Clomid Success Stories September 08

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Hoping1 - September 2

Welcome everyone! I hope you don't mind that I started the new thread. The other one was taking soo long! Welcome to all the newbies and old timers. Fatz**Thinking of you**Donna**Glad to hear your Dad is doing better**Kimmer**Congrats on the baby boy! Here is a long list of BFPS to finish out 08!


erkia1 - September 2

Hi everyone. This is my first time posting, but I have been reading the threads for a couple of weeks. I have a 2 year old son and have been trying to conceive for 16 months now. I am on my third cycle of Clomid, the first was 50mg and the last two were 100mg. Had my bloodwork on Friday (day 21 since day 23 was on the weekend), nurse called today and said my progesterone was 13.2. Way down from last month (26.8), but she said it is still "sufficient". We'll see, I am not holding my breath. This has been such an unexpected and long road. I conceived my son so easily 2 weeks after my wedding that I never would have thought I would have problems. I am due to start on Saturday, the same day I am throwing a baby shower for my best friend, who is due on my birthday. I am trying to not let this consume me, I already have an amazing son and sometimes I start to feel bad because I don't ever want to think that he is not enough. He is so wonderful and he brings so much joy to my life. I know that some of you have probably experienced the same feelings, and you all seem like such a great, supportive group of women, and I really think I need support outside of my home. My husband really has no clue how to handle my breakdowns every month, he thinks it's no big deal and we'll try again next month. He tries hard, but he just doesn't get it. Anyone else experiencing this? Any words of wisdom? Best of luck to all of you!


KAZ - September 3

welcome ERKIA, WENDY AND HOPEFULTOBEAMAMA - Erkia my oher half is a bit the same, just going oh well, next month then... and no matter how hard i try to explain myself and why im down its like talking to a brick wall LOL. This group of women have been a fantastic support to me and i hope that you will grow to feel the same. ---KRISSY ---- Im so so sorry about AF arriving. i'm sending you *hugs*. You said that you cant decide weather or not to take clomid for another cycle or stop altogether, can't you kinda do both like just have 1 month of the meds, then start again with clomid?? What ever you choose, will be the right choice and you have my fingers crossed for you either way. ---DONNA---- Im so glad everything is starting to look up for you, and you dad is getting better every day. i think you have definately showed me lesson in staying positive :) Good luck with TTCing this month!! ---HOPING--- what CD are you on? ---ESME--- how you doing? i hope you have settled into your new house and that everything is going well... you would be due for testing in a week or so wouldn't you?? well good luck anyways!!! Well today is CD26 for me only 4 days untill test day and even though i know its stupid i cant help feeling a little excited... (Iknow i know, I'm just gonna be more upset if its a BFN) fingers crossed for everyone this month that it will be one full of BFPs!!!!!!!


hopefultobeamomma - September 3

Hello...found my way over here. So i'm wondering...has anyone NOT been asked to go for bloodwork on clomid? this is my first cycle and my doctor said nothing about bloodwork ?? also...cramping and a little spotting yesterday..and feeling so bloated..from the clomid i a__sume? i'm on cd14


wendytd - September 3

Thaks Kaz...Does any one know how many days after the clomid we supposed to ovulate? I'm on my cd 14 so signs of O yet. I'm using clear blue monitor and it raised to the second bar on day 9 and it has stay there since. Is anyone using the same one? Best of luck to all


pgagain - September 3

I used the Answer brand opk. I never got two line the same darkness. But I knew when I ovulated because of the pain. I am now 7 weeks pregnant despite the opk test results. So if you think you are ovulating try for it anyway. This is a clomid pregnancy. At home artificial insemination with a donor. My husband had a vas so we used his brother's s____n. I believe it was our sixth attempt, but only our first since starting clomid 50mg, day 5-9. We have started telling a few ppl. that I am expecting. Since nobody knew we were trying the looks on their faces are priceless. They know he had a vas, lol. This is my 6th baby and I am 41, we're both so excited. my husband fathered all the others, 20, 18, 15, 13, 9. We just knew we weren't done yet. The house seems so empty with only 3!


hopefultobeamomma - September 3

WENDYTD- Hi..I am also using the CBEFM and I also got 2 bars somewhere around day is my cd14 also!! and still 2 bars. we've been BD ing like crazy though! baby dust to all!!


wendytd - September 3

hopefultobeamamma- is nice to know I'm not alone. I feel the cramps too on my right side and yes I have gotten blood work at least once a week. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!


KAZ - September 3

Hey ladies ------HOPEFULTOBEAMAMA---- my doc isnt doing bloodwork throughout my cycle unless i reach CD45 with no AF (i have irregular cycles and if AF hasn't arrived it will be to check my levels to see if i O and if i am having positive HPTs it will be to confirm that) i was offered a referal to do blood/ultrasound support thing during the entire cycle to chck follies and ovulation etc, but that was going to cost over $100 per cycle so we are going to try without that for the first 2 cycles. I didn't have any spotting, tho i did have slight cramping around CD16, when i think i may have O, but my OPKs said neg the whole way through. Today is CD27 only 3 days to go till i will test... ----PGAGAIN----- congratulations on your pregnancy! Did you ovulate normally? You are lucky your DH was happy with you using some1 else's sperm, i kow my other half wouldn't as we've talked about it b4 and he'd rather have no children, then raise any more that aren't his. some macho thing i guess LOL. --------WENDYTD----- Good luck with your BDing! I was told i would ovulate 5 - 10 days after my last clomid pill, but ive heard of ppl Oing later or earlier than that. I think i O 9 days after my last pill.


