Clomid Success Stories June 08

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Kimmer23 - June 2

Here is the new thread...and here is to more BFPs than ever before!!


Kimmer23 - June 2

Hi girls! How is everyone? Glad to hear you are good Teddy! Wow, 16 weeks...time does fly. I'm over 7 weeks now...just hoping I get through the 1st trimester, then I think my worrying will get better... Hoping - when are you testing? I tested at 10 dpo and had a faint +. schar - sorry af is being stubborn...when you want it to comes, it doesn't, and when you don't, it's right there! donna - I think having 1 day of + opk is normal... good luck!! DJ - good to hear from you! Sorry things have been sorta rough. But, it's good to have a plan, right? sarah - we miss you!! Bul, Rowan, PL - how are you girls? Babydust to all! And, everyone take care!


Hoping1 - June 2

Hi ladies, just wanted to pop in and update you on my progress. I am 9 dpo. My temps have been steadily climbing, but I am not sure if that is due to the hotter temperature down here in NC. I tested today, BFN. Which I wasn't really too surprised about. I am feeling kind of nausceous every once in a while, but this may just be something I ate. No more cramping, no more sore bbs, but I have had a lot of cm lately. It's been kind of ridiculous. Anyway, I guess we'll see. I"ll test again Thursday, 12 dpo. (Im' gonna try to wait that long). I need to jump back to the other thread and catch up on what I missed... so I'll be back on later. Hope you're all doing well!


mama4andmore - June 2

Well hey everyone. I am cd 19. I have had 5 days of + opks so i dunno whats going on. Still pos today. So maybe its good. anyhow Just waiting. 10 days til AF is due so hopefully I will know something at the end of this week or beginning of next week. Hoping I am hoping that you get a BFP. Kimmer take care and just a few more weeks til 2nd trimester. Well take care everyone. Lets get alot of BFP for June. Schar is af here yet? Baby Dust to all.


donnams83 - June 2

Good morning to all. I'm pretty sure I'm 2 dpo. Not entirely sure but my temps seem to confirm it. So DH and I BDed every other day. I've heard every other and every day. Don't know if it matters. **Teddy** Glad to hear you are at 16 weeks now. Are you showing yet? **Kimmer** Glad to hear you are also doing well. **Hoping** BFP BFP BFP I'm doing the BFP chant for you! **Mama4** If you are getting that many + opks it could mean that clomid is effecting the result. It is rare but I read that clomid can effect opks. If not then it could mean you are ovulating multiple times which might be a good thing or bad thing.


Hoping1 - June 2

Mama-- What brand of OPKS are you using? I have heard Answer is known for having multiple days of + OPKs. I have not had this experience, but many women seem to have from the website reports. **Kimmers** Thanks for the new thread. Glad you're doing well! **Teddy** I bet the time is flying! How exciting for you guys! Let us know the gender when you know! **Donna** I have heard both work, depending on your partner's sperm count. Who knows?! **Fatz** What'sg oing on? **Hope you're all doing well!


Fatz - June 2

Hey ladies:) sorry long time. Been reading the posts tho. How url doing. Hoping sorry bout d bfn but think u tested way to early. Glad u ok. Im looking forward to finally starting my treatment. Thursday should be ok to test. Teddy great:) so exciting. Cant believe how fast time is going. Donnam yay at least u know it the 2ww:)


mama4andmore - June 2

well glad to see all are doing well. Hoping i think you tested too early as well. Donna I would be thrilled to have multiples, but I don't care what I get although I prefer a girl to a boy. I already have 3 boys and only one girl. So Fatz good to see you back. Schar girl where are you?? Baby dust to all.


schar - June 2

Hey everyone and Mama4 I am just hanging out lol working tonight 5 in a row. I wish I knew what was going on 4 days of ewcm and cervix is show again...... weird and opk---- so cd 35 and twiddling my thumbs. ** fatz you will get yor bfp soon I am happy your getting these treatments. **Hoping temps sound really good. goodluck everyone else


Teddyfinch - June 3

hello ladies. thank you all for the well wishings. i am just kind of sleeping through the weeks lol. my hubby told me that he read that when your uterus stretches it tires you out, and i believe it! i think it's tiring him out too lol. trying to keep track of my mood swings and cravings. as an early father's day present i got him 3.5 pounds of mixed nuts from sam's club since he always gets me what i'm craving. but yeah 2 weeks until my u/s i'm so nervous! dunno why lol. not like they'll be like "it's a....puppy?" i just know at some point i'm going to be like "omg it's almost time and we don't have anything ready!" but that's how i live and function lol. anyway, i'm off to the restroom...again lol. hope you ladies are doing well. oh and donna: my hubby can see it and i can tell and family can tell, but i think i just look pudgy still lol. but that's in a t-shirt. when i wear a maternity shirt i look preggy ^^ i love it!


