Corona How Are You

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lilly2 - April 6

I was wandering how are you girll?Is evrything going well with you?Praying for you and your twins to be fine.I pested at yours post lilly2 were are you.Hope to hear soon from you.Blessing and hugs.


yetanothertripletmom - April 7

Corona, are you out there? I hope everything's okay!


MelissaSLP - April 7

I was wondering the same thing. I hope everything's ok.


lilly2 - April 7

Yes, girlls, i am praying for her and hope shes just busy or a way somewere.


yetanothertripletmom - April 10



lilly2 - April 10

We'll be glad to hear from you Corona, we are all worried are you ok?Hope and pray all is fine and you are somewere on holiday!


yetanothertripletmom - April 13

bumb! Where are you Corona?


MelissaSLP - April 13

I'm starting to get worried about her. I hope she is just on vacation or something and forgot to mention it.


lilly2 - April 16

Uh this is a bit sceary now, hope Corona is well.Im not shore how long she's pregnant?


yetanothertripletmom - April 17

I think she's only 23-25 weeks pregnant. Way to early to have the babies.


Corona - April 17

Sorry ladies!! Mu hubby figured you would all be worried by now! Sometimes he is right! Well here's the run down...on April 3rd I went in for my doc appointment & had a contraction in the office! As it turns out I had been having them for a couple of days. How was I to know? I figured it would hurt more. Anyway, doc sent we to u/s only to find out that my cervix was shrinking & funneling. Not good. So they put my in hospital. A few days later we discovered that our baby girl has way too much fluid in her sack. She's smaller than he is yet taking up way too much room. The extra fluid could be what's causing the excess pressure on the cervix. What it is causing is pressure on him & his ability to produce more fluid. As they continue to produce/replenish fluid all the time, it's a cause for concern if she gets too big & limits him. Right now he is still in the safty zone with 6cm of fluid. However last week he had 7. I'm now at home on total bed rest again. I have a nurse that comes in & I see the doctor every Friday. I'm also given an u/s every Friday to measure the fluid & my cervix & to see how big they are. Yetanother is right - it's too soon to have these babies! I'm going on 27wks on Thurs. The doctors are aiming for 30-32wks. Sorry I had you all worried! I try to keep you better informed! How are all of you?


lilly2 - April 17

Corona i am so glad girll you are well.We been so worried about you!Thanks God all is good.


Corona - April 19

Thanks again for the concern! All is well so far. I just don't get to go anywhere! I'm also limited on how many times a day I can take the stairs. I see the doctoe again on Fri, & will have another u/s to see if the cervix has shrunk anymore & how big the babes are now. Lilly, I'm so pleased for you! How are all you other kind ladies doing?


MelissaSLP - April 19

So glad things are ok, Corona. I hope your next Dr. appt. goes well and you have good news and BIG babies. As far as me, we're all doing good. The babies are 7 mo. old (tomorrow) and my big girl turned 3 in Feb. They love eachother so much and it's really so much fun to watch them getting to know eachother. I'm in love!!


yetanothertripletmom - April 20

Corona - Whew! We were so worried. Multiple pregnancies can change so quickly. I'm glad to hear all is well. Have your doctor's talked about draining some of your little girl's fluid?


Corona - April 25

Hi everyone! Sorry I have not been better at keeping in touch. The laptop died & I have to beg Warden Hubby to go down to my office! All is stable. On Friday we found out he is now measuring 2lbs8oz & she is 2lbs6oz. It's great that they are growing quickly, however they are putting extra pressure on the cervix which has shunk some more. So bed rest continues. Yes the doctor has suggested draining some fluid amnio style. Right now we are against this as it can bring on labor. I'll hit the 28wk mark on Thurs. We're hoping to make it to 30wks. We take it day by day. How knows what will happen, I could make it to 37!!


Corona - April 26

Hi again! It is almost 1am, & once again I can't sleep. It's way to hard to get comfy. With the extra fluid she is right on my lungs & he keeps doing the riverdance on my cervix. Any suggestions ladies on how to get comfy, or how to get some sleep? I can't afford to loose my mind before they're born! :)



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