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jaydentd - September 22

Hi girls, I have been trying to conceive for about 18 months and no success. My doctor did prescribe me clomid but my first cycle cost me 2,300 dollars due to all the sonogram and blood work. I'm fine and my husband also, I don't ovulate normally because of my thyroid which is under control. I decided to take the unprescribed clomid because I really can't afford the treatment. I would love to hear about side effects you have experience and success story of those that have tried. I would love to have twins, and what is that all extra stuff you girls do like robitosim and asprin. please share and thanks in adnvance.


jaydentd - September 22

Does anyone know how and when to take the folic acid, robitosin , baby aspirin, pre seed and prenatal vitamins.


wendytd - September 23

Hi jayden, I had really bad hot flashes and sharp pain on my right side. The robitussin you drink before ovulation for the cm. I used it last cycle starting cd9. Sending baby dust.


Emmie2706 - October 1

I have a question, I have been taking unperscribed clomid days 2- 6(silly i know, but i want a baby so bad) but now after finishing the last tablet yesterday i'm having some slight twinges on my right side, is this normal?


wendytd - October 1

Hi Emmie, my clomid was prescribed and I had really sharp pain on my right side. I thought it was because of ovulation but I never ovulated. I went to my doctor and everything is fine. How many cycles have you been taking the clomid? I would advice you to go to the doctor if you feel something is not right, just to make sure. Baby Dust to all


jaydentd - October 1

Emmie I also had pain during O. Wendy how many cycles you have?


Emmie2706 - October 1

This is only my 1st cycle on Clomid, I ahve PCOS and don't ovlate on my own. I wont be taking it next month though.


Teddyfinch - October 1

i must have been the only woman that just wanted a baby and wasn't taking clomid just to have twins. anyone should be happy with just one. jaydentd: if you don't know when to take the folic acid and prenatals, you might want to do a little more research before trying to get pregnant. you need to be taking those BEFORE you get pregnant. you won't even know it and if you only start taking it once you get a positive, everything that can have a defect will have already formed with a defect. so you need to make sure you're pumped up on those vitamins before. second, if you aren't being monitored, you run the risk of losing your ovaries. the whole point of being monitored is that most doctors will do ultrasound to monitor the size of your ovaries and to check on follicle size and make sure you aren't forming any cysts. if you go into it blindly, you can really do harm to yourself. no you can't feel it and you won't even know if it worked. if you ovulate and don't get pregnant from the clomid and don't have the bloodwork done to see if it worked, you'll just up your dosage blindly and that is a bad thing. i really can't stand hard headed people. "oh i'll be fine" and when you're in the hospital having your ovaries removed and saying goodbye to your dream of having a baby due to your own selfishness, then who would you blame? but...i might as well tell you how my doctor had me take it. that way you can at least be taking it as a doctor might have prescribed instead of ignorantly and blindly taking it. my doc started me on 50mg on cd5-9. taking it earlier than that works for some, but it also increases your chances of miscarriage due to follicles that were too small and not viable. because clomid works differently for everyone, you'll need to purchase bulk amounts of ovulation test strips because there really is no set time to start testing for your lh surge. if you see that positive...well get busy lol. but if you don't, then you'll have to wait to see if your period starts, which it probably won't. it doesn't for a lot of women. i also have a thyroid problem and i wasn't ovulating and my doc had to give me a trigger shot to get me to ovulate the one good egg i had. anyway, just stating another reason you need a doctor for this. anyway, what do you plan on doing if you do get pregnant? women who take clomid a lot of times have to be put onto progesterone supplements because clomid can cause the lining of your uterus to be thin and unable to support a pregnancy and the progesterone helps thicken the lining. cheapo natural stuff from your nearest hippy shop won't cut it. it has to be the strong stuff that is prescribed. and my insurance is bada__s and i still had to pay $60 for about a month's supply. in my opinion, if you can't afford the doctor bills or the insurance to help with it, you can't afford a baby just yet. i sound mean, but there has to be some thought process before you go to extremes to have a baby. my side effects were hot flashes (let me tell you...they sucked), headaches, tummy pains (not as bad as i thought they'd be). you can take the clomid at night, though before bed and that helps with a lot of the symptoms.


