Clomid Success Stories Taken On 3 7 Of Cycle

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ca__sidy1171 - May 31

Hello, Does anyone get on here anymore? About 4-5 years ago I did three rounds of clomid, after taking them I found out that I had a bad infection in my uterus and it could not have worked. All of the times that I took it I was never late. I just took some on my last cycle, 100mg days 3-7. I was due to start last Sunday and it is now Friday. I took a test last night and it was negative. What is going on? I have had a perfectly regular period for 20 years, even if I am b___stfeeding I have a period, I am never late. this is so frustrating :( Anyone else experience anything like this?


kirstylou86xx - June 18

Im now on cd22 Af is due to appear 6/23 not sure when i ovulated and I've been testing since today but obviously getting BFN having a lot of symptoms that I have never had like Creamy thick cm which is a lot Craving chicken fried rice Frequent urinating every 20 minutes Cramps in ovaries for the last 10 days Sleeping for 12 hours every night And really bad hot flushes My temp has been up for the last four days at around 99.5 f / 37.5 c But all this could be due to clomid which I've been told gives you fake pg symptoms :( been trying for 11 months so I hope this is my month and it's starting to get too me now. I never knew ttc could be so hard Baby dust to all and good luck


veronica56 - April 6 is where I buy 100mg of clomid without a prescription and I got pregnant.


MommyOf3 - March 9

with twins


Julian - September 3

Hey just a quick one u took 200gm of clomid every day? 


Brandelyn2016 - June 25

Hello you guys I'm new to this website. I have low progesterone and irregular period also don't ovulate on my own. I was prescribed Clomid 100mg, My last period was June 9th-13th. Took Clomid cycle 3-7...June 11-15th. When did you ovulate? Some help please.


Immy - July 14

Hi Ladies, my husband and i have been trying for over 3 years with no luck. have a history of fibroids and had a myomectomy 4 years ago. fibroids have been regrowing and i have been on antibiotics for the longest time. they finally shrinked to an acceptable size and doctor prescribed Clomid for me to take on the second day of my period. its now my first and im crossing fingers.


Imquban - July 15

Hello I'm new and just finished my first 3-7 cycle of Clomid. Today is CD8, I'm 41 years old. Feeling a little stressed out and trying to  patiently wait for ovulation.  I've been having cravings for sweets and salty foods. A little emotional and  impatient. I hope all this is normal.  According to my Ovia app  my fertile week is due in four day which is around CD 11/12. Because I've never tested (home test) for ovulation before I'm going to start testing CD 10 which is Monday. ( you should see my calendar) lol Hope this works. I see lots of you have been on Clomid multiple cycles and I don't know if I'm strong enough for multiple cycles. So I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope my first round works. 


Imquban - July 22

Ok I incase someone is at least reading here is an update. 

So the app I'm using was correct and CD12 I got the flashing smiley face for High peak on the clear blue advance. Now I'm questioning how many flashing smiley face days are normal since I'm on CD15 and I'm still getting the FSF ( Flashing Smiley Face)? I will continue to test to see if I get the solid smiley face which means Peak/ ovulation unless I got this all wrong. ????  Wish me luck. I will update in a week. 


Imquban - July 23

Hello CD16 and I got the solid smiley face (peak).  So I ovulated today I took a total of three test because I couldn't believe it. First on was this morning and it came up negative so I waiting until noon and finally got what I've been waiting for. I couldn't believe it so I took a third ( I have 2 testers ) so I BD on Friday and DH is away until tomorrow ???? So BD will start then. I hope I don't miss my mark. I will keep you all posted incase someone is reading. 


SentFromHeaven - July 25

Where could I get Clomid I have been TTC for 2 1/2 years with no success!!


MOLOM - July 26

hi Ladies I am new on this site

I am currently on my 3 round of Fertomid my period is due on 03/08/2017

I am crossing my fingers I have been trying for 6 years now with no success


Imquban - July 26

You have to get it  prescribe my GYN gave it to me. I also went to a fertility doctor after. This is my first round before going further in to all the other testing. 




Imquban - July 30


just a little update incase someone is following. I'm on CD23 waiting for the days to pass to to take a pregnancy test. I don't think I am as I don't feel anything. I did have some bloating but nothing to talk about. So 6 more days I will update and more then likely I will be starting another cycle of Clomid. 

Here's what I wanted to share! I haven't shared with my family I've been TTC as I don't want the added pressure with the questions. I celebrated a birthday this week and was with family last night and they got me a cake and then my younger sister gives me a cake that was in a bag. While everyone watch and my niece video taped I open it and the cake reads "I'm Pregnant " that's right my younger sister is pregnant. I was very happy for her but deep down inside I wish I was too ???????????. 

Talk to you in a few days!


Imquban - August 3

Looks like I'm alone here and talking to myself

CD27 couldn't wait until tomorrow to test for pregnancy. Welp it is negative. I've gain 10lbs TTC on my first round of Clomid ???? I just knew it would be positive but I guess nothing comes easy for all of us. This is way to stressful for me and not sure if I will continue to TTC. I had all the systems but I guess AF is just getting ready to come in the next few days. Will make an appointment with the doctor in the up coming weeks and see what's next. I will keep lol in this case myself posted. 




mossy - September 10

Hi ladies I'm new here.



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