Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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rosenow - November 2

Krissy: Hey girl. We lost our first game of the season 6-5 overtime but we still get a point because it was a tie. AF was really heavy for two days. I am cd3 right now and it is VERY light. Weird how that works. I am crossing my fingers for you. What exactly are you having done? LaLa: don’t forget your rubber ducky!!


divadivina2u - November 2

LOL!!! Your so funny Rose! You made me remind of Sesame Streee!! LOL! Well, Everyone, no updates besides th eones I told you this morning. I am just as rose stated" relaxing. So, if anything I will post. ++Multiple Sticky Dust to all.


hrath2009 - November 3

LaLa- Ya i thought i was all that and a bag of chips until i tripped lol. As for Christmas i think i quit liking it when i found out Santa wasn't real lol. I truely can say that im not a grinch because i do enjoy spending time with the my family and buying them gifts. Heck my sister and i still go over to my parents house to put our decorations we made in High School on the there tree. It's so much fun! Have fun taking your bath! You should light you some candles if you dont have them already. Where the heck is everyone else? I hope everyone is doing ok! AFM-cd18 and still no + opk. I'm gettin alittle nervous that im not gonna o this cycle either. I guess i just have to wait and see. For some reason the last few days i have been so darn tired. Hell i fell asleep at 8:30pm last nite which is odd cause my normal bedtime is like midnight. Well pretty much noithing else goin on which sucks cause i would like to report that maybe my bb's hurt but they dont. I just don't know what the heck is goin on! TONS of baby dust to all!


wewant3 - November 3

Hi Girls! time finally seems to be moving along. I am feeling a lot better these days. Hrath- are you testing just once a day? Do some opks seem darker than others but just not darker than the control? I have read you can have a surge in the morning and still test neg in the afternoon. I am wondering if you just missed the pefect test time. I read where you said you were having cramps a few days ago, thats a good sign. I have my fingers crossed for you. rosenow- Good luck at your dr appt today. Hopefully this month will be better for you. I hope you are fully recovered from your flubug you had last week. reallyready09- good luck! sounds like you will be in the 2ww in no time! baby dust! lala- sounds like your ovaries are working overtime, hopefully producing more than one follie!! Wife- I am soo sorry everything seems to be changing around you. I wish i could give you a big hug and tell you that everything happens for a reason and you and your dh will be stronger together because of it. Thing will settle down soon enough. I am sorry to hear about your mothers behavior. Its very depressing when you realize that parents are just people too. We expect them to be loving unconditionally and when we realize they don't, it hurts. Atleast you are learning what NOT to do to your kids and your family will be better off away from poisonus people like that. Colorado sounds like a lovely place! I will be praying for you and your family right now. Lots of love! muah* diva- we are cyclebuddies! I think you are one day ahead of me. I am havng lots of mild cramping too. Hopefully thats a good thing. krissy- i am sorry another month was a bust, hopefully once you get your sugery it will happen for you!! afm- Cd 12, I am just now starting to get the dull ache on my left side (it was right side last month)I hope that means i will o. i am totally dry with minimal cm. I wish i had more but i dont. I guess i am more at peace with this whole process. My world wont end if it never happens (i really pray it does) I am trying to take some pressue off of myself. I am worried i wont o this month since i have a pattern of oing one month, not oing the next. an august baby would be nice. =) My little cake business is kicking off and i am really excited to have cake orders rolling in. SO its nice to keep my mind totally consumed in the process on designing and making these cakes. Trying- how are you doning? maya- havent seen you around. Soready are you in the 2ww yet. who else havnt we heard from in a while??? Take care ladies! Baby dust!!


luvbug80 - November 3

Hey Ladies, sorry I've been MIA. Busy at work and that's my only good internet connection. Went to the doctor's last month and I did not o. She said that my POCS might not really be that. It might just be metabolic syndrome. If that's the case the metformine will only help so much and that I need to be on two different types of drugs to lower my insulin levels. She said it didn't matter how much clomid I pump through my body, if my insulin is to high, I am not going to ovulate. So now just waiting for the blood tests to come back. CD 41 and no sign of af. Good luck to all you ladies! Baby dust!


happidaz - November 3

hello ladies. i haven;t been able to keep up with everything as i have been working my b___t off over the last 5 days. just letting you know my update: i'm cd 9, i figure i will o this weekend on sat or sun. i'm trying to use the instead cups for the first time this cycle. i practiced them today afer bd and it was quite messy. any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks


divadivina2u - November 3

Morning people!!! Hello, Hello, Hello! How and where is everyone?? are they so busy bd'ing!! hope this absenteesim may be due to that, therefore I want +ive results!! opppss I almost forget about my cycle buddy Wewant3, I have a day ahead of you!! We, I could tell you, the cramping comes mostly in the night time, not in the nights are terrible. No sore bb's or anything like that. Good luck with your Business!! Wife, How is everything?? CD13 girl!!! I am still testing and still -ive for opk's. So, I will test again later, in case of anything. Ok See you all Laters!


