Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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shashana - November 4

Krissy That sound great that you are goin to have your surgery earlier. hrath2009: Don't stress about O just bd to cover the basic and evrything should be fine its even preferable to bd every 2 days. Sending babydust to all xoxoxo.


hrath2009 - November 4

Gosh i got another - opk. What am i gonna do? It's cd19 and i still dont have ne idea when im gonna ovulate. On cd30 i have to start provera again so im sooo frustrated. Why can't i just o? Is clomid working for me? I dont know what to do. I just can't handle this heartbreak ne more.


jmrandle - November 4

HI Ladies!!! So I know I am An October success story but I wanted to wish all of you lots of luck this cycle! To be honest I feel kind of bored not counting days and taking pills and peeing on sticks, lol As crazy as that sounds!!! So I thought i was supposed to have a Dr apt Tuesday, but it turns out it was Monday and i missed it! UGHHH! So frustrating! So I re-scheduled for Friday (Nov 6th). I asked if they will do an ultra sound and they said no, they dont usually do one unless something is wrong :o( - I wanna know if i have more than one little bean so bad!!! So... I made a different Apt at a whole new Dr office Nov 16th (Ill be 7 weeks 5 days) for an ultra sound, so at least I will know by then, but the suspense is killing me! I think im going to tell them on Friday that My mom was a twin and my sister had twins so that maybe they will give me one..? Other than that everything is great, most days i dont even feel prego, other than my bb's killing me, ive already went up AT LEASE a 1/2 cup size, crazy!! Ok Girls, November is your month!!!! Baby Dust X2!


Maya444 - November 4

Jmr- I bet you want to know how many are in there, hope you get a scan soon. Take care and congratz again! Krissy- Thanks! Wish you good luck too with your surgery! Hrath- I am sorry you are having a hard time with O. Do you have PCOS? I do, and I am Clomid resistant. I suggest talking to your doc after this cycle to see what's causing the problem for you. Good luck!


Krissy68 - November 4

divadivina2u - How are you doing? Thank you very much for the support. Are you bding as well? Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross for you. Keep us updated. hrath2009 - How are you doing? You might just going to ovulate later in your cycle then normal because clomid sometimes do that to you. I'm glad you are bding away. Yes I am getting excited but I think I am more nervous and scared then anything else. Keeping my fingers cross for you. shashana - How are you doing? I totally understand about taking breaks because this ttc stuff can get to you. I have done this plenty of times before. I am still waiting on the exact date and time for the surgery. Krissy


Krissy68 - November 4

jmrandle - I'm glad you are doing good and thank you for keeping us updated. I am sorry that you missed your appointment would this had been your very first appointment? I'm glad they were able to reschedule you that quick. Sorry they will not give you a u/s but I hope they will after you tell them your story and see what they say it will only take a few minutes. Well if they still say no then you know in 10 days you will be seeing another doctor and they will give you an u/s than. Keeping my fingers cross that you have twins. You did take clomid right? My brain is just dead and I can't remember anything. Rub your belly and thanks for sending us baby dust. Maya444 - How are you doing? Thank you for the support and I will update once I find out anything. Krissy


Krissy68 - November 4

Hey girls just wanted to let you know I will be having my surgery on November 10 at 9:15am. Krissy


hrath2009 - November 5

Well hello ladies! How is everyone doin? Where is everyone at? Well i hope everyone is doin great! Krissy- Wow you have 5 days now! I'm sooo excited for you! Maya- Hello how are you? Yes i do have pcos but this is only my second cycle so im gonna wait and see what happens. I will definetly talk to the doc if i dont o this cycle. AFM-cd20 and still no + opk. One thing i have observed is my cm and sorry for tmi but it looks clear and i was able to stretch it between my fingers pretty far. It has been like this for 2 days now. Well i hope everyone has a great day. TONS of baby dust to all!


bebe1 - November 5

Hello everyone, I am new on this board and I would like to join you on this journey. I've been reading past threads and this is a wonderful group. May I join? I've been trying to conceive #1 from OCT 08 to JAN 09, then again since JULY 09 . Waiting to begin 1st cycle of clomid 50mg days 3-7. AF should be here around 7 days or so (I have long and irregular cycles). Pouring Buckets of Sticky Baby dust your way!


bebe1 - November 5

What does MIA mean?


divadivina2u - November 5

Hello Everyone!!! Wow this thread seems very silent recently. Where is everyone???? hope everyone is ok! Hrath: WOW looks promising. As you, I havent had no +ive opk!! But still testing everyday as well as beding. oh well.. I feel very bloated with mild cramping. It doesnt hurt, but its very uncomfortable. Soooo.. BD'ing havent been missed. I do so everyo other day. Soooo Hopefully it will work even if not positive opk!! Ok... Soo where is my dear cycle friend Wife?? hope she is ok and sound after all the advercities life have brought to her. Keep up Wife!! ok Today is CD15 for me. No +opk YET!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! I feel tremendously bloated, but I am checking for + opk in a daily basis, two times a day! See you all laters!. Tons of Sticky Multiple Babies to Everyone!!