Teddyfinch - June 3

update: right after i posted, i got flicked again on the right side. i guess baby finch says hi lol. i felt a flick on my left side yesterday too. so i'm looking forward to feeling more of them in the near future.


cj1 - June 3

Hi all. **Hoping** I agree with the others - i think you tested way to early. You'll have your BFP this month fingers crossed!! **Fatz** Good luck with the treatment - I'm sure it will work for you. **Kimmers** Thanks for the new thread. 7 weeks gone already - I can't believe it!! GL with the next 33 wks hun xx **Teddy** You keep resting girl, save all your energy for when the little one comes - you'll need it!! **As for me CD7 and nothing to report. Just gotta live in hope xx


Bul - June 3

hey you beautiful ladies, i'm still here still reading now and again as i'm busy with my final exams. my angel is fine and i'm left with 15 weeks and few day before we can meet. i'm so in a hurry feels like time is standing still. Kimmer i remember when i was 7 weeks, i'd remind myself that i'm pregnant as it seemed so unreal. the kicks are very strong now and sometimes cause me a lot of pain. naughty child. she now weighs 475g and we 22weeks 3days. Just to give hope to all you ladies. PL, Rowan, kimmer and me all joined this forum sometime last year and we all pregnant now. Hoping you next as you were with us last year as well.


Fatz - June 3

Hi Ladies.. how url doing.. Been so preoccupied lately, havent had much time to post.. But ive been reading all the posts:-) Hoping what up girl?? How you doing?? Let us know when you test, im keeping my fingers crossed for you.. Mama how you.. Kimmer, whats up girl?? Any morning sickness?? Schar Did AF arrive?? CJ good luck girl.. Im really hoping to see some BFPs this month..Donnam how you?? London have you started ur IVF treatment??


mama4andmore - June 3

so last night i was doing some research about pos opks for several days it said that only the 1st matters b/c lh level may just be really high! So if that is correct than I am about 4dpo. So hopefully I will get a bfp. I think it is too early to have any real symptoms but I did tell my husband that i thought the last few were false pos because i was having head rushes which i usually get veryyyyyy early in pregnancy just cant remember how early that well. I kind of have had a hard time finding something to eat that sounds good and also omg I am hotttttttttttt. I told my husband last night to turn on the a/c and he said it is on 65 i said well put it on 55! ALso sore bbs. This all is probably just clomid or because AF is due in like -9 days. ANyone have any thoughts? SChar I hope u get ur bfp. Hoping when are you going test. again? Teddy good to hear u r doing well. DOn't worry too much. This will probably be the one thing you will get overly prepared for! Well good luck all and lots of baby dust. take care


Hoping1 - June 3

Hi ladies! Thanks for all the positive thoughts. 10 dpo today... not sure if pg or not. Yesterday had some weird twinges in abdomen again, then this morning I got sick, which is really weird. My temps are still high, but I probably wont test again until Thursday which would make me 12 dpo. It is so hard to wait, but I am trying to be a patient little girl!! **Fatz** So Thursday is the big day? I know you're probably scared, but I'm sure you'll be fine. It seems like it is pretty standard procedure. Let me know how it goes-- what time Thursday? I'll be thinking of you dear! **Schar** Seriuosly, while I don't know what's going on with the OPKs, I would get to BDing girl. I swear I ovulated cd 30 or 31 that one cycle. It sucked, but at least I ovulated. Don't rule it out yet. Stick with those opks. GL to you! **CJ** Are you back on clomid this cycle? CD 7 may mean ovulation day is coming up... I know the wait is hard! **Bul** Glad to hear you're doing well. Thanks for the positive thoughts! I hope you're right!! DIdn't you predict someone else to be the next for BFP a while back and were right?!?! I hope you are again! **Mama** I am going through the same thing. I swear my husband (who is always warm) is thinking I'm crazy b/c I am dying from the heat in our house and keep turning the ac down and he is about to throw on his winter clothes... it could just be b /c I got a little sun Saturday though... I'm trying to be cautiously hopeful here ladies... **Teddy** Glad to hear you're doing well ** Ash, Kimmer* How's it going our latest pg ladies? **Anyway, I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for being here for me!


mama4andmore - June 3

well i just wanted to say omg i am cramping so bad all day. Anyone know if why this is? Is this clomid, just pre af, or implantation about 4 dpo. Help!



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