Corona One More Day To Go

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yetanothertripletmom - June 13

I noticed on your posts you're going to deliver on Wednesday! Congratulations!!!!


MelissaSLP - June 13

I haven't seen any posts from her lately. Oh, how exciting! Where was her latest post about delivering tomorrow?


yetanothertripletmom - June 13

Corona posted on "Has anyoneone spotted with twins?" and the Cocaine thread. I'm a__suming she'll be a little too busy today to reply to this post!


Corona - June 14

Actually,I'm wide awake & so happy to hear from you ladies!! My nerves are a bit shot at the moment. It is already after midnight & I have to be at the hospital at 7am. Our lives are about to change so much. Today we're a couple & tomorrw we're a family of 4! Is anyone ever really ready for this? Thank you so much ladies, for all the advise & support throughout my pregnancy. I'll be sure to let you know what happens! Keep you fingers crossed for me!


yetanothertripletmom - June 15

No, you really never can prepare for it! It's like your heart grows a million sizes in the span of a moment. I'm all teary-eyed remembering the birth of my boys! Even the toughest moments of your pregnancy will seem like nothing compared to the joy of holding your little ones. I wish you the best!!


Corona - July 2

Well ladies, my babies are finally here! Aidan Allen was 5lbs2oz & Grasyn Ahren was 4lbs8oz. It was scary, my girl wasn't breathing as she had inhaled fluid. She was in hospital for 10days. My boy was much more work. He refused to eat on his own but we were able to bring him home after 16days in hospital. Both are doing great & are keeping us on our toes! Thanks so much for all your support!


lilly2 - July 3

Dear Corona, CONGRATULATIONS on yours baby twins!All the best to you, your babies and husband. Have a great, bright future with a lots of happines.God bless you all!


MelissaSLP - July 3

Yeah, Corona!!! I'm so happy to hear about your beautiful babies and that they are now doing well. Best of luck. The first few months are rough, but it does get easier. Congrats again!!


yetanothertripletmom - July 7

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so glad to hear your babies are doing well now. Welcome back and enjoy your little ones!



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