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A mother of twins - November 7

Why do women who have spontaneous twins, triplets feel the urge to use the word "natural" as if babies of mothers who had to use infertility treatments are anything but natural? Are they not flesh and blood and bone? Not trying to start a debate but it sort of lessens the birth of these babies. Aren't they all miracles?


Julie - November 7

You're so right.


A mother of twins - November 7

Thanks Julie. Again I'm not trying to start drama and I know the mothers of spontaneous multiple births may not even realize how it may hurt others. Perhaps I'm just too sensitive. . .


to you! - November 7

The way I see NATURAL being used is, that we have concived naturally, with no use of fertility drugs, not that the mother or the baby is not natural!!!


A mother of twins - November 7

I also conceived naturally, had s_x and sperm met eggs. There's nothing unnatural about that.


TripletMom - November 7

It is unfortunate what the wrong word can do. By natural, I hope they mean spontaneous, because I agree, there is nothing unnatural about conceiving a child (w/the help of clomid) and IUI (artificial insemination) - just cutting out the actual intercourse.


mama-beans - November 7

I'm one of those that use "natural" all the time... and when I say it, I mean... well... naturally.. as in, no drugs, etc, a spontanious event. This in no way ( in my book) lessens the parent or child of an a__sisted birth.. just a different cla__sification. I mean, my first child was not naturally conceived... we used rx Clomid. But I don't see that as a negative. Just a difference, that in the long run is pretty unimportant... ( until my Daughter has fertility issues like mom.. then it may be more important, as she may want to know how I did it..)


Anne - November 7

There are so many people using fertility drugs to conceive. So someone who conceived twins through invetro, or clomid etc did not conceive the twins "naturally", they were conceived with the aid of modern medicine. And to be quite frank, it takes part of the "miracle" out of it. Sorry.


mama-beans - November 7

WHAT???? Anne... do you really mean that? Whoo... are we two different people! When you look at the SCIENCE required for EVERY conception... the sperm meeting the egg is the smallest part of the whole Miracle..... and that is the only thing that is messed with in a__sisted pregnancies. Yes, a medically a__sisted pregnancy is definately not what ANYONE wants.. but for those that have no other option, it is a GodSend. What a harsh, narrow viewpoint you have!


Multiples Mom - November 7

I would say that yes my 3 children are miracles. It was a miracle that 3 eggs were fertilized and that I had an uneventful pregnancy and that I delivered them at great weight with no health problems whatsoever. You may perceive them as "made by science" by the were made by God with love and yes they are miracles. I too am sorry that your view is narrow and thoughtless. And I hate to remind you that just about every pregnancy is aided by modern medicine or do you just give birth in the fields why you were working in them?


... - November 7

just like some ladies use the word "natural" for v____al childbirth and others use "natural" when the v____al birth is without medications. Really, a natural birth is when the woman runs into the woods and has the baby without any a__sistance, wouldn't it? So let's think of a different word for those who have conceived with some help. How about "nurtured" babies since they did get some outside help. I think it's sweet.


TripletMom - November 8

As my doctor would say - there is nothing "unnatural" conceiving a baby with a little a__sistance w/clomid. It was an "a__sisted" pregnancy. The egg and sperm still meet where they are supposed to, etc. so to me it is as natural as it gets - we just cut out the actual intercourse. All babies are "natural" they dont have any added preservatives. The difference is where a pregnancy is spontaneous or a__sisted, that is all.


TripletMom - November 8

and to "anne" - all babies are miracles. Have you ever seen the difference in a 5 week ultrasound (just a little spec) and a 9 week ultrasound (baby w/heartbeat moving around)? Doesn't matter how that baby was actually concieved it is amazing and truly a miracle!!


Kim - November 8

Feeling utterly disgusted that anyone could be so asinine as to say that a baby conceived with the help of medicine is less of a miracle. Wow, horrifying.


Anne - November 8

I never said a baby wasn't miraculous. I said that conceiving twins through artificial means was. You ladies must be real insecure.


Kim - November 8

OHHHHH! Thanks for clearing that up. Let me rephrase my original statement. Anne, you are a moron.


tripletMom - November 8

I am with you Kim, what a moron. What is artificial about those babies concieved w/a__sistance. THEY ARE BABIES!!!!



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