Could U S Be Wrong

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kitty - April 5

hi, i was wondering if an u/s could be wrong. i am 13 weeks but i look more like 6 months. i have had no weight gain but belly is huge. everybody says it's twins. i have 27 sets on my side of the family and my hubby has 3 or 4. had u/s done 2 weeks ago but dr. only saw 1. anybody else have this problem? thanks


Dj - April 6

I don't know personally, but I have heard of a twin hiding during the ultra-sound. Is this your first?


Serenna - April 6

I've been asking the same thing for months, I am 17 weeks only i look like i'm 7 months pregnant, I am a twin and my uncle was a twin. I haven't had an ultrasound yet and they won't give me one until my 20th week. Althought at my last appt. I was measuring 4 weeks bigger than i was.


Lynz - April 8

Hi kitty, I'm asking myself the same question lol. I'm 5 months pregnant and look like I'm 7 months pregnant. I went for an ultrasound at 17 weeks and the dr said there was only one baby. Although I do feel I'm having twins or triplets even. Twins run in both my mum's family, my father's family, and my husbands family. And I was about to have twins on my last pregnancy, but unfortunately one of my twins stopped growing at 12 wks. However, the other twin is a healthy 2yr old girl now. So it's really got me questioning whether the scan I had was wrong. I certainly understand your question.


lorraine - May 10

what could go wrong can it bother your body


chel - May 11

I know a couple who just had twins. They were only able to see one baby on u/s. My sil also had twins, and her doctor told her she was only having one throughout her pregnancy.


Sylvia - May 12

I was wondering the same thing. When I had my ultrasound at 20 weeks we only saw one baby but it was a little odd because one of the babies feet look twisted as if it could have been from another baby. This will be my fourth baby and everything is different with this one compared to the others. I feel like a 20 pound stone is in my belly when I am trying to move around and the baby moves a lot more than any of my other ones. Well 7 weeks to go. I guess we will see.


kiki - May 16

yea i have the same problem. my stomach is really big at 5 months people have been saying it looks like im going to have twins. i went for my ultrasound and it show's one baby but next to it was another round circle which i think to me look like the top of another baby's head. shouldnt they recognize that its another head or watever it is right away?..they could be wrong. one baby might blocked the other baby or something else.



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