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Kimmer23 - October 31

I'm hoping that all the girls on Clomid Success Stories (and any newbies) transfer over to this thread. please, please, please. :) The other thread is REALLY long. Maybe we can all give a brief statement of where we are in our cycle to remind everyone. I hope everyone finds this thread and uses it!! :)


Kimmer23 - October 31

I really hope everyone finds this thread and uses it. :) I'm not trying to be difficult, I was just having a hard time loading the other really long thread on my computer. As for me, I'll start off this thread. I'm 29 (close to 30), been married 2.5 years, and ready to have a baby. My dh and I have been TTC actively for about 5 mos. Before that, we were not preventing, but not TTC. I will be starting my 2nd round of clomid, cd 3-7. Right now I'm finishing up taking prometrium to bring on my af. That's about it. Baby dust to everyone!!!


geewife1 - October 31

Hi kimmer23 Just wanted to let you know I am here. I am glad you started the new thread the other one was getting long. I am cd 20 and happy to be oing. g/l to us all


Hoping1 - October 31

I'm game for this one, too. The other one takes forever to load. Way to take charge Kimmer:-). Just a refresher, I am 25, been ttc for 8 months, 1 if you ask my doc who doesn't go through the emotional stuff I do. (Long story). I am off clomid this month for a break, but hoping I still ov. I will have more blood work next Friday probably, so here's hoping! I have a gen exam tomorrow afternoon, and I really thought when I schedule this 3 or 4 months ago I would have been in my now b/c I was pregnant. Bummer! Baby dust!


Hoping1 - October 31

btw, Kimmer, I thought a temp spike meant my time was up. I had a little ewcm today, not a lot and not too stretchy. So it's a good thing that my temp is up a few degrees? I plan on bd'ing like there's no tomorrow!


PL - October 31

Hi Ladies, I will be moving to this site too, the other site is getting to long:) I hope the other ladies will move too. I am on Progesterone CD8, hopefully I will get my af within 1 week. I am so excited to start 100mg of clomid next cycle. I just spoke to one of my mum's fren yesterday night. she had 3 miscarriage before she have 4 healthy children. The doc just told her that she fell pregnant that 3 times when her eggs were not matured, she didn't go for any treatment, but after that, she is popping like crazy. hahahaha. So from this, i know baby is on their way to all of us. Good luck!


Teddyfinch - October 31

I'm here too! Now that I have been thinking about it, I'm on cd3 because I forgot that first day when af made her tiny entrance. So only 2 more days! I don't remember where I asked this in another post so I'll ask here. How long after taking the Clomid should I expect to maybe hopefully ovulate? I can't remember what I've read and when should I take the Mucinex? I figured I'd give that a go.


Bul - November 1

found you guys, this is where u've been hiding. thanks kimmer for starting this one, surely all the ladies will follow. i'm on CD8 took my last clomid pill yesterday. Hoping i'll be taking a break next month as well and will start clomid again in january, hope fully i won't have to as cheri has predicted january. PL she sent me another prediction about a girl and december :-) nice hey.


cj1 - November 1

Hi ladies - i'm here too!! Just a refresher (as everyone seems to be doing one) I'm 32, have been with my DH for 15 years married for 6 and TTC for 4½ years. We've had all the tests and nothing wrong with either of us!! Just finished 3rd month of clomid - so we'll see if it works this time!! I got a 6 month course so i'll keep taking it either till it runs out or i finally fall pregnant. If it doesn't work (but i really hope it does) i'm on the waiting list for IUI. Does anyone know much about that?


Rowan - November 1

hello Kimmer ya's! Hoping hope the break goes well from clomid and you get pg ...I am considering it to. PL - Hope all you need is the 100mg & your on your way.Teddyfinch - 5 to 12 days after your last clomid pill you will O. CJ1 - 4.5 yrs oh you poor thing thats a long time. I tried for just over 2 yrs with my 1st preg. & that felt like eternity. I wish you & all you ladies plenty of babies in the near future. Bul today is cd 9 for me (if I go from spotting days). Which I think is safest. We could get pg at the same time eh? I still haven't got my opk's gee I hope its today. You know what I was thinking if they say that 1 in 6 women get pg with twins from clomid I wonder which one of us it might be?


