Cycle Buddies U P Clomid Takers Wanting Multiples

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KRob13 - October 25

Correction: I meant I will be taking the Clomid 100mg on days 3-7, not 3-9!


happidaz - October 25

KRob: I took clomid 100 mg for two cycles and other than mild hot flashes, I didn't have any side effects. Those hot flashes were more funny than anything else. I also took my clomid before bed so maybe I slept through other side effects.


KRob13 - October 25

Happidaz: Did you get pregnant that 2nd cycle?


happidaz - October 25

KRob: I'm still on my second cycle, currently 11 dpo, still bfn. af is due wednesday and i'm not feeling too hopeful right now. i started spotting a little yesterday. i usually don't spot that many days before af, and was hoping it was implantation bleeding. but it's still there so i don't know what's going on. i will keep testing until af shows. it's just so weird because when i was on the pill, i never spotted before af. now that i have been off the first month i spotted 2 days before af, and this month i spotted 3 days before af. if af comes this month, then i will have spotted for 4 days before. strange.


jmrandle - October 26

Krissy- My Af is usually 5 days long I Only have 1 pill left so I dont think that will be much help. Yes I Only BD 3 days the night before my +OPK the night i got my 1st +OPK and in the day time the second +OPK day. Cycles were never regular, the last 6 months were 35 days, 31 days, 41 days, 35 days, 26 days. Crazy! But I usually got my period around 15 DPO. I didnt take anything besides Clomid and OPKs. My CM wasnt any different so I decided not to take the fish oil i had bought. AFM- I have my first Dr Apt in 10 days - Wed. Nov 4th, 6 Weeks! I really hope there are 2+!!!


Krissy68 - October 26

momofprincess - How are you doing and feeling? I hope you hurry up and get over the m/s that is no fun especially having it 24 hours a day. When did you find out you were having twins? I know you are growing big and fast. It is still too early to tell what you are having? Rub your belly for me. Now you already know I have some questions for you. You said to take fish oil until I ovulate but when do you start taking the fish oil on what cd and how many mg do I take and how many times a day do I take it? Did I ask you were did you get your clomid from? Do you have any left over that you are willing to part with? Did you use any opk and if you did what cd did you start using them I have been starting now on cd10. You can email me at kris dot neely at march dot af dot mil. Krissy


Krissy68 - October 26

wifelady - How are you doing? It is okay to vent to us anytime you feel the need to. We are here no matter what in good and bad times. The latest I have gone is 17dpo and still ended up getting my AF. Don't give up and remember it is never over until the fat lady sings. KRob13 - How are you doing? I didn't have any s/e when I took a 100mg so I guess I am no help to you. Good Luck to you and keeping my fingers cross for you as well. Keep us posted. momofprincess - I have another question for you when did you start using the preseed? Krissy


Krissy68 - October 26

happidaz - How are you doing? We are real close in our cycle days. I'm on cd25/11dpo. I am keeping my fingers cross that she don't show her ugly face. Keep us posted. Jmrandle - how are you doing? You are so luckly to have a 5 day period mine periods are normally 6 to 7 days and I bleed real heavy. LOL you are right 1 pill wouldn't do me any justice. Thanks for sharing. As for the fish oil how many days would you have taken the fish oil and starting on what days would I have started taking the fish oils. I can't wait for the appointment so we can see how many babies you have, I am keeping everything cross for you please keep us updated. Krissy


rosenow - October 26

Hi girls. I love hearing about the success stories. I want to be one soon! Anyway I am CD29 and waiting on AF. I am fighting the flu (I don;t have it yet but it sure is trying to make me sick.)


ashar - October 26

hi ladies~ Iam 12dpo today and this morning I took a pregnancy test and I got a BFP. I am so excited... this was my third cycle for clomid 100mg cd 4-7 50mg-cd8. and the only thing i did this cycle was i used preseed and fish oil. hope that helps and i Hope all of you on Clomid get your BFP's soon...


momofprincesses - October 26

Krissy- Yeah, m/s sucks... Hopefully it will end soon. I'm 12 weeks, so it's still too early to find out the s_xes, but I can't wait! I found out I was having twins at 5 weeks (we just saw 2 sacs), at 6 weeks we saw the hearts beating, and at 11 weeks I got to see their sweet faces. The fish oil I think I started taking cd7, and I just took it how the bottle told me to, although I would sometimes take an extra. I got my clomid u/p from mexmeds4you. I have given my leftovers to a friend though. I did use opks. I'm can't think of the brand, but it was first response I think, and there were 20 of them, so I started using them on cd 7. I didn't get anything till cd 17. I used preseed the entire month. We went through 2 boxes... Hope that helps- let me know if you have any other questions.


divadivina2u - October 27

Where is Wifelady??? Hasnt seen her in a while...You ok Wife?? Uppdate: I am on CD5 today. I am doing 2-7.


wifelady - October 27

diva- just replied to your post on the other topic... i just took a little couple day break because i was dealing with some hard news from a friend... she just had a baby 3 weeks ago and randomly tells me that she was giving it up for adoption the day before the new parents were to take her! Naturally i didn't take the news well, i love my friend but don't understand her decision and i was super sad because she's like my sister and she didn't even talk to me about it. I've shed a lot of tears over the subject and was just not very happy between that and my missing af! But ah ha! finally got af!! I'm thinking about buying preseed because my cm was my big problem... the sad thing is that i thought i had o'd so i stopped taking my Fertilecm which was really helping my cm... well i'll just try and try again if i have to! Oh.. and i keep hearing about fish oil... what is that and what is it for?? Anyone??


divadivina2u - October 27

Wife it exciting you got AF!!!!!! I am drinking fish oil capsules. I have read here and other places that deinking fish oil while you are still not pregnant helps to promote healthier eggs . as well as help the baby get developed and grow healthy while in woumb. I have been drinking it for over a month.


lisajanelle - October 27

hi i haven't been on here in a while. i am trying to read some of the posts and catch up on what is going on with people. hope all the ladies have their bfp's soon! i am wondering if any of you might have any left over clomid they are willing to sell? good luck everyone!


KRob13 - October 27

Krissy: I'm doing great, how about you? It's getting close to your sirgery, right? As far as the s/e go, I haven't had any yet! I took my 3rd dose last night and have been fine. Only 2 more to go! On the 1st cycle I took it I noticed slight blurred vision about a week after the last pill. Maybe it had nothing to do with the Clomid though. Who knows. Keep us updated on all your goings on! Happidaz: Keep those spirits up! Any news? I'm hoping and wishing and praying for everyone to get their BFPs soon!!!



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