Clomid Success Stories June 09

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Ashley2121 - June 1

It's June - time for a new thread :) Please come share your thoughts, feelings and experiences while going through the TTC battle. Keep your faith and know that everyone's time will come. God knows what He is doing and will make it happen for you when He knows it's the right time. Stay positive and lets continue to be each other's supports. And to all those who have gotten their BFPs lets have a happy and healthy 9 months:) *HUGS*


shashana - June 1

ASHLEY great idea to creat a poste 4 june. I am goin to my OB office tomorow so that he may prescribe me ostrogen and see what else i can take in compliment. wishing to all a BFP soon and babydust to all


KrysTTC - June 2

Ah found it!! Today is CD 10. Accidentally took my pills a day late so I took clomid CD 6-10 so hopefully there's no issues!! Still waiting on ovulation but I got EWCM today - or at least close so there's a chance! My clear blue monitor isn't showing any chance. We'll see what happens! I'm using OPK's (since I have em anyway), my clear blue monitor, Temping and watching cervical position and signs this round. Never hurts to see!


schar - June 2

Hey Esme My dd is Feb 5th I would have wrote to u on facebook but family doesn't know yet


Ashley2121 - June 2

schar - When do you have your drs appt? Krysttc - Good luck this cycle :)


schar - June 2

Friday. I don't really have any aymptoms weird.


Ashley2121 - June 2

Dont worry, I didnt have hardly any symptoms at all and the ones that I did I had to "look" for. Dont stress I am sure everything is fine :)


KrysTTC - June 2

Schar - I didn't have any symptoms either when I was pregnant with my first. I actually didn't think any thing of it and just felt like I should take a pregnancy test. I think all I really felt was "off and kind of icky". lol :)


bamendjou - June 3

hello ladies, i have not been posting for some time now. Just ben feeling down and depressed! Still waiting for af to show up. Ithink i am on cd 54 or 55, I stopped counting :) Schar - Congrats!!!! That is so awesome! U deserve it! How r u feeling now? Man i sure hope I follow in ur footsteps soon. Have a healthy and wonderful 9 months. All pregnant ladies: Ashley, Linda, kn_hji, tina, esme and all others, how r u guys doing, how far along r u and r u showing yet? To all thosewho r ttcing, good luck and isure hope we reach our goals pretty soon. sticky baby dust to all!!!!!


schar - June 3

Thanks Bam I am doing good just tired and the whole b___b issue other than that barely know i'm pg. Good luck 2 u!


SunshineSam - June 3

CD 5 today just waiting till i can start bding. Doing 100 mg days 3-7, two more days left. ~Hope(or anyone who uses monitor) when does the clearblue monitor ask you to test? I set it up when AF came but havn't turned it on since. Schar don't worry, when I was preg with my daughter I didn't have any symptoms for the longest time.


shashana - June 3

SunshineSam: I am on cd 4 and friday is my last day taking clomid I am also taking estrogen fo my CM and progesteron on cd16. Hope it is our month if not we have to stay positive and beleive it will happen when it will be the right time. Nothing does't happen befor its time. Babydust to all xoxoxoxox


KrysTTC - June 3

SunshineSam - The first time you use the monitor it wants you to start using the test sticks CD 6. :) Sashana, Sunshine, Hope and everyone else - Wish you luck this month!!


SunshineSam - June 3

Aha! thanks KryssTTC! I will turn it on tomorrow. What happens if you miss a day? Good luck this month everyone, hopefully we can have March Madness babies! The only thing good about not getting preggo yet is that we have better chances of having spring babies.... hey you gotta look on the bright side eh? I am temping this time again and my temps pre O are the same as last time around 97.7. I can't wait! In 3 short weeks we will know the verdict of our hard work!!! Lov u guys! Sam Samantha


HoPe - June 4

heloo ladies, sorry havent been on for a while... just being lazy. clear blue monitor, on cd 1 whaterver time of the day u want to test, u turn on the monitor hit m untill 1 show's up, if ur on CD1, or whatever cd ur on u hit M untill that number shows up, Can only be set as late as cd5, meaning u cant keep pressing M to have cd 6 come up, it automaticaly does when u set ur CD date, so if i were to test everymorning at 6 am, i will have a 3 hour window, before 6, and after 6am to test, so if one day i woke up at 8. i can still test, so on cd 6 it will ask for a test, and from there it will tell u ur levels... hope it makes sense.. I am on cd 6 today (6-3-09) started famera 2pills (2.5 mg each) cd 5-9... have an u/s scheduled at 8am cd12 to review tx and check follicles, this month we trying to stay calm lol. waiting for dh SA results,he had the test done on monday.... its his birthday next week June13th, and our 5th wedding aniversary on Aug21st :-) will just need to be patient and see what happens with this new med, i havent really read much about it, i just dont feel like it, dont want to get hopes to high again...


LindaS - June 4

Hey Bam, Esme, Ashley, Hope, Sam, Krys, Shashana, and everyone else!! :) I hope all if well with each of you :) Bam, I'm changing my profile pic to my belly pic last week at 12 weeks 4 days. I have another for this week as well. I'm now 13 weeks and 4 days :) I'm ok, thank you for asking. *hugs* Baby dust to all who need it and sticky dust to all who are already pregnant!! Love and hugs!!!


Ashley2121 - June 4

Linda - Love your pic!!! You look so great!



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