December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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mum2three - December 26

Triplets- Holy smokes that is expensive for a scan. Assuming there isn't too much difference in the dollar.

Our scans are only a hundred out of pocket, the rest gets covered by medicare.

mytime- sounds like things are going really well for you this month. Fingers crossed for you!

AFM- CD 19 here. We haven't BD since CD 16 due to family being here and being too busy/tired etc. I woke up at midnight last night with heaps of pain on both ovary areas. Not sure if that was O or not. I haven't had a pos OPK (but I've never had any luck with the internet cheapie ones) but I have also been a little erratic in testing. I have had a little EWCM and cervix is high and soft but not totally open.

If it was O last night there is a chance there were some swimmers hanging around from the days before, but not great!

DH is away tonight so nothing until tomorrow.

I have another ultrasound on Tuesday to check follicles/ovulation. I also have a blood test to check for ovulation.Not feeling overly positive about this month. I think if it is negative I will take a month off. I didn't enjoy the psycho-ness the clomid gave me last time, and from the ultrasounds it looks like I need that dose (or higher). So I think if this month is a bfn I will have next month off and then do one final 150mg round, if that doesnt work I'll call it quits. Will be March then anyway and DH will be booked for vasectomy.



Tripletswishes - December 27

mum2three, did you consent to your husband having a vasectomy?? check you rights!.  here a man has to have his wife´s consent to make such drastic changes.  And if you don´t have a choice in the matter, then, threaten him to withhold sex, say that there is no point to blanks.


mum2three - December 27

Technically a man does not need his wife's permission to have a vasectomy. It is his body- his right.

But as a married pair we agreed to the 3-4 months of trying and then if it doesn't happen he will get the vasectomy. He agreed to try (doesn't know about the clomid to help out though) for a few months, so long as I agreed that if it didn't work then he could get the vasectomy.

It isnt like he is doing something behind my back, we have discussed it. I feel our agreement was fair.
This is our third month, I was thinking of taking next month off clomid (do a natural cycle) then do one last try, before his snip. That will be 5 months in total (3 clomid cycles).

I will be sad not to have another baby but I have 3 beautiful and healthy children, so I'm sure I will learn to cope. It's not an all consuming overwhelming feeling. I know I will probably always be sad and feel a little something missing, however it isn't such a feeling that I will resent him.

Scan tomorrow morning. Lots of fingers and toes crossed that there are a few plump follies sitting there ready to ovulate, so we can catch them once DH is home.


mytime00 - December 27

Well my fingers are crossed for you mum. I'm hoping this is your month! 


mum2three - December 27

Thanks mytime.

After my little depresso moment of it not happening, DH came home today AND I think I just got a positive OPK, which I have never had before. So better get busy tonight and then scan tomorrow before lunch to see what is happening in there


mytime00 - December 27

Oh my!!! Yes it's time to BD!!! I'm so happy!!! Yay! Keep us posted! 


Tripletswishes - December 28

Mum2three, I understand, but, I will be sad if you don´t get your wish  :-(

So, throw that man child of yours into bed and get your groove on woman, spank that ass and do it like there´s no tomorrow.

Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust to you and yours********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


Tripletswishes - December 28

Well, as for Me, I am still hoping for triplets.  Hoping that my egg divides into three eggs and produces 3 lovely little me :-D


mum2three - December 28

Well I'm feeling line crap now.  CD 21. Ultrasound showed NO big follicles on right even though last week there was a 12mm one.  Left showed one dominant follicle at 15mm so boy enough to release. 

Looks like this will be another non ovulation cycle for me. Argh. So many side effects and it's just not doing anything. 

I'm thinking natural month then one month at 150mg then stop.  Feeling sad that this will not be my month ????


mytime00 - December 28

15mm is still pretty good. Don't lose hope! Your still have a few more days. What did the Dr suggest? 


mum2three - December 28

The 15mm one on left side only grew 4mm in 7 days and they are supposed to grow 1-2mm every day.

There is a very small chance that I'm having LH surge now and it might catch those last few mm to ovulate in a few days. 

No chance of twins though unless they are identical which is very small chance. 

Will keep bd the next few days though. 

No free appointment with my dr until the middle of January, but they said to call the next few mornings and they will try squash me in. 

Think I will go ahead with next month,  will try get Dr to prescribe 150mg but if not I have 100mg. Already dreading the symptoms but think I will try and find some black cosash to battle those. 

Will also ask about a trigger shot but if there aren't any good follicles there is no point triggering anyway. 

Shitty follicles makesme wonder what all this abdo pain is about!

How is the tww my time? 

How are the pregnancy symptoms going triplets? 


mytime00 - December 28

2ww is horrible lol , it's ok it's so nerve reckoning...... Smh my fingers are crossed for you ! 


mum2three - December 29

My time I really feel this is your month! 

Any symptoms yet? 

I'm ready but already dreading next month. 

My time do you know what dose of black cosh I should be taking? 


mytime00 - December 29

Hi Mum, the doses comes in 540 mg I take one pill with my Clomid and both at night. I promise you will be good with that. If you send me your email I can email you an article of a research study on women using Clomid and half using Clomid with Black cohosh. The pregnancy success rate is higher. My email is lisalettley at gmail. com you can email me first if you want. 



Tripletswishes - December 29

helloooooo ladies :-D  Would any of you like to be facebook friends?? 


mum2three - December 30

Hey girls. 

I would love to make contact off this site but I'm trying to keep my anonymity. 

Thanks my time.  I will check out my local health shop. 

I am still very confused about this cycle.  CD 21 the ultrasound showed a 15mm follicle but that afternoon I got a positive (or as close as I have ever seen) OPK, but I'm unlikely to ovulate such a small follicle so who knows. 

Still going to bd tonight just in case.




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