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - November 5

Hello ladies, Bebe - welcome to the group. You'll find we're a group of ultra supportive ttc chicks who rally when one of us is down. Which, in this ttc game, seems to be often. But we're also here to celebrate eachothers successes, and laugh at all of our funny moments - which, again in the ttc game - is often! And MIA? = Missing In Action. Hey Diva - Rosenow and I are right behind you. How you feeling? I've started my OPK testing - but I? Am not putting a whole lot of stock in the result window as I noticed that it says right on the box: CLOPHIMENE CITRATE THERAPY CAN AFFECT THE RESULTS OF THESE TESTS. CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN PRIOR TO USE. So, I did. And what did he say? "Vell" he said "So lonk as you two half int-air-course two, mebbey, ta-dee times pah veek, it shoo be enouf fo' yo (points at dh) sah-veemars should be able to catch yo (points at me) eks." Mah EKS. So as long as you're bd-ing every second/third day - that should be enough! Wife- we're all waiting to hear that you are safe and sound. Fill us in as soon as you are able. Krissy - HOW EXCITING! Your excrucitingly long wait for this surgery is almost over, and just know that we are all sending positive thoughts your way! Hrath - re: cm. CLEAR STRETCHY IS FERTILE CM!!! Bd like it's going out of style today and tomorrow! Like I said to Diva - Clomid affects OPK's. Go with what your body is telling you! This could be your lucky month!!!! AFM - CD10 and am still "feeling" my ovaries (whereas before this whole Clomid thing, my ovaries were fairly anonymous). How to explain? It's gone from the sore/sharp pains of CD5 to more of a "full" and "hard" feeling. Hoping this means that I'm growing me some multiple eggs. Or as my OB would say: "EKS" Yeah, Diva. Where IS everyone else??? ***Baby Dust*** Lala


rosenow - November 5

Heya LALA! I love your impression of your poor Dr. LOL Vat do you Vant from him? AFM CD 6 2nd day of clomid 150mg... Last night I had a moment of realy fatigue but that has been it so far. It's snowing so hot flashes would be welcome lol. My brother is coming for a visit and should be here in an hour so I better get out the wine and make some dinner! I am taking tomorrow off and going shopping!!! YEAHHHHHH


Krissy68 - November 5

hrath2009 - How are you doing? Yep you are right I have 5 more days to go and I am so very nervous and scared. I know the days are going to fly by I am going to make sure I have all my stuff together this weekend. I am going to try and eat as much as possible because on Monday I have to eat very light and do the bowel prep which I just know it will be great fun LOL. I'm thinking you are about to ovulate. Keep on bding away. Keeping my fingers cross for you. bebe1 - How are you doing and welcome to the group. Of course you can join us just jump right in and ask any questions and someone will try and help you out. Keeping my fingers cross for you that this is your cycle. Keep us updated. MIA means missing in action. divadivina2u - How are you doing? I'm here and I am keeping my fingers cross for you. I hope you hurry up and get your bfp on the opk. I know you are bding away so you are covering your bases. Hey girls nothing new to report about me. I have been real bad about taking my temp it really don't matter this time around since I know I don't have a chance in getting pg because I started my AF last Thursday 10/29 and I also started taking birth control pills and can you believe this c___p that I am still having AF. I will be so glad when Monday come because that will be the last day I have to take the pill. I know they are going to tell me I can bd for at least 1-2 weeks so I will just have to see when I will get my new AF and start from there. I am keeping everyone of you special ladies in my prayers that you all get a bfp. I will also be keeping everythign cross for you. I will talk to you all soon. Krissy


bebe1 - November 5

Thank you for the warm welcome. LaLa- you crack me up. Krissy- will they keep you long at the hospital? Well I'm excited you'll get this moving along. Keep u in my prayers. My b___sts never hurt at all. They might be sensitive a few days b4 AF and that's it. Anyone know if this is normal at all?


divadivina2u - November 6

LOL!! LaLa!! ITrs too early for me to get stomack pains while cracking up with your crazyness!! your EKS? What on earth? As you Dr. Said "ta-dee times pah veek" should be enough!! LOLOL incredible? is he asian or oriental?? LMAO!!! Thanks for the good Laugh ...dont get MIA!! WOW! where is everyone??? LaLa? I guess they doing something good to keep them entertained you bet? where is Wife? Still moving? Wife please dont disapear on me!! I mean US!!! AFM - CD16 No +opk YET!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr As you stated LaLa, It could of being affected. But I am still positive up to the 24th!! Soooo hopefully I till get some ++ in a few. Well... I will be checking on later... OHH!! hrath2009: STill -Ive on the OPK's??? Let us know!! **Multiple Sticky Babyes To EVERYONE**



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