Clomid Triplets

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TRIPLET MOM - December 1

I was hoping that I would be able to find out about how many actual clomid triplets moms are on here? How long you took the clomid? when you took it? How you took it? As well as any other info that you can think of that would be helpful. I am not for or against U/P clomid users so please refrane from useing harsh or crtical words here. There are MANY other forums that apparently welcome it . I do not however. I would like for anyone who is willing to respond to this , to do so by ignoring any critical or harsh words said on here and only responding with the questions I have asked for. Thank you


Can I ask - December 1

why you want to know?


TRIPLET MOM - December 1

I am just curious really to know how many other Triplet moms from clomid are out there and what thier stories are. I enjoy reading thier stories and being able to understand what they are going through and whatnots... That is all really just want to be able to share and listen and learn and all... It would just be nice if this forum could stay that way instead of all of the bashing . You know? Sometimes people just want a listening ear or to be able to hear others tell thier storys from start to finish and know that there is someone else out there that truly understands.


Unfortunately - December 1

there are too many people here who would probably try to "copy" the same process in the hopes that they could also conceive higher order multiples. Some seem to romanticize the idea of having that many children at once when in reality the high-risk pregnancy is an emotional rollercoaster and the daily caretaking of HOMs is very draining physically and emotionally. I hope you'll understand why I choose not to share my story.


I DO - December 1

I do understand. Too bad though. Thank you for your honesty.


I agree - December 1

It really is too bad. Have a good night!


TripletMom to Triplet Mom - December 2

If you truly are a triplet mom and you are looking for people who are in your situation, etc. then you should probably go to the website


yetanothertripletmom - December 2

I took a lovely drug combo prescribed and monitered by my doctor. Yes, it included a low dose of clomid. I'm sure you can understand why I choose not to divulge any details.


bump - December 7

want more info please. Triplet connection wasn't much help or user friendly, sorry.


I'm sorry - December 7

I'm just not understand why you need to know these specifics? The only reason I can think of is that you want to be pregnant with triplets.


Multiples Mom - December 8

"as well as any other info that you can think of that would be helpful." What type of info. do you need exactly? Are you pregnant with triplets?


yas2000 - December 8

hi triplet mum... just so you don't feel your being bullied have a right to ask and a right ot get the need to find some time during the day get your cup of tea and sit at the comp and scroll throuhg previuos posts...there are several triplet mums on here who conceived due to fact ther is one girl on here who conceive quintuplets too.... find those posts and try asking on those...most of those questions will be answered... and concerning concieving multiples..i am currently pregnant and am 4 weeks 3 day along...i dont know how many i am having..i took clomid unprescribed for 4 momnths..100mg in the last month....however i have a feling i wont have conceived more than really depends on your body, your fertilty at the time of conception, and your destiny...and fate.....nothing is guarnateed...some of us can gobble drugs down our throat in the hope to get multiples others conceive them totally naturally....if you are hoping to have yor reasearch, make sure you can provide for them...and its is done in good faith!!!good luck...and best wishes...


KMartin - February 19

I am pregnant with triplets! My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 2 years... I took 100 mg of Clomid the first month (the clomid challenge) and now I'm 22 weeks pregnant with triplets!


MyLifeNotYours - March 24

Bumping up this post.... If I ever get pregnant with more then one baby. I will be more then glad to post up my story step by step with timing of everything. I started writing the time of everything that I'm doing in order to see if I can have twins ect... We are all adults & make our own decision. Even if a person wants to copy the other (it doesn't always results the sameway)...



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