December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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Tripletswishes - December 12

Just bought 30 Wondfo Pregnancy Test Strips.  These are cheap and ladies can test as often as possible.  I will eventually buy a more expensive test when I get a positive.   I bought them online here in Norway but they are also sold by Amazon.


mum2three - December 13

Hey ladies! 

Triplets- good luck with the testing. I hope you get a lovely Christmas present of a BFP! 

Mytime- will you get another scan this cycle? How is the clomid going? Any side effects yet? 

AFM- I had my first night of clomid induced sweats which was great. Also today I've been very irritable! Kids are driving me bonkers and DH is having a lazy day which is also annoying me! LOL I totally know its from the meds but that doesn't make me any less psycho. 



Tripletswishes - December 13

Oh my gosh! they tend to do that don´t they.  They try to drive you crazy while testing limits.  That´s children for yuh :-)

Good grief! Men! can´t live with them, can´t live without them.  Doesn´t he know that there are no actual day off as parents.

Yeah, well I think it is Clo that is messing with you, maybe you can lessen the dosage a little and see if that helps. maybe 75mg???


mum2three - December 13

Triplets- it is 100% the meds. I am normally a very calm person, and the kids can be annoying, but I never actually think about bailing to a motel for a night and leaving DH to deal with it all. I only have one more dose tonight, so will just suck it up LOL. I also had more sweats last night. I really hope it means something is happening. I have had some twinges and pains around my ovaries which I assume is great, I didn't get that last month, so hopefully something is happening.

If I don't get preg this month I think I might drop my dose, I don't think we could handle another month of psycho mumma!

Did I mention that my doctor said no to a HCG trigger. He said I would need to be referred to an IVF specialist for that. I told him that if the clomid alone doesn't work then I will not be going any further. He said, oh well, maybe we will do 2 more months of clomid and see what happens with the ultrasounds and blood tests.

So if it doesn't work in 2 months there is a hope he might give me one.

I have a good feeling about this month though!

How are you feeling triplets? Any signs or anything yet?

How are you mytime? You'll have finished your meds now right?

Cant wait to see what symtoms you get gearing up to O. Good Luck!

Fingers crossed that the psycho-ness wears off soon! I'm over myself! LOL



bluedreamz - December 13

Hi, first post here :) Right now I'm just looking for info and reading experiences. I'm interested in joining the ttctwins forum and am waiting to be approved. Anyone know how long that usually takes?

Also wanted to pass on some info. I found a post on a bodybuildijng forum where where they tested the 100 clomid from All Day Chemist and it only tested at 62.64mg. If you search online you will see that All Day Chemist is run by the same people or a sister site of reliablerxpharmacy, which I have seen recommended a lot and the recommended pharmacy at ttctwins. Just wanted to give a heads up. The results are posted here: 

thinksteroids DOT com/community/threads/hplc-ms-analysis-on-2nd-batch-of-9-samples-results-adc-tested.134365118/

I'm still researching a reliable source.... hope to join you all soon!


mum2three - December 13

Hi Blue! Welcome! We are a very friendly group of ladies and welcome any questions and suggestions which you might have :)

I don't think the TTC board is functioning well. I was one of the original members about 4 years ago when we moved the board from here and one of our group was a web designer so she made the website. I didn't post much after the birth of my son, and now can't remember my password. I contacted them about it and also requested to become a new member, that was over a month ago and no one ever got back to me..... So I wouldn't hold out much hope for that.

I'm guessing from your post your planning on going UP clomid?

Triplets here is using UP this month and has a dr script for some next month (but she won't need it will you TRIPLETS!!! haha).

Both mytime and myself have prescribed clomid.

Welcome! Talk soon!


bluedreamz - December 13

Wow, I can't believe you've been waiting a month. I've been checking back often to see if I was approved, but that seems pretty pointless now lol. but this place seems pretty welcoming with a lot of helpful info :)

I won't be ttc for a while, just looking into all the options. After finding those test results I don't know if I'd want to take anything but real clomid. I'm not sure if a doctor would prescribe it to me, and I'd rather not be monitered, but my only concern is that it is the real deal so it might be too hard for me to get. More thinking and research to do...


mum2three - December 13

Where are you located Blue?

I know USA you can get lots of stuff from sites like craigs list.....

Some people in Australia who have used clomid have gotten left overs from friends/family, or have bought from over seas. I used overseas clomid with DS2, didn't get pregnant, or have too many side effects except from sweating overnight, then I used a friends left overs and got preg first month, so who knows.



Tripletswishes - December 14

Maybe not, Mum2three.

My test strips has´nt arrived as yet, but I am not in a hurry.  One week to go before I should start testing, because it´s only been one week now since Ovulation.  Maybe when I receive the strips I may become a Test Monster hahahahahaha:-D


Tripletswishes - December 14

Hello Bluedreamz :-D  How are you? What country are your thoughts coming to us from?


Tripletswishes - December 14

Just got confirmation that my test strips were sent today, hopefully they will be here by tomorrow or latest by wednesday. Oh my gosh, I am soooo excited.  I think I will become a Testing Monster !!!


Tripletswishes - December 14

hahahahaha.... My husband just asked, for what seems like the 100th time today  

" Are you pregnant yet? "  I just had to laugh because even though I´ve told him that I don´t know yet and that I have not received the tests as yet, he still asks every 5 minutes, like I would automatically know if I am pregnant or not. 


Tripletswishes - December 15

Ok, so my test strips came in the mail today (very very happy about that).  My husband greeted me at the door with the package.  With the package opened and smiling, he said " Did you remember to take folic acid today " then he held up the package and it dangled in his hand, with another smile on his face he said " can we test now ".  


mum2three - December 15

Triplets- It is great that your husband is so supportive. I wish I could have that. DH kind of asks a few questions here and there but doesn't know or care too much. He also doesn't know that I am using the clomid to help so he isn't sure why I am being a psycho.

I spent last night sweating again, but today I feel calmer. Not as irrational. It's crazy how it makes you feel/act.

I am CD 8 today, having some little tenderness and pulling near ovaries. I have a scan booked for CD 14 to check. Not looking forward to the internal side of it, but it will be good to see if O is going to occur and about when so we can be more planned with BD.

Hope you are well mytime!


mytime00 - December 15

Hi ladies!!!! Welcome blue.

Blue so you are saying that on the site to get the Clomid it's suppose to be 100mg and they are only 62mg? Wow....

triplets did you test?? I wish you all the luck! 

Hi Mum! If you do another round of Clomid , and I hope you don't have to . Take it with black cohosh .. It's helped for me , I took both at night and had no side effects. It made me a little dry down there but overall I'm doing good. I've been working crazy hours so I haven't been able to temp like I used you. I believe I O this weekend so I will set up a candle light dinner for me and DH kids are off to grandmas house. :-) 


Tripletswishes - December 16

No, I have not tested yet Mytime00.  I am trying to avoid becoming a test junkie, because once I start, I won´t be able to resist the temptation of testing every day.

Most men need to be educated about the female body, mind and soul.  I have had to do a lot of research together with my husband and teach him about what a woman has to go through on a daily basis.  What she needs and what to say to a woman to make her feel like a woman and to make her feel good and loved by her man. (They just need to be tought) 



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