Did Any Of You DREAM You Were Pregnant With Twins Bf The U S

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newlywed0915 - October 17

I'm just wondering. My dreams have matched with my results lately. Before I took my 7th hpt I had two dreams two nights in a row that I got BFPs. My first dream, I took an hpt and got a faint positive, then the second dream I took a test witha digital hpt and got "pregnant" nice and clear. Well, I tested a two days after the dream and got a faint positive...and then on Monday I took another hpt and got a bold positive. This could just be coincidence...right? I dreamt last night was was at my first U/S and we found out we were having twins, but there was something wrong with one of them, like he/she was going to be born with a birth defect. This could be stemming from me worrying about the second hand smoke I was around before I found out I was pregnant. My Dad is a twin though....and I always thought I'd be the one in the family to have twins.... anyway....if any of you moms had dreams about having twins before you even found out you were....let me know! It will be interesting to see....the results!


HeavenisMine - October 23

Almost all of my baby dreams I was having twins, which is weird because I am only having one baby girl. It could mean so many things! Anyway keep us updated because dreams are good with predicting pregnancy I have learned through my experiences. Well now that you know you are pregnant, anything could be possible!


twins4us - October 25

I didn't...had no clue. good Luck and let us know when you have your sono.


samehere - October 25

I never had twin dreams until after I found out it was twins and then I kept dreaming that they were twin girls. Nope....boys. Dreams can be quite powerful in affecting what we think or feel. Let us know if you were right.


Ynez - October 26

I'm 12 wks. I've been having dreams that I'm pregnant with twins, finding movies, shows, and news articles appear every two days that feature something to do with twins. We went to the fair and a lady gave my 3yr old a stuffed toy rabbit. It had twin bunnies attached. People I know thought I was joking when I told of all the twin things happening to us- even before I was preg! Today is my dh's bday I dreamt we'd know before today. Tues I went for my 1st checkup and our Dr said prob not but we can check. We went to book u/s and got in for Thurs! (Yesterday) IT"S TWINS! and I had to show photos because no one else believed my dh and I! This is my 5th preg.


mrssolo - October 26

Ynez congrats! My husband since he was a child dreamed he would have twin girls. He said for years that we were having twins and it started to get old. when I found out we were having twins not even he beleived me. It turned out he was right about twins wrong about girls. We are having twin boys some time in the next 3 - 5 weeks. Best of luck and keep us posted.


sphinx - November 10

When we found out we were preg, I immediately had dreams of twins... before the 1st scan, I told my husband. "You better get off work for this because I'm NOT going to find out its twins by myself!" Sure, enough, there were two babies in there!


angelgabby84 - November 11

Well I had a very realistic dream last nite that i was pg with twins. I am having an u/s on wednesday and i should be around 7 weeks so we will know soon enough if it twins.



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