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E - December 9

I will incluse a pic of my u/s at the bottom, but I took clomid. I was on my 3rd cycle. Cycle 1 days 2-6 - 100 mg, Cycle 2 days 2 - 8 (yes I took it for 7 days) - 100 mg, and then cycle 3 days 1-5 - 50 mg. I chart so I know when I O'd. My u/s measured 1 week behind, 6 weeks 3 days. The tech told me the HB was 160 to 220. Could they have missed a sac?


E - December 9

Stupid me, here is the pic url.


to E - December 9

Just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy! Looks to me like there's only one sac.


Lew - December 9

Congratulations E!! I don't know a thing about u/s and wouldn't be able to tell anything on even my own without the help of the u/s tech, LOL. But seriously, Check out the thread t_tled "Anyone have twins but one undetected on first ultrasound?" it's under the twins/multiples board. I will "bump" it for ya! Good luck and much baby dust to ya!!!


yas2000 - December 9

at the moment only one baby there a reason you might think it is twins....did the tech poder over your scan? wait for your next one it should be clearer..but if at 6w they cansee one clearly there is a very small chance you have another one..based on today's advnced u/s! but there is nothing wrong with hoping maybe you wil be surprised after all......i know clomid is supposed to increase the chances but hey..only by a mere 10% or less...after all the havoc people caused on these boards due to us taking u/p clomid is really unnessessary...i think many of us will only still conceive one baby...because people tend to forget it is a 'mild' fertiltiy drug...and unless you get the necessary hcl and pregestrone injections on all the other stuff and support from you doctor, the chances of conceieving more than one are very slim..i would be surprised if i have more than 4w4d...but would be totally delighted and feel like i am one of the lucky few... however i don't count on it....just hope that the pregnancy is a healthy and successful one and that your baby will grow well..good luck...


E - December 9

I just want to add that the u/s was NOT v____ally. It was an abdominal u/s.


E - December 15

bump Anyone else?


yetanothertripletmom - December 15

I only saw one baby. And I had many ultrasounds with my triplets. The early ones (5-10 wks) clearly and easily showed all three sacs and babies.


concerned - December 15

To:yas2000-I have read several of your posts (there are so many) and thought that after you became pregnant, you would relax and become less obcessed with having twins, knowing that at that point, there was nothing you could do about it. Unfortunatly, I was wrong. You ARE still obcessed. Chill out! Let nature run it's course, now. You are pregnant and now your main concern should be for that of a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. I hope you will not be too disappointed if you find out you are only carrying one. Single babies are just as special as twins. By the way, I have read where you have posted a few times that you hope to be "one of the lucky ones" (referring to having twins) Please keep in mind that if you have an uneventful pregnancy and delivery, producing a healthy, beautiful CHILD-you are one of the lucky ones.


concerned for concerned - December 15

that was a really mean and nasty thing to say to her. what is wrong with her talking about her feelings. she knows there is a chance of multiples so what is wrong with her talking about that? you sound jealous that you are not able to communicate and you probably bottle all your feelings up.....real healthy mentally.


yas2000 - December 15

thank you for your input...but what i do and feel and hope for is really my business...and of course i know i am lucky even i get one healthy baby..i am not that shallow or ungreatful (how your post is making me out to be) in the end i am no saint no martyr and only human...and like veryone on this planet some things will make me jump up with joy a few meters higher than others...for 'that moment' only!!! in the end i thank my god and my stars everyday that i have a healthy pregnancy and happy matter what s_x and whether twins or not....i am greatful for what i get and will feel that is what i desreve..and will cherrish it.... there is nothing wrong in dreaming and hoping...


E - December 15

Please don't hi-jack my post! If you all want to argue, please take it else where. I was asking a question, and I really do not care to here people bicker.


whatever - December 15

nobody is responding to "your" post anyway so get over it


yas2000 - December 15

sorry E your absolutely right...i will choose to ignore any negative post that comes here.... by the way when is your next appointment...and you still havent said why 'you may think' you have multiples??taking clomid increases your chances by you have extreme symptoms? do your hcg levels look extrememly high...the tech should have been concerned..??? i took clomid too but based on my pregnancy symptoms i don't feel i will be pregnant with more than one baby..'which is ok!!!!' anyway, i can sympathise with your concern cause as you have written you took clomid 3 cyles and anyone in your shoes would a__sume that as do i....and then you find out you only have one..after all the hoo feels unbeliveable that you couldnt have concieved more t han one....right? i probably will feel puzzled and confused and wonder what the fuss was all about.....once i know i only have one explain why you may think the tech got it wrong..mother's intuition?


E - December 15

Here, I copied my post where I asked on a different forum. I just have a hunch that there are more than one in there. I was on Clomid, this is my 4th pregnancy, and am adopted so I am not sure if it runs on my family or not. My DH is a twin, but I know that has nothing to do with it. At my u/s the tech asked if I came with a full bladder. I told her no because I thought I was having a v____al. She had me jump up on the table, and she put the gel on my stomach, and said, "well lets see if we can see anything". I really wanted her to do a v____al u/s. She said that since she seen the baby, that a v____al was not needed. I am measuring a week behind. I know when I O'd because I was charting. My numbers were - 16 dpo - 77, 18 - dpo 174, 20 - dpo 338, and 22 dpo - 1228. I do not think I implanted until 12 dpo. That is when my temps shifted. Sorry ladies, I know that this thought runs through 95% of newly pregnant women, but I just can't shake the thought. My next appt is on 12/21. I am not sure when my next u/s is. Another thing that had me thinking was when the tech gave me a hb she said that is was between 180 - 220. I know that is extremely high. Is it possible that they machine was picking up both hb's at once? The doc said that I had several small cysts on my right ovary. I went to the ER at around 4 or 5 weeks. My right ovary felt as though it was going to explode. Of course then on the u/s they couldn't see anything because it was too early. Thier equipment is a bit out of date. Anyway, isn't an cyst caused from an egg being released? I didn't know this when the doc was talking to me about my ER visit. I found this info online. That is another thing that made me curious. Thanks girls. PS I haven't said anything about the thought of twins to anyone. My mom mentioned it, my DH mentioned it, and my mother-in-law mentioned it. Weird huh? Its not the fact that I am already showing either. I am plus size, so you can't tell that I am pregnant yet.


yas2000 - December 15

well, based on your post i can only say there is a small chance yet to suggest that you have more than one if she only saw too..i don't want to crush your dreams or hopes or desires and feelings as you may be right afterall but only another us will show that....unless of course you become huge and feel two babies kicking one day instread of one... but at 6 weeks they tend to see pretty much all the babies your gonna have...most of the time...otherwise they would have been another yolk sac and maybe another gestational sac...with no embryo as fraternal twins can be conceived with some time gap...anyway...only time will tell...god good luck!!!love yas


jworking - December 16

Not to get you hopes up to high, but they didnt find my twins until 19wks. I had 2 us before that and they only saw one! My were just a freak thing that happened so they had no reason to think there was more than one! Good Luck



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