December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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Tripletswishes - December 8

crap!!! I think I´ve double posted!!  Very sorry.


mytime00 - December 8

Yes NYC the big apple! That's cool you went to Monroe College. I went to Monroe to studie Culinary Arts and now I'm a Wedding and Event planner / caterer. I work at Mount Sinai hospital as a Chef. My son just u told me garbage wants me home with him again :-( made me so sad. I enjoy being a homemaker. Trinanda nice! I'm from Manhatton born and raised here. Nursing is on high demand so that's pretty cool! My job pays for you to study medical song was thinking about it but I'm nervous about the work being that I have 4 kids and I'm trying for another.... So we'll see. ???? I really enjoy talking to females that don't judge! 


mum2three - December 8


Triplets- glad things went well with your new Ob. I am not sure if I wish my ob was sexy or not lol, mine is also an old man! Will you try this month for pregnancy knowing there is only one egg, or will you wait until next month and hope for more eggs? Did your dr say anything about monitoring next cycle? If so what day are you going to go for ultrasound?

Mytime- what cd is your ultrasound for? I am trying to book mine before I see dr on Friday (don't need actual slip until I go in) and am not sure when to book for.

As cycle was 37 days long, I am guessing I O late, so there isn't much point going on CD 12, I was thinking CD 14. That will be 22nd of this month. Just before family come up.

AFM- CD 1 here. She is in full force! OUCH!




mum2three - December 8

I am also a nurse and a midwife and a child health nurse.

I love my job! It is amazing!

You both sound like you have very interesting jobs too!


Tripletswishes - December 9

wow, you both are supercool!!!

Mytime00, I love good tastey food, chocolate cakes, chocolate cookies and chocolate.  Oh my gosh, can you make chocolate? mmmm  maytime00 you are making my mouth water.  

Judge! Nah! I haven´t seen anything to judge about here, and as a matter of a fact, what is the point?.  Judging is so negative, and I am a positive thinker.  A talk alot, babble alot positive thinker :-) who loves children and wishes to have as many as possible.  Sometimes I think about being a stay at home mother but I love earning my own money and spending my husbands´ :-D

Anyways mom2three you could come here and deliver my babies anytime!

Well, I already had lots of sex before and during ovulation. Even if there is only one baby, I will be very happy, because I will be just as blessed as mytime00.  I will of course, later on, try again for multiples. But, if there is no baby this month, then of course, I will definitely try for multiples with 100mg Clo on CD1 when the follicles actually starts maturing and getting ready for ovulation. But, that will be my second and last try with Clo for a while.  After that, i will wait 6 mnd or more.  I dont want to messup my ovaries or any other babymaking parts :-)

Mum2three, I am not 100% sure what my obgyn said, but, I do think he said something like that because he was mostly in my vagina, while he talked to me and most of what he said, went into one ear and out the other.  The whole time, I was thinking.  "did I shave down there".  "what shape is it in".  "damn, I hope it smells good down there".  "shit, why did he have to be soo damn good looking", and "oh my god, is he actually looking at my vagina". 


Tripletswishes - December 9

mum2three do you always have painful cycles??



mum2three - December 9

HAHAHA oh triplets you make me laugh!  But in all truth I think those exact thoughts when someone is doing a down town examination on me. 

I have had painful cycles after my children.  This is only my third period since my baby was born 14 months ago,   only had about 3 cycles before I got pregnant with her. So about my 6th period in 4.5 years. 



mytime00 - December 9

LOL  Triplets you are too funny! im over her laughing so hard.  Mumofthree im suppose to go get a ultra sound tomorrow but I have to work so I have to see if he can see me after I get off. 

Triplets yes i make chocolate! lots of chocolate, cake, brownies, fudge, chocolate covered strawberries,yummy! o love chocolate too. 

Mum your a midwife! that is great!  I want a midwife to see me through this pregnancy...... ( im claiming it already!) lol


mum2three - December 10


CD 3 here.  Took my first dose of clomid 100mg today. No side effects so far. But I didn't get any last time until after a few days.

I see Dr today,  hoping he will give me scans slips etc

How are you all. 

Are you in the TWW now triplets?


mum2three - December 10

I actually meant I took my first dose last night. 


mytime00 - December 10

Hi Mum, so your taking clomids CD 2-6?  im CD 6 today were not that far apart. I missed my scan today but i knew that was going to happen...... I havent really gotten any sideeffects from the Clomid... because I take it with Black Cohosh. 

Tripplets do you take any other supplements along with your clomid?


mum2three - December 10

Mytime- CD 6 sounds early for a scan.

My dr wrote slips for a cd 12 and cd 18 scan. But because of the available appointments and public holidays with xmas, the days I ended up with CD 14 and 21.

Then a cd21 progesterone draw and a cd28 progesterone draw. 

Will be very interesting to see what clomid is doing in there.


Tripletswishes - December 11

Hi mum2three :-D  Yes, I am on CD18 today, so it´s been three days since ovulation. So yes, I am waiting out the next 2 weeks, or should I say 1 weeks and 4 days hahahahaha :-D:-D:-D:-D.  I will take a pregnancy test on 22nd or 23 Dec.  


Tripletswishes - December 11

Hi Mytime00 :-D

I took Natures Bounty Your Life Multi Multimineral Multivitamin Prenatal  Speciality Formula, which includes 800mcg Folic Acid & B vitamins.  I am still however taking them.  I ordered them from Amazon com.  I´ve been taking them for years, since 2003.  I also take omega 3,6 and 9.  Other than that, absolutely nothing.


mytime00 - December 11

Hey ladies , mum yes CD 6 is too early but he wanted to scan me for some reason. It seems like it's easy to get Scan were you are. For me they will give appts a month apart which is ridiculous ... But I'm not worried to much about it. I'll be in often I'm off this weekend so I'll speak to you ladies soon . 


Tripletswishes - December 12

Just bought 30 Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips.  These are cheap and ladies can test as often as possible.  I will eventually buy a more expensive test when I get a positive.   I bought them online here in Norway but they are also sold by Amazon.



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