Teddyfinch - October 1

oh yes, and i'm 33 weeks pregnant with that little clomid baby, so it does work, but i still encourage the doctor part of it. that way you don't harm yourself and lose all chances of having a baby. emmie: why are you stopping taking it?


Emmie2706 - October 2

I finished taking the 5 days of it and i'm not doing it again only because i got it unperscribed if my doctor gives it to me then i will carry on under supervision but i wont go it alone. I was silly for doing it in the 1st lace, i just want a baby so bad!


Teddyfinch - October 2

emmie i can TOTALLY understand. it took me 7 years total for this little miracle, so i'm right there with you. and hopefully you'll find a great doc to monitor you well so you can have your baby asap! i'll send some baby dust your way!!


Emmie2706 - October 2

Thanks Teddyfinch, I'm on CD 8 atm, so just waiting to ovulate (i hope the clomid works).


jaydentd - October 2

Hey Teddyfinch, thank you for your honest advice. I know I'm taking a chance here. I'm not only taking the clomid because I want twins, I also have thyroid problems and irregular cycles. I went through the first cycle monitored and it didn't work, unfortunately I can't keep paying it. I'm going to try two more cycles on my own and it they don't work, I will called it a quit. I do have an appointment with an gyn this months and I will ask if she can prescribe and monitor me. I was getting the clomid from a fertility clinic. why they gave you the trigger shot? and do you know what would have happen if they didn't give it to you and you needed it?


Teddyfinch - October 3

emmie: good luck and i hope it works for you this cycle. it only took 1 cycle for my mother-in-law to get pregnant, so maybe you can have some of her luck =) jaydentd: it is risky, but i guess i'd rather someone know than let them blindly take it. my gynocologist is the one that prescribed the clomid for me and she's the one that monitors me and everything. some gynos do that and some don't, so if you have insurance that isn't covering your RE but they cover gyno's, definitely find one that monitors for you. but the trigger shot is a dose of the pregnancy hormone given to force ovulation. it doesn't always work, but the majority of the time, if you have a mature egg, it will force you to ovulate. i am hypothyroid so that is why my cycles went all out of whack and i stopped having monthly periods. my doctor knew of all this and put me on clomid and told me they would monitor my follicles and once i got one that was 18mm, they would give me a trigger shot and that would hlpefully induce ovulation and then we could try to get pregnant. well if you have mature follicles, sometimes you still won't ovulate on your own and they can shrink back down or turn into cysts so that's why it's best to be monitored. that and you have a higher chance of ovulating if you get the trigger shot. but if you do get pregnant, make sure you get your progesterone levels checked because for women taking clomid, that is a big problem and WILL result in a miscarriage if you don't keep your progesterone levels high enough.


jaydentd - October 3

Thanks Teddyfinch, I'm also hypothyroid. I only get af like twice or three times a year. I haven't started my unprescribed cycle yet because I took the provera and af has not show. It's only been 4 days. I am looking for a gyn that can monitor me. Thanks for the info on the trigger shot, and I'm not taking the vitamins or folic acid because my doctor never told me. She knows I been trying for a long time and she was the one that send me to RE. I hope you have an easy labor and happy and healthy baby.


Teddyfinch - October 4

omg don't you just love hypothyroidism? always tired, no periods and when we do get them it's a freaking catastrophe. oh it's just so wonderful lol. i take 50mcg of synthroid daily. how much are you on? if you haven't started your clomid yet, you can start your vitamins now and you'll at least have some in your system before you get pregnant. that is very very good for you and your little bean. and trust me lol, if you do get pregnant, the cutie will take it out of you. tyvm for the well wishings, though. i'll send you some baby dust!


jaydentd - October 4

Hi Teddyfinch, I'm taking 100mcg since age 14. I notice when I was younger and was most likely to skip a dose that i was extremely tired. I used to spend weeks without it because I would forget to fill prescription and when I used to hit rock bottom then I used to react. OMG, I don't want to remember my teenage years and how unresponsible I was. Now, I don't forget ever, I also got used to not having a period and when I did get it I was kinda What type of vitamin should I buy and how often should I drink them? I have the progesterone cream also. Emmie how you feeling? What cd you on? Hope everything goes well with you and you get a BFP



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