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hayleyc - May 17

Hi, I am 5 1/2 weeks and am experience pain in my bladder. Not the burning sensation like cyst_tis but I feel I am ready to burst all the time. 2 nights in a row I keep being woken, with this bursting ache only to get up and have a tiny piddle. Today I went to the docs to rule out water infection he seems to think that its my uterus expanding and putting pressure on my bladder. I thought it was to early on in my pregnancy for this. Then somebody suggested that maybe i am carrying twins andthats whats making my uterus expand. Has anyone else experience this...please enlighten me...I would secretly be over the moon with twins!!


j3jones - May 17

hi heyleyc, i haven't had that feeling. it seems every muscle in my body is pinching at some time or another. i had a v____al u/s at 5 weeks and saw i had twins, maybe you can request one. when do you get an u/s done?


hayleyc - May 18

Hiya j3jones, I don't get a routine u/s until 12 wks but I am going privately for an ultrasound to be rea__sured as I misscarried back in feb. I really want to go now but am worried that they wont even be able to see a heartbeat yet, as I have been told sometimes its very hard to see this early on. Congrats on the twins!!! how far on with your pregnancy are you now?


j3jones - May 19

i am now 10 weeks, gonna be 11 on sunday. i go for my next ultrasound on monday. very excited about this. with the first sonogram alls i saw were two little black bubbles, hopefully i can see more this time.


Bluemonster - May 26

hayleyc, I know exactlt what you mean! I constantly feel like my bladder is about to burst. Plus, when I cough or sneeze, I can barely hold it in, but when I go to the bathroom, it's just a dribble. Is this your first? I'm 3 weeks pregnant with my third and already all of my symptoms are much worse than with the other two. And I've been having strange dreams about having twins, which I never had with the other two. I'm thinking of asking the doctor about it and maybe about getting an ultrasound to check, but my appointments not for 3 more weeks! Let me know how it goes with you.


hayleyc - May 30

hiya. bluemonster going for u/s tommorrow so will keep u posted. How are you feeling any news on an u/s for you. I am feeling extremmely bloated maybe this also could be a sign... j3jones how did the u/s go? xx


j3jones - June 4

hayleyc, my u/s went perfect. i saw little tiny babies. both about 3 inches long and unbelievable how well you can see the formality. i can now set my mind on twins! next, the s_xes!


hayleyc - June 5

Hiya went for u/s last wednesday. No twins defiently only one baby there, but also a very large cyst.dr. said that this could explain the pressure on my bladder. so it wasn't my uterus expanding at twice the spped but a whooping great cyst instead. Its measures about 7.5cm across, nothing to worry about though hopefully it will disappear by its self...So glad the u/s went great are you going to ask the s_xes? and do you have your heart set on any paticular s_x?.. xxx



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