cribs with the plastic hinges there are also some fisher price ones that are recaled as well so beware ladies! Anyway this makes me cranky, well everything makes me cranke as AF is due in a week. BOOO! have a lovely day ladies!


divadivina2u - November 24

Hello Peoples!! Well, I should start saying that I got my first dose of clomid last night. Today is CD3 for me. Rose: This is my 2nd round of clomid mama, I was just saying that if this doesnt work out, I will be buying clomid for cycle 3. Hope I DONT HAVE TO! BTW: When are you plaining on testing??? How many DPO are you?? Wife: Hi Girly!!!!! how's everything??? How you doing in your new job??? did you share the news just yet with anyone ovethere yet? Hrath: how is everything mama??? Stop reading and start writing, dont let us behind!!! How many DPO are you?? AFM: As I stated, I am CD3 today. I am in my second round of clomid and I have a very positive feeling..........of ++++++++++++++++++++. Good Luck everyone :) Laterssss!


wifelady - November 24

Diva- I have some clomid left... i think enough for another month of 100 mg but thats it. I think the evening primrose will help a lot! I was most worried about hostile cm so i did everything in my power to help that! Anyways, I am doing well.. and my new job is okay... i have not shared the news with anyone yet though it is very hard... two guys wives just found out they're pregnant, and a girl i work with is about 4 months pregnant... so they talk about it a lot... i'm too afraid to mention something to them until after 12 weeks. I'm not telling my family until like 16... but they live states away so it'll be easy to keep it from them! :) lacy- Good luck with your doctors appointment today!! Definently don't get down about a bfn because it could be too early for sure! rosenow- i am feeling very good! i got my pregnancy confirmation yesterday... so tomorrow i have to go into the ob, as they want me to go there to fill out paperwork before making an appointment(weird)... anyways i'm really excited! As for the crib thing! That is totally scary!!! AFM- today is my sunday... so back to work tomorrow!! I probably wont be on for the next couple days because of work and thanksgiving and all but i'll definently try! I'm making my appointment tomorrow so i'm totally excited!!!! YAY!


bebe1 - November 24

Is anyone else having problems posting????


bebe1 - November 24

Lacy- I'm sorry if I sounded rude when I asked if you are being monitored. I guess I was wondering if your ob could test and see how many follies were getting ready for release. Anyways, I hope the best for you and I can't wait to see your bfp hrath- What up girl? how is this cycle treating ya? Rose- Are you set to test this week-end? maybe I'll work up the nerves to test also and we can have that pee-party going? Oh about the cribs, I was upset too because I wanted to get one from craigslist and all of them are the ones being recalled...what a shame Diva- Rooting for you girl, I cant wait to see a bfp from you. Lala- Where are you and how is your cycle going? Anyone seen ReallyReady?? I MISS YOU WOMAN!!!


bebe1 - November 24

No AF as of yet and I haven't tested either. (TMI alert) I spotted strechy brown cm saturday night. Sunday I had more spotting but very light and following bm (bowel movement). Nothing monday and this morning I was constipated a bit and when i finally had the bm, I wiped extra pale pink cm. Nothing since then. Beside all this, I had lower back "annoyance" (not really painful but I could feel my lower back). I've had mild cramps (not painful but dull and noticeable). My b___st as usual don't hurt as a whole (there is a spot on either that ache but I think I am over a___lyzing) I've had headaches on and off and yesterday I was feeling "blah". I have a good appet_te but that's me around AF. Beside all these really I am just ready to move on EITHER DIRECTION. I choose not to test because I am not ready for a bfn and I keep saying: OK one more day then AF would show... uhu! Anyone share or has shared this kind of s/e?


bebe1 - November 24

Hello everyone! Thank You so much WIFE. I appreciate the time you took to type out your plan. I was just thinking a minute ago that next thanksgiving you'll have a bundle of joy in your arms! Happy and Healthy 9 months girl. AFM- I wanted to apologize for MIA, I haven't had much access to the internet. I can sneak a peak but I cannot really post until way late in the night (when my eyelids weigh a ton to keep open). I keep track of the forum though and I am rooting for all of you!!!


bebe1 - November 24

FINALLY! I had to break my comment into parts, sorry to be sooo...... Present!


lacybos13 - November 24

Well my doc said that I did not O =( He said that my progestrogen was 2.02 and they said that it needs to be 10 to show that you are ovulating. So I dont know if I am going to O later in my cycle or not!! I am having tons of cramps...I had to do Provera to start my cycle last time so I dont know if it is AF coming or what...I am so confused!!!!!


