Clomid Success Stories Taken On 3 7 Of Cycle

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cost83 - October 27

Hi all- I just found this forum and wanted to share my success story on taking Clomid days 3-7. I was diagnosed in 2009 with PCOS after coming off birth control and not having but 3 periods in a year. My husband and I starting TTC right after Birth Control. I did lots of research and praying and was prescribed 100 mg of Clomid and metfornin after almost one year of TTC. I also took Provera to start my period (took almost 2 weeks for it to work) I also took Robitussin 3 times to day to help with cervical mucus while on clomid...When I went in for my day 21 lab my # was only 5.5. The doctor was not super optimistic as I only showed very minimal signs of ovulation. I used ovulation kits as well and never got a positive ovulation result. I also tested negative on a preg test on day 28. On week 5 I was susposed to go in for HSG procedure and for kicks I took a preg test before and well it was Positive. I went in for blood work and sure enough I was preggo. My doctor even laughed considering it was my first round of clomid and I had very minimal signs of ovulation. God works in mysterious ways! Whether it was a fluke or not I now have the most adorable, HEALTHY 10 month little girl named Leighton. As far as my PCOS the symptoms have lessened..I b___stfed for 7 months and have now had about 4 regular periods. I pray for all trying to conceive!


TrixiePuff - October 31

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year. We succeeded in December of 2010, but because of a car crash I miscarried from medication on January 14th, 2011. Since then we've had no luck and I recently found out from my OBGYN that I have pco. He prescribed me Apo-Medroxy 10mg for 10 days to induce my period and 100mg of clomid to take on days 3-7 of my cycle. I'm on day 4 and I was wondering... I hear a lot of people going to get follicle tests and progesterone level checks. Should my OBGYN be doing that? I asked him if he was going to monitor me ans he replied "all I do is tell you when to have s_x". We really want to conceive on this first round of clomid. ~baby dust to all~


just1moreickle1 - November 20

Hi everyone just noticed this thread... I took clomid 3-7 for one cycle and am now 7 weeks preg with twins :) good luck to all,,!,,,x


jerseygirl7 - November 21

No success story yet, however, My husband and I have been ttc for 15 months now. We have a 2 1/2 year old son, he is 25 and I'm 22. We've been married for 3 years. First off, I have irregular periods, have never had a normal 28 day cycle, somehow we conceived our son with no problems. I was diagnosed with PCOS in August 2011 by my endocrinologist. I went to my OBGYN and she did a post-coital and turns out theres not a problem with my husband, its obviously me... I was put on metformin by the endo and clomid by the obgyn in October 2011. I had to wait til I got my period (Nov. 3) to start taking 50mg Clomid days 4-8. I ovulated right when I was supposed to (Nov. 17) day 14 of my cycle. I felt myself ovulating for like 2 days and I also used the OPK test which came up positive. I'm scheduled for my progesterone test on Nov. 26 so hopefully theres good news there, maybe we'll have some luck our first time around...


Meme7922 - November 21

Hey all! I have I am currently on my 2nd cycle of Clomid 50mg D3-5. I have PCOS as well as Endometriosis and a partial closed tube so I have a lot of obsticles in my way right now. My husband and I have been trying for about 3yrs now. I had to have a D&C due to my Endometriosis and a HCG for my closed tube. My husband has been checked and cleared all ok. I am a little nervous about this cycle hoping not to get my hopes up too high. Is there any tips or ideas that you all can help me out with. I start my first clomid pill tomorrow and would love to have a some support or help during this journey. None of my friends or family have had to go through this. Baby Dust and Baby kisses to everyone!!!! XOXO


monkeymamma - December 27

Hello, I'm 27 and was dx with PCOS over 5yrs ago. When I was ready to start trying my OB/GYN had me take metformin along with prenatals and folic acid, then provera for 10 days then start my period then to start clomid 50mg. I did blood test to see if I ovulated and I did but did not conceive. So since I ovulated on clomid 50mg she did not up the dose. So the second try the provera did not work, no period so she had me take 5 days worth of b/c and a period did happen and I did the clomid 50mg and conceived. She also had me use Procheive... which is a progesterone based cream/gel that you insert v____ally for 12 weeks to help support the linning in the uterus. 9 months later I had a baby girl in 2010. We successfully conceived again this sep 2011 on the clomid 50mg but lost the baby at 10 weeks Nov 2011. Alot of medically articals say that early m/c has to do with chromosomal abnormalities but that pregnancy I did not use any form of progesterone. So we are tring again now I just got done with my last pill of clomid 50mg a few nights ago and if I conceive I will be using a progesterone cream that was rx to me until I am over 12 weeks along! Wish me luck! Hopefully I have helped someone with my story :)


monkeymamma - December 27

oh and I used clomid days 3-7 btw


hope4me - January 12

Hello everyone! I am 28 yrs old and I am taking my last provera pill tomorrow to stimulate my period. I only have one ovary and have endometriosis. I lost my right ovary when i was 12 due to a birth defect. It enflamed my appendix so I had them both removed. I have had extreme pain the past few years and finally convinced my dr to check me for endo. When i was out of surgery I found out the endo was in and on my only ovary. I have had Lupron injections (2) and now I am taking the provera and start clomid days 3-7. My husband and I just started trying but I am a nervous wreck! My last ultrasound showed the lupron decreased the endo but it is till there. I have about half of my ovary in working shape. My question is am I supposed to have bloodwork done? My dr said to just do the 50 mg for three months and come back to see him in Nov. Also, this is the first I've heard of mucinex. Any encouragement or info will help. Lots of baby dust!!