Maya444 - November 3

Wewant- I am doing good, thanks for asking :) I have been reading the posts but haven't had much to contribute lately. I am on cd7, day 6 of injects, hoping to O sooner this time. Will KUP. Good to hear you are taking it easy and that your cake business is growing! I hope you do O this month and get a bfp. I will be pulling for ya!


Krissy68 - November 3

rosenow - How are you doing? Sorry about your loss. What is your record so far for the season? I am having a laparoscopy with a hysteroscopy. Krissy


Krissy68 - November 3

wewant3 - How are you doing? That's okay it is a bust for me because I really need to have this surgery done anyway. Keeping my fingers cross for you. hrath2009 - How are you doing? I'm here just trying to read all the post. Did you take clomid this cycle? If so that can sometimes make you ovulate later in your cycle don't give up yet and are you bding? Keeping my fingers cross keep us posted. luvbug80 - How are you doing? I'm sorry to hear this so after you get the results back from the blood test you will know what the next step will be for you. Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross that you get the answer that you need. happidaz - How are you doing? Keeping my fingers cross that you ovulated this weekend also I don't know anything about the instead cup. Sorry. Maya444 - How are you doing? I am keeping my fingers cross for you and I hope this is your cycle. Please do keep us posted. Take care. Hey girls here is my update. Well we got the appointment for Kirk to see the neuroligist but guess when it is for... you guess it November 24 my scheduled surgery date so now I will either be having the surgery on November 10 or 11 I am hoping for the 11 because I don't have to work on that day because it is Veteran's Day and my youngest daughter is out of school from November 11-13 they are trying to get another doctor to come in on the 11 but it isn't looking too good so we shall see I should know for sure tomorrow and I will let you all know. I went in today for my lab so now I am trying to mentally prepare myself. Still having AF and it is still heavy I blame this on the birth control pills and I will be so glad when I take my last pill because they are making me so sick. Talk to you all soon. Krissy


rosenow - November 3

Hey girls. Cd 4 taking 150 clomid tomorrow. Dr. is sending me to a special clinic if this does not work. I a__susm IUI.UIU whatever the acronim lol. I really hope this works because I am kind of afriad of other treatments. We'll see. ASMy student she is doing well. She has diabetes which caused the kidney failure. She should be out of the hospital Monday and after some education on needles and such she should be back to school!! WOOT!


Krissy68 - November 3

rosenow - I am glad she is doing better. You are so funny it is IUI. Let us know. Keeping my fingers cross the higher dosage of clomid will work. Krissy


divadivina2u - November 4

Good Morning Ladies!! How is everyone?? This thread is being in a slow paced move! Hopefully WE ALL will get + testing for bundles of joys!! Wife.:..Where are you mama? Is everything ok with you? Dont forget me here!!!! LOL hrath: CD18?? No + opk? Hmmm... Keep testing, it could change anythime. I am CD14 and I cant lose track of it, keep up testing! Wewant3: Hey Cycle Buddy!! How you feel? I am feeling kind of swollen, with mild cramp pains but nothing major yet.Any symtoms for you? I am STILL waiting for + OPK!! Krissy: Hope everything comes blessfully perfect in your surgery, will have you in my prayers! AFM: CD 14 for me, no +ive OPK yet. I tested in the night like at 8pm, I like testing in the night because daytime I am at work. So, I will test again today. Hopefully is +ive. I feel weird, felt couple of twinges on the ovaries and they feel swollen. Sooo... I am dying to test today...cant wait to get home!!!. Talk to you all later on...


hrath2009 - November 4

Krissy- Hey! How are you doin? I'm doin ok i guess. I'm just waiting o. I did take clomid this cycle 100mg days 3-7. I'm getting very stressed out that i wont o this cycle. I bet your gettin very excited for the surgery!! diva- Ya i still haven't gotten a + opk. I'm gettin very upset with this whole ttc. I just dont know what to do. So how are you? AFM-cd19 and still no sign of o. I took a opk yesturday at around noon and it was darker then the other ones i have tooken but still not yet a positive. dh and i are bding like crazy just in case i miss the surge. I just dont know what im gonna do if i dont o this cycle. I'm getting so discourged for some reason. Well i hope everyone is doin good and i hope to hear some bfp's soon. TONS of baby dust to all!


shashana - November 4

hi ladies Some update about me My BF and I decided last night that we are going to take breack and strat back TTC by April-May. I know AF will be here Sunday. GL to all


shashana - November 4

Krissy That sound great that you are goin to have your surgery earlier. hrath2009: Don't stress about O just bd to cover the basic and evrything should be fine its even preferable to bd every 2 days. Sending babydust to all xoxoxo.



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