December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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mum2three - December 6

I would love to add the link for last month but it wont let me. So I guess a google search will be needed for anyone looking for it.

Thread title was:

November 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping for Twins.



I have had a super busy week! But I'm back now.

TRIPLET WISHES- What CD are you up to now? You must be close to ovulation. Are you using ovulation predication tests?

The basic info is that the earlier in your cycle you take clomid the more eggs you make, however they are less mature. The later you take it, you are more likely to get one mature egg.

I took mine CD 1-5 to hope for more follicles to be produced.

Have you done the sperm kit yet?

I don't think the clomid always changed your cycle and O days, if you have an organised cycle (ie no no LP defect or anything) then there is no need for it to change.


MYTIME. YAY on period! That is great! You must be starting the clomid tomorrow. What dose did you decide on? What monitoring do you have booked for this month?


AFM (as for me)- No period here. No positive hpt (last bfn was yesterday). No symtoms. Nothing.
I am seeing the doctor again on Friday which is in 5 days.  I am not seeing my regular Dr as he is in surgery all week. So I am seeing the other Ob. I know him, so hopefully he will be just as helpfull!

Wish AF would just come so I could be in time with you girls.

If AF comes before I see him, I will still get slips for bloods and ultrasound. If AF hasn't come I will try and get a blood test for BHCG so ensure I'm not pregnant and body is just being slow to produce HCG, and then provera to induce period and then slips for other monitoring. Hopefully he is helpful and agreeable.

I am trying to decide if I should buy a digital ovulation kit, but it's like $50. If I get monitoring I guess I wont need it, just not sure how to get kids looked after while I go for US with out hubby knowing. Tricky Tricky.

Anyway, hope you are all well and getting excited for Christmas. Hopefully you all have BFP before the new year!




mytime00 - December 6

Hi!! Mum. Im actually startimg my clomid tonight, I meed with my Dr on Thursday so will see whats in store. OMGosh maybe you're pregnant!! ill be so happy for you! i was also thining about the digital ovulation kit. I did order some LH & HCG strips from amazon so im hoping they work........ if not then ill try digital. 


Tripletswishes - December 7

Hi Mytime00 and Mum2three :-D:-D, I am very happy to see you guys again, well, hear your thoughts again.  

I am on CD 14.  OD 1.  1 Day before the Big O.  

No mum2three I am not using ovulation kits.    

No, we have´nt done the sperm kit yet.  We were on our way there with a hand job but it turned into wild sex which was fun and since then, we´ve been doing the naughty.  I´ve been emptying him once daily for the past few days.  



Tripletswishes - December 7

I have an appointment at 08.20 am tomorrow at my new gyno.  I don´t want to drive for an hour all the way to Oslo to see my old reliable female gyno.  So, I deceided to to find a new gyno closer to where I live in Årnes.  The best one closest to me is in Jessheim which is 20 minutes away.  A Male Gyno!

I will let you guys know how that went when I come home again after the appointment.


mytime00 - December 7

Hi Tripletswishes, Thats great wild sex is always better lol. Im on CD3 started my clomid... Im kind of excited this cycle! i hope for us all to have BFP!!


mum2three - December 7

Hi girls. It's good to be back. 

Triplet- it sounds like your doing all the right things for a baby. I have heard that the man should only ejaculate every second day, to produce more swimmers each time. Might be worth looking into..... 

How do you know that you are O-ing if your not using tests? Do you temp out anything,  or go of cervix and mucous.

That would of been hard for me this month as I had EWCM for about 10 days straight. But I think my body was gearing up to ovulate but never did. 

My time- yay for clomid, let us know what symptoms you get. I had shocking night sweats,  but I did take mine in the evening. 

AFM- I'm 99% sure that I'm not preg :-(

Also my kids have been total pills the last few days which is always fun to make me question if I could even cope with one or two more.

Anyway,  I'm still just waiting to see the Dr Friday. 

Good luck girls!


mytime00 - December 7

Hi mum, I use Black Cohosh with the clomid. I read that it can cause you not to have the side effects that your normally have with clomid. other then being tired and a slight headach I been great. Dont give up MUM its always a struggle...... Sometimes things dont come as fast as we want them too but they do come. Have a great night.


mum2three - December 8

Well just got home from work and it looks like AF is about to start

Having some slight bleeding now

I'm not even upset I knew that I wasn't pregnant. So at least AF is here and I can start again. 

Will still see Dr Friday for monitoring blood tests.

So I will be CD1 tomorrow. Only a few days behind you mytime. 

Think I will do clomid CD2+ this time.


mytime00 - December 8

Hi Mum, yes we are very close in dates! Let's hope for a great AF and strong ovulation days! Seeing the Dr is great. You may just learn new things about how to become pregnant while breast feeding because they say that along can be hard for some ladies. I wish you well. 


Tripletswishes - December 8

Hello darlings :-D  I´ve been to the gyno today and I think it was a bit interesting.  My new male gyno is pretty handsome and I was´nt sure how I was going to get through the session.  I mean, why the hell must he be sooo good looking.  Thank god he was married, because I probably would have had his babies instead hahahaha.  Anyways, my super sexy and very very handsome husband came to the appoint mwith me, thank god, because that even things out a lot.  My husband is way way better looking than Dr. Gyno.