hope4me - January 12

sorry... that's supposed to say: come back and see him in March!


Jules1975 - March 6

Hi everyone, I am about to start my first cycle of clomid and I'm so nervous! I'm 36 I have a 10 year old son and 2 step kids. My husband and I have been TTC for 5 yrs. We had a m/c after 12 mths and then 2 yrs later tried IVF with no luck, so I gave up. Then in aug 2011 we fell pregnant only to m/c at 7wks. Then another m/c the next mth. We were referred to a specialist who has recommended clomid. I have put if off for a couple of months because of the high twin rate but I have heard of a lot of people having 1 baby. I ovulate every month so I'm worried that this will increase my chances. How many people have had twins versus single pregnancies.


Preeti_Wishing - March 15

Hi Everyone, I have just started my first day of Clomid. Very new to all of the terms and routines and schedules. But needed some positive support. Husband and I have been ttc for 1 year. We have gotten pregnant in the past but decided it wasn`t right time for us to be parents and wanted to wait and get married. Well, if I knew then what I know now we would never have let go of that pregnancy. So all of this has been really hard and I just hope I have luck in the first try. I`ve had a lot of bad luck in the last couple years and hope this can shine some light on everything.


Mary3477 - March 26

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


snejanamclean - April 3

Clomifene Citrate 50 mg aka Clomid .i took 1 tablet on day 2 to 6 of cycle , i became pregnant the same month )))(8 years trying) my daughter is 4 years old now ,i am ready to have more kids))) my docotr said only 50 mg can be used to get pregnant , i dont know why some women take form day 3 to 7 , on the label says 1st day to5th ... so ... hmm Good luck anyway ladies


mariamay - April 15

Hi All! I am new to post not new to the forums. I have read all the threads regarding clomid, twins and fertility. With out going into great detail regarding my past obstetrical history (I have had children and i dont want negative comments or judging), I went through a Detox program in October-November-December of 2012 getting rid of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and halogens. I am b___stfeeding 4 times a day, and my BMI is 32. I am "fertile" although I do not have predictable ovulation while BF, so i looked into the clomid schedule and treatment set. I ordered from "the canadian neighbor pharmacy [dot] com, after MUCH research. I was not comfortable ordering from a Mexican, India or Chinese pharmacy. I ordered 25mg and took 100mg from day 3-8, although i took my dose at night because i wanted to mirror my natural cycle as much as possible. (i.e. the time of day your period starts is approx the time of day you will ovulate) I swear i had most EVERY symptom!! Mood swings, hot flashed, pain, headaches, nausea, ovarian achenes, but i got through it. I had ovulation pain on my right side on CD16 around 10pm, then i was awoken from a dead sleep with sharp ovulation pain on the left on CD17 around 2am (odd to have pain on both sides, but i am familiar with the pain as i have used it to catch the egg to fall pregnant before) I remained normal and symptom free the whole rest of the week! I started a natural progesterone cream i got from Natural Fertility Shop [dot] com, because clomid can cause thin uterine lining and whats the point to use clomid if you cant let the embryo implant! I also have been taking Floragen (a probiotic) and Irwin Naturals "Very Cranberry"(to prevent UTI's and it have evening primrose oil, rose petal extract and vit C) My not so BFP was a very VERY faint line on CD 26 with a recheck on CD 29, both were positive. So now i sit and wait to call the doc till im 6ish weeks.


kirstylou86xx - May 31

Hello everyone well it's my 2nd day of taking clomid days 2-6 50mg very nervous about the side effects but it would be worth it I'm hoping I get pregnant with this cycle as me and my partner would love a baby or baby's to love and bring into our family. How many cycles is the most common that women get pregnant on clomid. BABY DUST TO ALL xx


ca__sidy1171 - May 31

Hello, Does anyone get on here anymore? About 4-5 years ago I did three rounds of clomid, after taking them I found out that I had a bad infection in my uterus and it could not have worked. All of the times that I took it I was never late. I just took some on my last cycle, 100mg days 3-7. I was due to start last Sunday and it is now Friday. I took a test last night and it was negative. What is going on? I have had a perfectly regular period for 20 years, even if I am b___stfeeding I have a period, I am never late. this is so frustrating :( Anyone else experience anything like this?



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