Congratulations Erin

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jb - July 5

That is awesome to hear 2 little boys! I guess both of our instincts where right! Things are going pretty good here. I think I am getting late sickness but oh well, I am not to sure how much farther I am going to pop out. I think it is going to start moving to the sides. We got all of Carson's furniture in and I just have to get the bedding put together and he is all set. Keep in touch, I hope all is well!


Erin - July 6

Hi jb! I missed you :) Wow have I been a busy, busy, bee! Hubby and I went and bought new tile for our kitchen, laminate hardwood for the enitre upstairs, except the livingroom (carpet), and we even splurged on a new dining room table and chairs, a side by side fridge and a new Gemini range! I tell ya, this is my lucky year! I met a new friend in the neighborhood who has a 6 month old son and as soon as she found out I was having boys, off we went to her garage where she gave me a vibrating bouncy chair, an infant car seat and a whole bag of beautiful baby boy clothes! I can now sit in my nursery and marvel at all the blue...I love it and I couldn't be more excited about the events about to unfold in my life... How are your little ones? Mine are moving all the time. What a wonderful feeling. They are getting really big in there, too. But the heat has been almost unbearable. i don;t know what it was in F but it was 35'C in the sun today! Yikes.. SO I stayed inside and painted. Now I am going to retire to mybed where my fan is on high...Take care and we'll chat soon!


jb - July 7

Hey Erin nice to hear from you! I had my 23rd week appointment yesterday and they are in there kicking strong and hard! I love the feeling in 2 different spots. my next 2 appointments are going to be ultrasounds! I am so excited. I can't wait to see them again. Now we are having troubles picking out names. It seems like all the sudden we just don't agree. I think Griffin is the only one we pretty much agree on. I had my Dr pull my chart from last time and he said I am measuring where I was with Carson at 34 weeks. I feel huge! I can feel my sides pulling and stretching. I just got 1 new stretch mark the other day! I am kind of bummed about that. Oh well, I can live. That is awesome about you neighbor! I am still searching for a double stroller with car seats and then we are just going to get extra bases for our other vehicle. I haven't boughten anything yet! I think that I better get going. I still have to go through all of Carson's clothes. So much to do so little time. That is great that you have been so blessed. I feel like just having these twins is a double blessing and I know it is going to be hard but it is also going to be well worth it. I thank God everyday for my family! I agree with the weather though this week has been a little cooler. Next week is heating up! Keep in touch. I take it you got your computer set up at home?


Lauren - July 11

Hi ladies just wondering if any of you got pg wit your twins form clomid? if so what amt & days did you take it?


jb - July 11

Sorry I can't help you out there.


jb - July 13

How is it going Erin? Are you settling on any names? We still aren't sure what to do. I think we are set on Griffin for the boy, but the girls name is really hard. 3 more weeks and we get to see them again! I can't wait. They are so active and I am getting really uncomfortable. I am measuring about 8 weeks ahead of schedule or what a singleton would be at 8 months. How are you holding up? Aren't you surprised at how fast we are moving along?


Erin - July 15

Hello jb! Wow...I hope the next three weeks just flies for you. I don't see my OB again until the 27th...but I am definitely keeping busy. And ya, the time is flying. It's July 15th already! Holy man! So how long to you expect thos little one to saty in there? What is your exact due date? We have come up with one name for sure. Kael Anthony. We are leaning towards Jordan Tyler for the baby B but that's not fur sure yet. I really like Griffin. It strikes me as a very strong name. And don't worry about the girl'll come. Even if you have to wait until you hold her...My babies are really active, too. I'm not uncomfortable yet, but I can see myself having a hard time doing this for another 4 months. Yikes! Renos on the house are coming along, though. I am just so sick of living in chaos! I want my livingroom back! It bet by the end of August I'll be starting the major cleaning. (cross your fingers). My girlfriend is stopping by tonight with 4 garbage bags full of boy clothes. I can't believe how generous people can be when they know your having two. I'm not comliaining. And my daughter had her last day of seimming lessons today. She failed. But, the strange thing, so did all the other kids in her cla__s. There were 6 girls. All failed. Hmmm..makes me wonder it is her seimming ability. She startes again on August 15... Well, I better run. This is the longest I've had on the computer in a while! Take care of those babies! Talk soon...Erin


jb - July 19

I am doing pretty good. I had a little scare on Friday, I thought my water had broken! I was leaking pretty bad. I went in for testing and it turns out that it was just a weak blatter because the little girl in sitting on it! That little stinker! Plus the babies haven't been as active as they usually are. I really like the name Kael! That is so cute. My girlfriend has a little guy Jordan, I like that also. Hey What do you think of the name Chayse Jennifer for a girl? We really like it but I don't think it is going to fly with the family. I think I am going to post it on the general forum and see what others think. That is awesome about the hand outs. I haven't been so lucky. Good Luck with the renos! I have been cleaning the garage the last couple of days. Then I have to start making out a list or things that need to be done. Oh the things we need to do!


jb - July 22

Hey Erin, I haven't heard from you in while. I am off next week so hopefully I will hear from you soon!


Erin - July 24

Hi jb! I was wondering if you were still around. I am doing well. Babies are growing! I go see the OBGYN on Wednesday. I have developed pregnancy induced carpal tunne; syndrome. It hurts really bad. I have pain radiating into my upper back. Two of the finger tips on my right hand are constantly numb and I wake up about 15 times a night because both of my hands are numb. It really sucks. I will probably try a splint. I've read that the drugs they usually perscribe and not good during pregnancy. But, it should go away right after delivery. I have finished my nursery! It is complete with two cribs, a rocking chair, change table and clothes galore! Woohoo. What a load off my mind. How are you doing? Anything new?


jb - August 1

Hey Erin, so nice to hear from you. I was off last week. I am sorry to hear about your carpul tunnel. My mom had surgery on it. Doesn't sound like it is to much fun. Things are going pretty good here. I am still having a rough time with names. I almost feel bad about it. I am feeling pretty good, I have been really uncomfortable though. The weather here has been awful! The next 3 days are supposed to be 92! I hate that! That is awesome about your nursery! Where did you get your bedding from? The only thing I have done is I stocked up on diapers. Toys R US was having an awesome sale and I bought a ton. I haven't boughten any clothes yet though because I am waiting until my next ultrasound on Thursday to make sure there is still a girl and that nothing got mixed up. Did you finalize on names yet? When is your actual due date?


bump - August 2



jb - August 4

Are you still there? I go for my ultrasound today! 27 weeks. This should be a big differance since my last one at 19! I am so excited.



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