Dangerous High Chairs Please Read

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sphinx - January 9

Hey everyone. I sent an email to the company but they are not taking me seriously. So I want to warn as many people as possible about COSCO HIGH CHAIRS. The chair is called Beginnings Simple Start and they are sold at Wal-mart and K-Mart. I chose them for my twins because they were the cheapest ones I could find and buying 2, well... I was on a budget (but am regretting it now) The "safety" straps in the chair are not adequately anchored to the back of the chair and allow the babies to manauver out of them, allowing the babies to stand. The baby could fall. AND, when the babies start walking, the trays are within reach and the babies can stand, reach up to grab a tray and it will come crashing down because they don't anchor on well. I know high chairs aren't supposed to do this. We have 2 other brands of high chairs at my mother in laws house that are safe and do not have these problems. The Cosco company told me that I need to supervise my children and they are not in the wrong. I thought their att_tude was very rude. I'm luck my twins have never fallen out and if I weren't supervising them, they might have. Now I have to tell as many other moms as possible about this so everyone who has one is very careful and those who were considering buying one will know about this hazard.


Teddyfinch - January 10

how high up did you go in Cosco when you were telling them? i would go as high as possible.


sphinx - January 10

I just emailed them and explained my concerns and one of their representatives emailed me back. They gave me a phone number to call in case "I had other concerns" I tried calling and after being on hold for about 5 minutes, I was disconnected, so I emailed them back and tried to explain some more and in more detail about the problem. They recommended removing the trays when not in use but this only solves one problem. My main concern is the safety belts. There is so much give in the belts. Its hard to explain but the baby can stand up and pull the belt down (looks like they are taking underwear off but they are taking the belt off) Really, this is the weirdest belt I've ever seen on any baby equipment.


sphinx - January 26

I filed a complaint with the consumer safety product commission or whatever they are called


llukenjess - February 11

Thank you so much this is a valuable piece of information


sphinx - February 12

If anyone is looking to buy a safe highchair, I would strongly recommend getting one with a 5 POINT HARNESS. I know it might not seem necessary when they are little but too many kids learn to get out of the 3 point harness when they learn to stand. I've had some other moms contact me on other websites saying their lo fell out of this chair. So, make informed decisions and think ahead!



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