hrath2009 - November 24

diva- How are you doin? I am currently on cd4 and im taking my 3rd round of clomid. I am sooo hopefull that this cycle will work. Fingers crossed that you get your bfp very soon. wife- How are you feeling? Gosh i still can't belive you are preggo! How freakin exciting! I'm hoping that this cycle is a success for me! I think a bfp will be a great christmas present for my whole family. I hope you have the greatest 9m! Fingers crossed that there are two in there! really- Where are you at gurl? How are you doin? Don't you go MIA on us now. So have you started your clomid yet? bebe- How are you? This cycle is getting better, but the begining is always the worst for me. Sorry tmi but alot of the times the first 3 days of my cycle i bleed very heavy and its full of nasty clots and the rest of the cycle i just spot. The only thing that really sucks about my cycle is now they are around 7 days long and when i first started af they were only 3-5 days long. From the sounds of your symptoms that this could be your month gurl! I will keep my fingers crossed for ya! lacy- So sorry that the test didn't indicate you o'd. Hopefully its just the case of you o'ing later in your cycle. Are you using opk's? Provera really does suck lol. I hate the s/e i get while im on it. Thankfully this cycle i o'd and i didn't have to take it. Fingers are crossed that you o soon! Where is everyone else? Krissy- I really hope everything is goin ok for you! If you read this just know that us ladies are here for you! Even if you just want to vent we don't mind. Take care and i hope to hear from ya soon. AFM-cd4 and 2nd nite of clomid 100mg. Noithing much really goin on since af is here. (Sorry tmi) I tell you i never knew how much i loved bding until af comes around. How crazy am i? TONS of sticky baby dust to all!! Lets here LOTS more bfps ladies!


rosenow - November 25

Hi girls. BFN last night 10DPOish. I will be going to the new clinic and I am sure they can get th job done. I ovulated beutifully on Clomid "text book" sais my doctor. no idea why it did not work. DH is fine. counts are all high. I know I am not out till AF but it just not seem possible now. Once again it's a matter of time now if it will happen. I have to remember that. There is nothing else wrong. I should be able to do this it's just not happening. I am looking forward to discovering more about myself with the new Dr. They are specialist in fertility. I will miss my OBGYN he was great and soo funny! I am going to chill for a couple days. See you soon! Baby dust to everyone :o)


Laddylyrc - November 26

hello Im 30 years old from MN I just wanted to give you Ladies some hope that it can happen. I got pregnant off of my first round of clomid 50mg. we had been trying by ourselfs for 5 years but nothing so my OB put me on clomid I took it cd 5 to cd 9 9/23-9/28 well I hoped it would work but I didnt know that it would work that fast...well time went on through my cycle I was tring not to think about it to much cause I didnt want to stress my self out. Well I did my chart everyday to keep track of my temp didnt really do CM cause its hard to do. my chart stated that I had a temp dip on cd 17 so I think I ovulated the next day I did BD on that day,that day I did check my CM and it was of egg white cosistency.. Still trying not to stress about it I just waited for AF to come but my cycles are long so didnt really think about it. started getting sick really earlly but silly me not trying to stress about it and kinda in denile cause I have been through that so much and I didnt want to get my feeling hurt once again so just kept going through the weeks sick everyday then I started getting really moody but nothing else really for symptoms just morning sickness and moodiness is all well I finely took a HPT and it came back positive 11/18/09 I had my first OB appt. 11/23/09 and I had my ultra sound 11/24/09 for the dating cause I have long cycles and they wanted to make sure everything was ok and that there was only one in but Im 9 weeks 1 day today I seen my little gummy bear it was so cute the baby waved at me the heart beat was 167 bpm....Due 6/29/2010 Im so happy I wanted this so bad and it finely happened no one thought it would happen to me but it did and with the first Round of clomid...I just wanted to share my store and let you know that Clomid is great and to never give up if its meant to be it dust to all and good luck (sorry so long)


Reallyready09 - November 26

Hrath ~ So sorry i've been MIA, i have had such a hard time these last few weeks. I've had major mood swings, one minute happy the next in tears. I'm sorry AF found you, i hope this is your cycle for a BFP. wife ~ CONGRATS on your BFP, i'm so happy for you. I hope you have a happy and healthy 9m. AFM ~ I did start my #4 round of clomid, i'm cd 15 1dpo i think i o'd yesterday. I had major cramps mostly on my left side which is sooo positive for me as the past few months the cramps have been on my right side and my right tube is blocked. So i am really positive this cycle. I guess then i'm in the 2ww, bd like crazy i so hope this is my time for a BFP. How is everyone else doing? Tons & tons of baby dust to all ttc.


hrath2009 - November 27

Hello ladies! How is everyone doin? Sorry i have been MIA. My computer got a bad virus so it's in getting fixed. AFM-cd7 and just waiting to o. Hopefully i o sooner then i did last month. I hope everyone has a great day! TONS of baby dust to all!



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