December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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Tripletswishes - December 21

Congratulations Trantrums :-D:-D:-D wonderful news ;-D;-D

Yes Tantrums, I took unprescribed Clo on cd5-9 but Clo did absolutely nothing for me.      I ovulated like normal and released one egg like normal, had no Clo symtoms and had no effect from 50mg Clo.

I did go to my Gyno, and he prescribed Clo, but I will not be needing it, so, it hangs on the fridge for the time being.

Absolutely, we could keep utdating each other.  I think you are 2 days ahead of me.  I am on dpo13,  CD28 today Monday 21st December 2015.

My period is scheduled for tomorrow 22nd Desember.  But that won´t be showing up anytime soon. 


Tripletswishes - December 21

Thank you my darling ladies, you all made my morning a whole lot brighter :-D:-D:-D   just loving you all.

Mum2three, here, scans aren´t scheduled until between 16-20 weeks.  At 12 weeks is a midwife appointment, then at 14 weeks a doctors appointment.  You can choose if you want to go to your doctor or midwife after that.  I normally choose my midwife because I feel like I  get the care that I need from her and there is no long waiting.  At the doctors office, they will do a blood test/hcg test, blood pressure test and aids test and they read you iron levels and a few other levels that I cant remember right now.  


Tripletswishes - December 21

Well,  I know what my husband is getting for Christmas this year, well, along with the other presents I have hiding from him.  ( not telling him before that, dont want him thinking he has supersperm or anything like that. )

Anyways, send me an email Ladies, if you like.... makerw2 at hotmail dot com



mytime00 - December 21

Good morning ladies, 7:30 am my time. I will test I guess January 5th I have strips. I think I ovulated  yesterday. LH strips were positive plus I had a lot of ovary pain and EWCM..... So January 5th should be enough time to test. 


mytime00 - December 21

Good morning ladies , it is 7:30 am on my end of the world :-) 

mum I think I ovulated yesterday , my LH test were positive and I had ovary pain and lots of EWCM. I think I'll wait to January 5th to test. That should be good right? 


Tripletswishes - December 21

whooohoo you go girl Mytime00!! 


mum2three - December 22

Awesome mytime! 

Hope you got lots of BDing in around O time. 

I had my scan today, pretty boring. 

Right ovary has one 12mm, left ovary has one 10mm, then just a bunch of 4-8mm ones. 

I'm going to keep an eye or for O in about 4-8 days. 

Getting another scan in one week to recheck. Looks like growth is slow though so I won't have Od then. 

Who knows. 

Least it's not lining me up for BDing over Christmas with all our family staying. 


mytime00 - December 22

What size are the follicles suppose to be before breaking ? Don't lose hope! Our time is coming mum.

its 5:36 am and my ovaries are so sore! Have a great day everyone. 


mum2three - December 22

They normally ovulate from 18mm onwards.

If by day 14 I only have 12mm as my max that isn't very promising. I can only hope that they keep growing and next week I see some big ones.

Yay for sore ovaries. Hopefully that means ovulation. In to the TWW now...... FUN! Hopefully you are busy with Christmas and new year that the time flies.

This cycle has been much better this month as I have been so busy I have not really had anytime to over think or stress on things.

Triplets- that is such a long time to wait for a scan! We do 8 week dating scans here, then 12 week scan, then 20 week. Often people will have a 32 week scan to check growth as well.



mytime00 - December 24

Well let's just keep our fingers crossed Mum. Happy Holidays to you guys across the world from me!! Mytime ???? CD20 today for me! Now it's 2WW


Tripletswishes - December 25

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY :-D:-D  Today, I feel much better than the previous days.  I´ve slept most of the time and did not go to work  on all the days before christmas because I ´ve been sooooooo tired.  My boobs hurt like hell and my uterus is very tender.

Mum2three, I do agree that it is a long time to wait for a scan, but I don´t think that we have a choice other than to wait.  Everything to do with pregnancy has to take a  natural course here.  

Natural birth and everything (No epidural for us suckers).  

You see your baby once while you are pregnant and that´s it (one scan between week 16-18).  If you want several scans, you´ll have to pay good money for them.  I just checked out what it would cost at my Gyno (1700,00).  Same price at the hospital. I am not willing to spend that type of money on a scan when I could shop for fancy baby outfits, baby prams, car seats and other fancy accessories that I am shopping for online right now with my husbands bank card. 

Good Luck Mytime00 darling with your 2 week wait and lots of baby dust to both of you ********************************************************************************************  I do hope you had a lot of sex these past few days and had a  lot of fun doing it :-D



Tripletswishes - December 26

CORRECTION: It´s not my uterus that is tender, but, the ligaments surrunding them.


mytime00 - December 26

Wow!! 1700 for a scan oh no one is good enough triplets I totally understand. Yes the DH and I had lots of sex lol but my ovaries were hurting so bad! But I'm fine now. My temps has been rising each day! 2ww so I will keep you updated! Happy holidays! ????


Tripletswishes - December 26

Ouch! Mytime00, what type of freaky sex did you have, to have your overies hurting like that lady????????????


mytime00 - December 26

Lol tripplets they were hurting before sex I think it was because I was ovulating. And at the time my OPK strips were positive. lol you are too funny 


mum2three - December 26

Triplets- Holy smokes that is expensive for a scan. Assuming there isn't too much difference in the dollar.

Our scans are only a hundred out of pocket, the rest gets covered by medicare.

mytime- sounds like things are going really well for you this month. Fingers crossed for you!

AFM- CD 19 here. We haven't BD since CD 16 due to family being here and being too busy/tired etc. I woke up at midnight last night with heaps of pain on both ovary areas. Not sure if that was O or not. I haven't had a pos OPK (but I've never had any luck with the internet cheapie ones) but I have also been a little erratic in testing. I have had a little EWCM and cervix is high and soft but not totally open.

If it was O last night there is a chance there were some swimmers hanging around from the days before, but not great!

DH is away tonight so nothing until tomorrow.

I have another ultrasound on Tuesday to check follicles/ovulation. I also have a blood test to check for ovulation.Not feeling overly positive about this month. I think if it is negative I will take a month off. I didn't enjoy the psycho-ness the clomid gave me last time, and from the ultrasounds it looks like I need that dose (or higher). So I think if this month is a bfn I will have next month off and then do one final 150mg round, if that doesnt work I'll call it quits. Will be March then anyway and DH will be booked for vasectomy.




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