Bul - November 1

let it not be me Rowan i just want a child not children :-). i just tuned 26 a month ago, been TTC for 2 months, been off contraceptives for 18 months. i'm not very patiant but i try my level best, there are time when i felt like giving up, as is its never going to happen not while i'm checking every move counting day and observing the CM. then i found you guys, and meg and sammommy proved me wrong, it does happen even if you watching every single step. my sister has been saying i won't happen while you thinking about it, but it did to you guys.


Hoping1 - November 1

I'm so glad we're all here! PL-100 mg is what finally got me ovulating, so I hope the same works for you, too! I wouldn't mind having twins, to be honest. Does anyone have experience with temp taking? Mine has been steadily on the rise, but today is only cd 14. Any thoughts? I am not sure if I am ov or if it is because I have been waking up a lot at night. Bul, I am not patient at all! So I am with you. It's hard to wait like that. But at least we have each other... this forum has been a blessing to me! It keeps me sane! Happy Thursday ladies!


Hoping1 - November 1

Bul- I just reread your earlier post. Are you saying Cheri predicted Jan and a boy first, and then December and a girl? Does Dec. take over Jan then or is this woman not legit? I have been thinking about contacting her after 6 months of ttc. I know I've explained this before, but my doc told me I wasn't really ttc until I ov. So since last month was the first month, I guess I'm waiting 5 months. Hoping I ov this month even without clomid... I'm not trying to say Cheri isn't right, I just wonder if I misunderstood.


angelgabby84 - November 1

Hi guys! Hope you dont mind if i but in. I dont know if I am a clomid success story or not. I took it for nearly a year and decided last cycle to stop becuase i was getting tired and upset every month. And first cycle after stopping I concieved. I am now 5wks pregant (i thought i was 8-9 but i was wrong) i know so many people who concieved thier first month after stopping clomid. So I guess you could say we are sort of Clomid success stories. ~~ baby dust~~ Kristen


Bul - November 1

Hoping, Cheri predicted a Boy and January that is the first child he sees coming, so i asked if i'll only have one child and she said no there'll be a girl after this boy, which will be concieved, or born in december. Angel you raising my hopes as i'm thinking of taking a break next month. i think this could be true for me because clomid makes me dry, no CM to protect the sperm so i'll definately be stopping, thanks angel and welcome.


Kimmer23 - November 1

I am so happy that everyone made it over to this thread!!! Bul - nice prediction from Cheri - I really hopes it's true! As for twins...hmmm...I wonder who it will be too. To be honest, I'm with Hoping1, I wouldn't mind twins. And, they really run in my family (so I kinda have to have that att_tude as I think I have a pretty high chance of having them even without clomid). And, I really hope that 100mgs works for me too. My doc said that if my progesterone levels don't raise at all (last month it was 0.4), then she will send me to an RE for further, we'll see. Hopefully I never have to make that appt. Hoping - you asked about temping. From what I understand, your temps should be low during af and up until ovulation. Then, the first day you have a temp spike means you O'ed the day before. And, your temp should stay up until af comes again. Or, if you get pg, it should spike a 2nd time. So, if your temps keep rising, that's a good thing. And, Teddyfinch _ I agree you O 5-12 days after you take your last clomid pill, so if you are doing cd 5-9 (which I think you are), you should O cd 14-21. SO, happy bding! And, thanks angelgabby for the words of hope! Congrts and good luck to you with your pg!!


Hoping1 - November 1

Angel- congrats, welcome and thank you for sharing such great news! Maybe this month will be my month! :-) I hope so! Twins run in my fam, too, Kimmers, so maybe we can both have twins and share our "raising twins" stories :). Bul, that is awesome that Cheri was able to predict so much for you. Keep us posted! Kimmer-so I"ve ov already? I'm only on day 14 now... can sleep affect this?



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