Tripletswishes - December 8

Hello darling mum2three, The only thing I do to find out if I am ovulating is sit on the toilet and wipe.  I know for a fact that I ovulate 6 days after the last day of my period, so I just count from there.  I also use the ovulation predictor on babymed com, it´s a pretty good one, it´s right on track with me.  At the Gyno today, my new gyno confirmed it.  ok, have to go now, will write more later.... my husband wants us to have sex now!!


Tripletswishes - December 8

" I have heard that the man should only ejaculate every second day, to produce more swimmers each time. Might be worth looking into..... "

You are right mum2three, my gyno mentioned that today.  He also said it was ok doing it everyday too.


"How do you know that you are O-ing if your not using tests? Do you temp out anything,  or go of cervix and mucous."

I know this because I know how my body works most of the time.  Its the same month after month, never changing.  I start the ovulation process 6 days after my last period day, by day 15 I am ovulating.  I can tell from the mucus I usually wipe away in the toilet.  For example, If I have a period on the 1st. Dec to the 3rd Dec, then after 6 days, on the 10th Dec I would start the ovulation process which is 4-5 days long, depending on the quality and quanitity of mucus. Then on day 15, I would ovulate.  That is because the first 2-3 days is fertile days, while the last 3 days is very fertile days.   On the day you ovulate, you would see a thick whiteish mucus, like a mucus plug just before you go into labour.  You know that mucus plug that you loose when your water breaks.  yes that one.  It may also look like when you´ve had the flu and the flu left you with a nasty thick slimmie snatt that you blow into a tissue. yeah, it´s the same look and just as streachy.


Tripletswishes - December 8

Today at the Gyno went well.  I am healthy and normal and there is nothing wrong with me..  He did show me the screen with my ultrasound, and that was pretty cool.  

Anyways, he asked how long we´ve been trying, and I told him one year without success.  ( we also spoke about the miscarriage, which had no bad effect on my body/uterus.  He said that he would give a presciption for clomid 100mg for 5 mnds ( which he did), but we should also check my husbands spercount. 

He asked about family history and my own history, which of course there is nothing to tell.  I dont sleep around and never have.  I dont smoke, I dont drink and I dont do drugs, nor have I ever tried any of these things.    I have only had one man before my husband and that is my ex-husband of 10 years.  

I saw on the ultrasound that I had either just ovulated this morning or earlier during the night because the follicle was big, ripe and had broken.  meaning the egg had already started its journey not too long before the scan.  I also saw other follicles waiting to mature.  From the tinyest to the largest.  I did however, not mention to my new gyno that I had already taken Clo.  But from the scan, there was no difference between now and before I took Clo.  So all in all, it may not have worked for me. one egg, one follicle on time as usual.  He did give me 100 mg to take because I think he knew that 50 mg would not do the job..  We, as in my Gyno and I spoke of the possiblity of multiples.  I just had to laugh and say " that´s exactly what I was hoping for, it is exactly what i wish for " :-D:-D:-D he smiled and said " ok "


Tripletswishes - December 8

I forgot to mention that we also spoke about stress and working at night.  Sperm count in men tend to go up and down depending on how a man works.  My husband works at the airport  as a  Baggage Handling System Tech.  He sits alone in a room full of computers 12 hours a night monitoring arrivals and departures of flights, and the bagges system at the same time.  And yes, he often works night shifts and worse, he is often stressed  because he has a team of men under him that he also has to suppervise and is the head of HMS.  This may be the reason for our differculties according to my gyno.  


mytime00 - December 8

Hi Triplets, wow that was a good read! Ty I'm on the bus in NYC going home from work so the reading entertained me. Hopefully 100mg works for you. I also take 100 mg. Right now I'm on CD 4. I heard that taking clomid can delay ovulation.... Just push it back a few days so I'm nervous about that... Maybe husband should take some vacation time to relax just so his speech count can increase but that's probably easy said then done. 

My Gyno is an old man.... Lol I'm not attractive to him either so lucky you!


Tripletswishes - December 8

Cool NY!! you live in the US, supercool!!!  My mother lives in CT.  We visit every year except this year. I studied Business at Monroe College in the Bronx.  Then traveled to Switzerland to work and experience life.  I met my first husband in Switzerland while he was on vacation (he is Norwegian).  He fell in love and it went from there.  I moved moved here to norway but as life is" shit happens" and we got a divorce after 10 years of marriage and 2 small girls.  3 years alone and then I met my new husband ( also Norwegian, very very sexy and handsome ). we´ve been married now for 4 years and have a 3 year old. got pregnant a few months after the wedding.  got pregnant last year again and had a misscarriage.  I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago.  here in Norway, I studied Pharmacy and I am a pharmacist at Vitus Pharmacy.  In September 2015, I started studying to be a nurse. My mother is a nurse and loves it.  I love the pharmacy, but i also love having options.


Tripletswishes - December 8

crap!!! I think I´ve double posted!!  Very sorry.



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