Could It Be Twins

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Dev - May 2

This is my first pregnancy.I am 5weeks and 3days.I already gained 10lbs and when I see at my stomach,It got bigger than before.My previous clothes are too tight.I can notice the change .No morning sickness.lots of heart burn and leg cramps.back pain too.No twin history on both sides. Pelvic pain comes and goes.and pain in the lower abdomen.sometimes on the left side,some times on the right side.Cravings for spicy foods.Hungry and not able to eat because I feel my stomach is kind of full all the time. Didn't go to the Doctor yet.Any advice please....


Ca__sie - May 2

I've been trying to find out about the lower abdomenal pain/discomfort too. I'm at 9wks and don't THINK I'm having twins... but there is a history of twins on my mom's side, I'm growing out of my pants, and there's that lower discomfort that I thought didn't come till later for singleton moms. I find out next Monday.


jena - May 2

It's just hard to tell from symptoms in general - I'm expecting twins (I'm 9 weeks today) but I had NO idea before they told me at 6 weeks. Good luck to you girls!!!


Angela - May 2

Hi There, I have 4 month old twins. I didn't gain weight right away, it took me until I was 20 weeks to start wearing maternity clothes. Everyone is different in how quickly they gain doesn't mean your having twins. The abdomenal discomfort is normal....just your uterus starting to grow....most women have this symptom also but doesn't mean your having twins. I had NO idea I was having twins until I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks. Take Care!


Angela J - May 3

I am 9wks4d preggo with twins and I am already in maternity clothes..i look like my friend did when she was about 4.3 months preggo with a singleton. I found out i was having twins when i was about 6wks too..even at 6wks i found my clothes were a little snug...



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