KAZ - September 3

Sorry ladies i'm doing 2 posts cause i have so much to say LOL. -----KIMMER------ How are you doing? Hope everything is good with you and your little boy. -----FATZ--------- How are you doing? know that we're all thinking of you and sending you *hugs*. -------ESME------ hope you are well... where are you up to in this cycle? -------KRISSY---- I hope you are feeling ok, and not to depressed. Have you decided what you are going to do yet? ----HOPING----- Good work starting the new thread, you are right the old one was taking too long. ANYWAYS how is EVERYONE ELSE? Updates? cycle days? test days?


cj1 - September 4

Hi girls. **Hoping** you definitely gonna be next!!!! whats news with you hun? **Fatz** How you holding up honey? We here for you!! xx **Erkia1** My DH's is the same as well - they just don't seem to understand that we have a ticking clock inside us!! But our times will come. **Pgagain** Congratulations on your BFP - here's to a healthy 8 more months. **Kimmers** A baby boy i'm so happy for you. It wont be long till your holding him in your arms. **As for me** Started the drugs for the IUI last saturday, and going for 1st scan and Gonal f next thursday - i really hope this works!! **GL and babydust to all** xxx


Krissy68 - September 4

erkia1 - Welcome to the group and good luck to you this cycle. *** KAZ - Thank you for the hug I needed it. Well you know me I have decide to go for round 4 today I am cd 3 so I will keep you updated. *** hopefultobeamomma - I haven't had any blood work done I will be going back to see the doctor after this cycle and see what he says. Good Luck to you and you could be getting ready to ovulate. *** wendytd - you should ovulated anywhere from 5 to 9 days after your last pill I know I normally ovulated anywhere between cd 13-15 I hope this help.***pgagain - Congrats to you and I am so happy for you. Please keep us updated. I am 40 and trying for # 5 I am taking my 4th round of clomid - estrogene - progesterone. I take the clomid on cd 3-7 50mg. ***cj1 - Thanks for giving us a updated and I am keeping my fingers cross for you please let us know. Hey ladies guess what I finally have me some transportation and trust me when I say I am so happy. Krissy68


jaydentd - September 4

Is any one in new york and if you are what fertility clinic do you go to? Thanks Krissy, today is cd 15 for me and no O yet. I did get alot of pain the last two days on right side. Good luck to you this month....BABY DUST TO ALL....


Hoping1 - September 4

Hi ladies... sorry about posting and then not being able to say more. My father in law's gf pa__sed away this week and things have been sad and busy... **Donna** How is your Dad doing? I am so glad he is coming out of the woods. **Welcome to all the new people! To answer some questions I saw floating around: 1-As far as I know, you should have bloodwork done while on clomid, at least for sure your first or second round to make sure you ovulated. OPKS work for most people, but bloodwork is a sure thing. I am not sure why your dr is not having you have it done... I would ask. that way if your dosage is not working, he/she can up your amt. For example, I was on 50 first round, bloodwork showed no ovulation, moved up to 100 and blew it out of the water! **Also, clomid can sometimes delay ovulation so don't feel too stressed if no ovulation just yet. I usually ovulate around cd 16, like clockwork, so I wouldn't worry too much. **Fatz**How are you darling? I think of you so often! **CJ**Meds for the IUI---exciting times! Keep us posted. **Krissy** I didn't know you had 4 other children... I'm sorry af showed last cycle... I know Jan is your cap so I really hope things work out for you soon! **Erika** Dhs, while they mean well, do not often get us girls :-). Welcome to the thread.... this has been my saving grace this last year +. **As for me ladies, cd 16. Should ovulate today. For those of you who are new, we found out in July DH has low sc and that is what is keeping us from getting pg. His urologist put him on meds, but said it will take about 3 months, so I am taking those 3 months off from temping, clomid, opks, etc and just giving myself a break. We did still BD last night, but our chances probably aren't too high until Oct, so just kind of hanging out for a while until we get him back on track. I have been ttc for over a year. **Good luck ladies! STICKY BABY DUST!!


KAZ - September 4

hello ladies CD28 today i only have saturday to get through then i can test on sunday. well i dont feel like AF is on her way, but then again sometimes she ends up being almost a month late anyways. But on the other hand im not feeling pregnant either.... I guess i will find out in 2 sleeps LOL. ---HOPING---Im sorry about your father in-law. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xxoo.By the way good luck with the BDing etc etc. ------KRISSY----- like i said in the other thread i definately have my fingers crossed for you this cycle and hope it will be your month. ---CJ1---- all the best with your preperation for IUI. ---FATZ--- If you are still reading these posts, know our thoughts and prayers are with you too. -----JAYDENTD----- sorry i can't help you i live in australia, but all the best anyways!!! and for everyone that i caven't mentioned im sending baby dust**************


hopefultobeamomma - September 5

Hi everyone! cd16 for me and no O yet :( , but my CBEFM has been registering 2 bars since about cd9. we have been bding every or at least every other night. Thid is my first cycle of clomid 100mg days 3-7. should i be concerned? w/o clomid i was o'ing around day 21 (my cycles are usually 35ish days)


wendytd - September 5

Hopefultobemomma I'm on the same boat. No O yet also cd 16. I called my doctor and she said maybe the monitor didn't detect the surge. I will go monday to check if did. I been getting alot of pain on my right side...don't know what's going on. Kaz I hope you get a big positive this weekend. BABY DUST TO ALL....



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