December 2015 Clomid Cycle Buddies. Hoping For Multiples.

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mum2three - January 3

Mytime that is awesome. For me tomorrow is Tuesday, not sure if it is another day for you or not. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat!

What are you feeling. Do you think it might be positive?

I am going to wait until 12dpo which is next monday. I have had a lot of cramping pains which is unusual for me. No boobie signs yet which is usually my normal give away.

I've been very tired, wanting to be in bed by 8.30 every night, but then having periods of being awake over night for like 2-3 hours, so who knows.....


mytime00 - January 3

Mum idk ... I feel a little crampy in my back every so often .... I really don't know.... My expected cycle is January 6th so I'll be testing around them tommorow is Monday for me. Well right now it's 11:24pm Sunday night so we're going into Monday. I will test and let you guys know ASAP. You'll be the first to know ! 


mum2three - January 5

Oh mytime I was really hoping that when I logged in I would see a wonderful post from you about a BFP!

AFM- 7dpo today. Not give away symptoms. Occational breast tingling (TMI sorry), cervix is high closed and firm. Last cycle at this time it was medium, medium and closed.

The only thing that gives me hope is that my nails are growing long and nice. I ONLY ever have nice nails when I am pregnant.

Other then having to do clomid again, which will suck royally. I don't mind if this cycle is a bust. I am not really keen on a September baby. I feel positive next month as I now KNOW I ovulate late. Speaking of, I need to get my progesterone draw to confirm ovulation this month!

GOOD LUCK mytime!


mytime00 - January 5

Hi mum! I thought I wrote a post his morning but I see it didn't go through. I have a BFN! AF came this morning on Tuesday the 5th of Jan. So at least my cycles are regular. I just have get the sperm to the egg! Lol I see my Dr agin on Thursday, I'm hoping he takes me more serious this cycle ! Good luck to you Mum ! 


mum2three - January 5

Oh My time I'm sorry to hear that.

Clomid and ultrasounds again this cycle?

Did you do a progesterone blood test to check ovulation occurred?


mytime00 - January 5

No pregestrogen blood test, just OPK test. Yes Clomids and hopefully Ultrasounds again this cycle. 


mum2three - January 6

Started the new Jan 2016 thread. Good Luck to all January people. Come and join us!



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